How To Use Crystals In Your Day-To-Day 

Are you one of those who carry their meditation crystals wherever they go? There's no need to be embarrassed about believing in the healing powers of jewelry and power stones. Their beauty is not so that you can wear a pretty accessory from time to time.

If only people looked closer, they would realize that healing jewelry indeed comes with special powers. These gems are infused with millions of years of history on Earth, granting them a different kind of magic that helps boost your mind and positive energy. 

What Crystals Can I Work With?

Learning how crystals work should help you decide which ones you need. But then again, like any exercise or diet programs, not all crystals can be used to your advantage. You have to make sure you find the one that works well for you.

The use of the crystals on a day-to-day basis takes a lot of practice. What works for others may not necessarily work for you. Although this is a fact, the good news is that there are a handful of ways you can make a type of crystal work for you. 

All you need is to know what crystal you need for your situation. It will become easier to identify what you can do to tap into the crystal's energy to help you. There are countless ways to work with various types of crystals every day.

You just need to be honest with your intentions when using them. At the beginning of your tarot reading or yoga practice, or before you begin to carry the crystal with you, express your intent with the utmost respect for the crystals' energy

If your intention is clear and from the heart, you can only expect the crystals to work its magic with you. However, if your intent is full of negativity, you can only assume the least help from the crystal. 

After all, it's a gift from nature. All it wants is to make sure that what you want is not against what nature has created. 

How Do You Start Using The Crystals On A Day To Day Needs?

How do you teach yourself the proper handling of metaphysical healing crystals? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Tip 1: Practice meditation with your chosen crystal

Meditation proves to help build a connection with yourself. But did you know that it is one of the most effective ways of building a relationship with your chosen crystal? As you close your eyes to begin meditation, hold the crystal with both your hands. Focus your mind on your breathing. 

You may feel your body achieve that grounding effect as if everything around you feels light and airy. Do not fret when you don't feel anything right away. Sometimes, some crystals do not resonate. 

However, you have to prepare yourself for moments when holding the crystal makes the hair on your skin stand up. Every crystal you work with will have a different effect on you. Be patient with yourself.

Keep experimenting until you find the one that resonates with your spirit. 

Tip 2: Create a grid for your chosen crystal

Did you know that when crystals are arranged to create a geometrical grid, the powers that each one has is magnified? Setting up a network for the crystals you choose to include in your meditation practice will help create a strong energy bond. 

While some may think this step is difficult to do, it's actually a lot easier than you think. If you are new to creating crystal grids, do not fret. Help is coming your way. There are grid cloths you can use as a guide to get started. 

The grid patterns may be a bit complicated in the beginning, but there is always something beautiful about the process. Once you realize how it's supposed to be done, you will be good that you made it. 

Tip 3: Put the crystals in your altar

Do you have a home altar set up? If you do, then you must know that it will give it a nice boost of energy. The crystal point, the one with the sharp edge, is perfect as it helps magnify the intentions you have set for yourself in that space. 

Did you know that writing your intentions down and putting a crystal to hold it in place can be an excellent way to bring in good luck? It's something that you can choose to do so that your intentions will get a boost of energy, making the Universe know what is truly in your heart. 

Tip 4: Carry the crystal with you

The closer you are, and the more time you spend with the crystal, the more aware you will become of the energy that it has. So go ahead and carry it with you every day. You can also choose to wear it as a piece of jewelry

Whenever it feels like things get a bit too overwhelming, take the crystal out or hold it in your hand. It will help bring back the center of attention to your intentions. It will draw you back to the things that are truly important for you. 

What Do You Need To Keep In Mind?

There is so much you can do with your crystals. There are just so many potentials that if you do it right and keep your intentions honest, you can harness the high energy that it comes with. 

Crystals are tools to help you improve yourself. They allow clarity to become a part of who you are. Crystals can be used in so many different ways. All you need is to give them a try, so you can discover for yourself the wonders that it can bring in your life.  

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