How To Find Your Animal Spirit Guides

Do you believe in power animals? They say every person has his own spirit animal. Your animal spirit guide serves as the teacher or messenger who provides you with an extra layer of protection in this lifetime. 

Your spirit animal also serves as your guide to help you make the right choices in life. Their role is to provide inspiration and comfort, especially at times of confusion. They also send important messages to you during times of need. 

If you google “my soul animal,” or something to that effect, you’ll find several silly quizzes that may or may not be accurate. What you should really do is draw your attention to the different aspects of your being and examine them closely.

What do you think is your spirit animal?

What Role Does My Spirit Animal Play In My Life?

Perhaps how to call your spirit animal is the least of your worries at this time. This may be the first time you have a heart of spiritual animal signs, and you are wondering which animal best represents your kindred spirit. 

When you think of animals, you think of them as highly intellectual and spirited. They act as they see fit, and you wish you didn’t have that restraint in you whenever your words or actions do not agree with popular belief. 

Your spirit animal resonates with how you feel and what you think. They come with a special significance in your life. Your relationship with this spirit guide builds a strong connection between you, the Earth, and nature itself. 

Ultimately, your spirit animal will become a reflection of who you are. It will become a representation of who you can become. 

Although spirit guides primarily come from the traditions and beliefs of Native Americans, there is no limit as to the animals that may be involved. The practice of having spirit animals is open to everyone who wishes to anchor their life on nature. 

It is present for anyone who years to create a deeper connection with Mother Nature

How Do You Find Your Spirit Animal Guide?

How do you find the right spirit animal to serve as your guide? Can you choose which animal resonates with your thoughts, emotions, and actions? There is indeed a lot of mystery surrounding spirit animals, and it is only important that people find the courage to find out what their spirit animal is in this lifetime. 

The first step to learning what your spirit animal is to ask your spirit guide to show itself to you. The spirit animal that serves as your guide and protection is not something you can choose for yourself. 

It is your innate abilities that will dictate the kind of animal that reflects your personality and character. You have to set your intentions. You may then begin to search for your spirit guide in places and situations where it can reveal itself. 

You can discover your animal spirit guide through the following:


If you are often dreaming of a spirit animal, you may need careful attention to what it is and what it does with you in your dream. Animals that particularly recur in your dreams can give insight as to what is happening in your life.

Your subconscious might be trying to send a message to your conscious self, and the spirit animal is what represents that message. 


Similar to the effect of dreams, meditation also has its way of calming the mind. It allows you to leave your state of consciousness and reconnect to your thoughts and emotions from within. Through regular meditation, your spirit animal might be able to reveal itself as you move along your meditation journey. 


When was the last time you went out for a walk to be one with nature? If you can’t remember it anymore, then it must have been too long ago. So now is the time to take a walk and observe the animals that you see around you. 

Being one with nature is one of the best ways your spirit animal can reveal itself to you. After all, one of their primary purposes is to provide people with a deeper connection with nature.

Memories of the past

Did you have a favorite animal when you were young? Or did you keep a pet with you who’s very close to your heart? Or was there an animal you felt drawn to, but you are not sure why? All these could help reveal your spirit animal. After all, they manifest in the things that you like because they resonate with your spirit and the desires of your heart. 


Your spirit animal could also be the very animal that you fear the most. When you feel frightened at the sight of an animal, but you don’t really understand why then it might be your spirit animal. They could also be the one who will bring you closer to nature, finding comfort in the thought that you are surrounded by something truly beautiful. 


What do the stars say about your spirit animal? It may be the animal that is greatly associated with your sign. It may not necessarily be the animal that is listed on your birth date. Rather, it may be about the animal that represents your character fairly well. 

If you are worried that your spirit animal won’t reveal itself to you, remember that you have to learn to trust yourself a little bit more. Your intent to know what the animal is should convince it to show itself to you. 

Remember that practically every creature on Earth, whether they are on land, in the sky, or at sea, can be your spirit animal. 

What’s Your Takeaway?

Learning more about your spirit animal should serve your purpose. It is not just about having an animal that resonates with your natural being, but it is about unlocking your potentials.

Sometimes, your fear of failure is what’s keeping you from truly living a good life. With knowledge about your spirit animal, you might just be able to open yourself to new things you never thought of before. 

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