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To begin, this episode was inspired by an early Joe Rogan podcast where he featured Dr. Steven Greer, the founder of CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence), as well as the Disclosure Project - a man who has brought to light over four thousand cases of UFOs landing, and over 3,500 pilot cases of UFO sightings. Over 500 reports from whistleblowers from Military and Government officials reporting on both UFO and ET encounters, including over 100 of these reports on videotape. And on a completely side note - Joe, if you’re watching, please bring Dr. Greer back!!

Anyway, what he describes in this podcast is that all of these ET’s who are visiting the planet, and they’re real, by the way... - are not coming here in methods that are within the confines of the speed of light or slower because it would take millennia to travel across the universe at those abysmally slow speeds. They are moving faster than light, somehow.

He explains that after passing Speed of Light, it's an entirely different and new kind of physics than anything we currently know. While our current physics model has experimentally proved the prevalence of light being the fastest thing, if there are aspects of our universe that are unseen by us and based on undiscovered laws, perhaps the belief of Light Above All is limiting us from perceiving an even greater truth. The consistent interpretation of people looking at this information saying that it’s debunked then, following ridicule, is holding us back socially and technologically. 

In one incredibly moving section of the interview, Steven explains that one time, he sat down with the CIA Directors family, and the Director's Wife asked him, “how are they getting here?” referring to the aliens - and he answered that they had an advanced technology that interfaced with thought and consciousness. He describes that just like crossing the sound barrier was a big deal, the light wall is going to be an even bigger deal - and when we do, we are going to cross into these sort of multi-phasic resonant dimensions, part of which hook into the singularity of mind and thought. The CIA director's wife looked at him with wide eyes and just went, “Wow… I knew it had to be something like that!” 

And it was then at that moment; I decided that we had to make this video. 

Part of the challenge of understanding the ‘faster than light conundrum” is getting to know the initial problem in the first place, and why do scientists believe that there is nothing faster? To quote Neil Degrasse Tyson in his book “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry,” we find the following. 

 “Among all constants, the speed of light is the most famous. No matter how fast you go, you will never overtake a beam of light. Why not? No experiment ever conducted has ever revealed an object of any form reaching the speed of light. Well-tested laws of physics predict and account for that fact.

I know these statements sound closed-minded. Some of the most bone-headed, science-based proclamations in the past have underestimated the ingenuity of inventors and engineers: “We will never fly.” “Flying will never be commercially feasible.” “We will never split the atom.” “We will never break the sound barrier.” “We will never go to the Moon.” What they have in common is that no established law of physics stood in their way. 

The claim “We will never outrun a beam of light” is a qualitatively different prediction. It flows from basic, time-tested physical principles. Highway signs for interstellar travelers of the future will justifiably read: The Speed of Light: It’s Not Just a Good Idea. It’s the Law”. 

Here is honestly an entire video on its own to get into the science of Light and the whole deal. Still, the speed of light is this curious property of light where it travels at a particular speed, no matter what. Even if you were flying a spaceship at half the speed of light and had headlights in front of the ship, that light would still travel at the speed of light, no faster, measured from any perspective moving or not. As Neil wrote - no modern physics experiment has ever found any evidence of anything moving more quickly, but then again - as Steven Greer described, on the other side of that barrier may be an entirely different kind of physics. Perhaps we don’t even have the tools to measure the mysteries beyond that barrier. 

With a new kind of physics, perhaps we get more into a quantum understanding of the universe again - being able to move forwards and backward through time, and leap massive distances in space that would be impossible on this side of the lightspeed barrier. 

So… okay - maybe there is some way beyond our understanding of how to move through this faster-than-light dimension, which of course, opens the doors of curiosity for all of us, but then the question becomes, what else is out there? A huge problem in science is concerned with the mysterious cosmic substance - dark matter and dark energy. Could these mysterious substances - virtually undetectable to us besides that they produce gravity, be waiting for us on the other side of the light barrier? 

Now, what’s especially curious about this is that we find a link to the mysteries of dark matter and energy in a place where you might not expect, the work of Doctor Rick Strassman, Ph.D. He is a man who has pioneered psychedelic research for all of us in profound ways with his work with DMT, which he has coined “The Spirit Molecule,” leading to the publishing of his book and movie of the same name.

