Comprehending Synchronicity

Comprehending synchronicity is important because understanding the mechanics of how something works empowers you to own it and eventually live it. There is a high tendency to look upon spiritual matters as mysterious, and therefore unknowable. This is not the case. As with anything, there is a rational and intuitive aspect, or rather, there is a practical perspective and an intuitive perspective. Bringing some rationality to the equation is vital to move through the awe state that most everyone experiences when they begin to recognize synchronicities.  

How The Modern World Has Killed This Idea

Though individual deduction and rationality have mostly been absconded by mainstream belief systems that are more rigid (yet becoming loosened) than what is required to comprehend some of the "miraculous" events and experiences happening in our world, simply put, long-standing, left-brained, cultural evidence-based rationality is being introduced to the intuitive truths that you also perceive and experience.

It Comes Down To The Individual

Synchronicity provides us a great example of an individualized journey into this process. By comprehending synchronicity in how it is experienced for you as an individual, you are setting your baseline of understanding to be able to digest further revelations about what synchronicity is. In essence, you will be graduating yourself into a frequency of consciousness that allows you to embody more light (information/wisdom) and apply more love (action/movement) to your experience. This is one way in which you can move up to another evolutionary rung of the ladder.

Comprehending synchronicity is being able to confidently answer questions such as: 

  • How is it possible that something that I think affects something that I experience so tangibly? 
  • How is it then such a profound coincidence could mathematically happen?
  • How did I make these choices while unknowingly setting up a situation for great synchronicity?
  • How is it that so many other people's choices are involved in this situation of great synchronicity?   

To understand any of this, you must first understand your reality's nature as one of energetic vibration. One place to start with your rational mind is through science. 

The simple act of perceiving something affects the outcome of that thing. This is the basis of the recent discoveries in quantum mechanics. When there is an observation of an electron being thrust onto a surface with sensors capturing its energetic movement, the electron behaves as a particle. With no consideration, the electron behaves as a wave. This experiment has been repeated many, many times, and is referred to as the observer effect. This is the first proof that perception in some very tangible way informs the structure of reality.

Further, our perception as an observer of our experience can be broken down into some elemental parts—beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. Of all of the elements of our perception, our opinions are the most defining element. We know that we can choose our beliefs, providing a framework for our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Therefore, if we can choose our beliefs in a way that is more in alignment with what we would like to see and experience in our reality, we will primarily be adjusting our perspective, which in turn changes the fact via its interaction with matter (such as electrons, which make up everything).

Three Things You Need To Understand

  1. It is essential to understand that this observer effect is not negligible. This is a profound difference—the difference in the framework of the matter itself and how it behaves changes from a wave to a particle and therefore exists as a different idea altogether. Particle being form, and wave being the potential for the behavior of a particle to exhibit itself.
  2. The second thing to comprehend is that everything exists in a probabilistic state. This is our perception of what has been called the "quantum field." When you perceive something, you inform its structure. Its structure is inform-able because it more fully exists as a probability of matter than it does as matter itself. Your perception interacts with the likelihood of that matter, not with the case itself. Informing the possibility of litigation through your understanding is how its definition perceives everything that we understand.
  3. The third idea to comprehend is that you are not entirely and solely your physical body. If the previous two points do not elaborate this enough, there are innumerable ways in which you can demonstrate this to yourself.

How I work with clients to very quickly reveal this is to follow your voice back to its intention. Speak words and trace the source of those words back to their purpose. In doing this, you will find yourself in a place that is not visible. This place is simply the potential for something to occur. Another way in which to prove this to yourself experientially would be to learn how to meditate and interact more tangibly with your mental and emotional bodies, which do not have a form in a way that we can perceive them, yet they are "us."

The fourth idea to comprehend is our visible spectrum of light is from Red to Violet. Everything photon of light with a wavelength longer than red (700 nm) is not visible to us, and every photon of light with a wavelength shorter than violet (400 nm) is also not visible to us. The wavelengths of light cover a vast spectrum, from greater than 100 meters to less than a trillionth of a meter. Our visible light spectrum—the light spectrum that we see with our physical eyes—is an extremely narrow band, a fraction of the view that exists in our reality.

If you can comprehend these things, then you can begin to understand synchronicity as something understandable.

How You Affect The Environment

Your intentions, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions via your perception define the entire experience that you perceive. You are CONSTANTLY informing your expertise with your knowledge of it, and you can't get away from that. Your experience includes the actions and decisions of other people. These, like all real experiences, exist in a probabilistic state.

There is a part of you that exists in a non-physical state. This part of you communicates with you in your physical state in various ways, and one of those ways is through synchronicity. The you that is non-physical is, according to quantum theory, is much more you than the physical one.

As you experience synchronistic events, you are the one that is creating them. The you that is more conscious of this creation is the non-physical you, which is not bound by space and linear time as the physical you are.

So, with this understanding, you can begin to perceive synchronicity, and indeed your entire human experience, from a place of creation, or at least from one that is owning the fact that your perception plays a defining role in what you experience.


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