Spirit Science Pitch Meeting

Step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to the creation of Spirit Science!

Producer Patch: So you have a Youtube series for me?

Screen-writer Patch: Yessir I do, you know what the one thing is that’s missing from Youtube right now?

Producer Patch: I dunno what’s that?

Screen-writer Patch: Videos about Spirituality! 

Producer Patch: Oh ther..there’s none of that on Youtube? 

Screen-writer Patch: Not that I know of, but then again I didn’t look...

Producer Patch: Ooh maybe you should have done that! 

Screen-writer Patch: Yeah I guess so. Whoops!

 Producer Patch: Whoopsie! So what’s the show about?

Screen-writer Patch: Well the idea is this series called Spirit Science, and it features a little blue guy who’s naked and made of stuffing that stands at a podium and teaches about science and spirituality and how they go together.

Producer Patch: Oooo, seems a little risky having a naked guy on youtube, won’t we get de-monetized?

Screen-writer Patch: Well he’s a cartoon character sir and I mean, Donald Duck has never had pants and he’s a billionaire, so we’ll probably be okay! 

Producer Patch: Yeah, not having pants is tight! So what happens in this thing? 

Screen-writer Patch: Well, each episode basically explores some kind of spiritual or esoteric concept like chakras and astral projection and tries to find connections and explanations for these things in modern science! 

Producer Patch: Ooh, very cool! So there’s like, scientific evidence for chakras now? 

Screen-writer Patch: Well...No.

Producer Patch: Oh! Seems like it’ll be hard to make a show about this!

Screen-writer Patch: Actually no, it’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience! 

Producer Patch: Oh really?! 

Screen-writer Patch: Yeah you see straight up, modern technology still has a long way to go, so if there are ancient concepts that may or may not be legit we can always say that maybe it’s real but science is still figuring these things out! 

Producer Patch: Seems like it’s kind of a stretch! 

Screen-writer Patch: okay sir you’re gonna have to get waaaay off of my back about this and just go with it! You know, like a taoist sage! 

Producer Patch: Ooooo, okay yeah..lemme get off that thing! So I mean, it’s not all a big leap though, right? There’s some validity to these concepts? 

Screen-writer Patch: Yeah yeah yeah! Actually, it’s really quite wild, when you go down a lot of rabbit holes there’s some really interesting scientific evidence for the power of collective meditation on global consciousness, personal well-being, and even stuff like pyramid power. 

Producer Patch: Wow wow wow, wow! So where exactly is Atlantis?

Screenwriter patch: Unclear!

Producer Patch: Fair enough, so what are we gonna do about people who say that we’re just pseudoscientists and conspiracy theorists? 

Screen-writer Patch: Well that’s cool too! We can even branch into episodes about pseudoscience and conspiracies and champion the cause! Haven’t you heard? The mainstream media is suppressing these kinds of conversations?! 

Producer Patch: Wait, are the conversations being suppressed, or do people just not care? 

Screen-writer Patch: … Yes. 

Producer Patch: Huh! 

Screen-writer Patch: So, what do you think?! 

Producer Patch: Well, I think it’ll be fun, but I’m not quite sure that it’ll really take off. The Youtube audience sure can be picky, you know? Let’s try an episode or two and see how things go…

Hey, guys! I hope you enjoyed this video! We are massive fans of the Pitch Meeting Series - and so we make this with enormous gratitude to Ryan George and Screen rant for making us laugh week over week, and of course, celebrate 1 Million Subscribers here on Youtube! Thank you for tuning in over and over for all these years, and here's to another huge milestone! Toodles!

Happy 1 Million Subscribers!!!

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