Everyday Magical Things ~ Peyote Cactus

Because of its healing properties, Peyote Cactus has long been recognized by Native Americans as a medicinal plant. Traditionally peyote was often used as an analgesic, treating things including toothaches, rheumatism, asthma, and even cold symptoms. Some tribes, such as the Tarahumara, commonly used masticated peyote as a topical treatment to bites, burns, wounds, and aching muscles.

Of course, one of the common appeals of Peyote Cactus apart from its healing properties is its psychedelic properties. For thousands of years, Peyote has been used in Native and Shamanic circles to induce powerful spiritual insight into the nature of life and reality, as well as facilitate healing in all aspects of life. It is an ancient medicine and shouldn’t be used just for recreational use. If you are looking to create a fundamental shift in your life or undergo a spiritual transformation, this sacred plant can aid in this.

Some of the spiritual effects of consuming Peyote include having closed and open eye visuals, insightful realizations, heightened sense of colors, an increase in energy, an increased sensation of touch, happy and dreamy feelings, feelings of relaxation or rejuvenation, out of body experiences and increased access to spiritual information. In addition, there are also experiences of mood enhancement or feelings of euphoria, changes in perception of what “reality” even is, and a loss of perception of time.

Some studies suggest that there are few if any, long-term neuropsychological deficits attributable to hallucinogen use. That being said, it’s important to stress that medicine such as Peyote should not be taken without the right environment, and for the right reasons. Traditionally, the use of this cactus was a very sacred and spiritual affair and was never used as a recreational drug. It is a powerful teacher of the earth and should be respected as such by those who choose to use it. Be careful and always do your own research before ingesting any mind-altering substance. It affects everyone differently.

To learn more about Peyote and its history with the Native Peoples, please watch our video about the Native American Church!







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