Spirit Science 20 ~ Water

This episode is all about – you guessed it; water! It is everywhere in our world and one of the most important ingredients for life there is! So important, it is the principal thing that makes up our very bodies! This video focuses on the amazing work of Dr. Masaru Emoto who has been a pioneer in discovering the hidden messages within the water.

His work has been foundational in the field of conscious exploration and demonstrates a powerful link between human thought and how reality manifests.

In his work, he sent intentions to different glasses of water, then looked at the molecular structure under a microscope. The glasses that were blessed with words like “thank you” and “I love you” had beautiful fractalized geometric shapes. They looked like snowflakes or deeply resembled sacred geometry. The ones that were projected with words like “I hate you” or “disgusting” had no fractal shapes and resembled that of mud or something of the like.

When he played classical music like Beethoven, the water created beautiful patterns again. On the other hand, something like heavy metal created similar shapelessness like the “hate” water.

These studies are some of the most criticized ones out there, angering many people across the internet. Many assume it’s fake or just a coincidence, but this is something you could actually experiment with at home if you buy a small, inexpensive microscope yourself.

If you resonate with these findings, imagine what the molecular structure of the water within our bodies is like if we speak poorly to ourselves. This amazing experiment proves that thought shapes reality, and stresses the importance of practicing positive thoughts, especially towards our own bodies.

We are truly creators in ways we may not fully be aware of yet – but through studies like this and continued research of consciousness, we can start to deeply understand the deeply embedded connection between us and all things.


Water – The Great Mystery


Dr. Masaru Emoto

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