In his writings, he challenges all conventional thinking about science, consciousness, and dimensions with some profound and groundbreaking research, which any scientist today should take special note of because of this incredible substance's implications.

Over several years, Rick led the expedition to administer several hundred doses of DMT to participants in a study to see if there were any clinical benefits of using DMT. What the study revealed, however, opened up a wormhole of possibilities that could potentially change our understanding of ourselves and the universe forever. Over and over, Ricks participants all experienced these incredible psychedelic voyages that often included seeing environments outside of the realms of what physically can exist in our universe or meeting alien beings in many sizes and shapes who interacted with the participants. 

Rick repeatedly tried to rationalize this, for the conventional thinking says that psychedelics reveal in your mind what is already within you - but enough participants reported meeting the same or similar beings that it seemed outlandish to think that these experiences were all happening inside people's heads. Not only did the research suggest that the participants' consciousness was being taken to another dimension of sorts, meeting beings who are not from this same plane that we exist in, but the participants also often said the same thing. They claimed definitively that this was not an experience isolated within them, but they knew without a shadow of a doubt that they met these other beings for real! 

I can say from my personal experiences that I agree with this. As a bit of a psychonaut myself, I can say after meeting the various beings that I've met, including Thoth and Enki, the Egyptian Sumerian Gods of Wisdom, Jesus, and a sort of cosmic Mahayana Buddha, among others, there is no way I can, in my right mind say that it was all just drummed up from my subconscious. To any scientist who outright denies this suggestion, I challenge you to explore plant medicine in a sacred and ceremonial way, and I know Rythmia will take you and see if you still feel the same way after. That’s not to say that psychedelics are exclusively a cosmic and external experience, but that it seems to open you up for conscious expansion, both internally AND externally, in both this dimension and others. 

I bring all of this up because Dr. Strassman described this might even relate to the mysteries of Dark Matter and Dark Energy! Ahah, we’ve come full circle! In DMT The Spirit Molecule, he wrote the following. 

“The strangest realms to which DMT might lead are those that exist within the mysterious realms of dark matter. There, which may indeed be here, no one knows what we will find. Dark matter comprises at least 95 percent of this universe's mass. In other words, nearly all of the matter in the universe is invisible. We cannot see it. It neither generates nor reflects radiation of any type, visible or otherwise. The only way we know it is there is by its gravitational effects. It must exist by virtue of the fact that the visible universe maintains its particular shape. Without this mass, there would not be enough gravity to hold the universe together—it would fly apart. 

Scientists have nominated several candidates for the "stuff that comprises dark matter. "Normal" matter that radiates little or no light—planets, dead or unborn stars, and black holes—may account for about 20 percent of dark matter. However, it's likely that most, if not all, dark matter consists of particles quite different from our familiar protons, electrons, and neutrons. These "black" particles may obey entirely different laws of physics, unlike those in parallel universes. Finding ourselves in a world composed of them, we most likely would not recognize much. 

Either of these invisible levels of existence, parallel universes or dark matter, are present at the same time as this reality. Thus, they both are options we must consider for where DMT takes us when our consciousness is no longer in this plane of experience. The immediacy of the transition makes appealing these two alternate viewpoints regarding the incredibly unusual places our volunteers describe. This is because they are as much here as there. So the question about "inside" versus "outside," as many volunteers posed it, really no longer has any meaning.

Before performing the DMT research, I would have suggested that familiarity with alien abduction phenomena would be important in providing the best possible supervision for sessions. However, I do now. I also believe it's helpful to know something about current theories regarding "invisible realms," like dark matter and parallel universes.

Equipped with these types of training and experience, research scientists and staff will be ready to understand, accept, and react to nearly everything that might come up during deep psychedelic sessions.”

And so, bringing things to a close- we must strive to answer the question from the beginning… what, if anything, can go faster than light? It seems that with specific technology, perhaps even physical objects can, but as far as our bodies and minds go - at least what Dr. Strassman has discovered, is that it's possible that even if our bodies are limited here, perhaps consciousness is the one thing that permeates everywhere, including beyond the speed of light, at least with a little bit of help from some DMT, that is...

With all of this information, the biggest thing for me is that when scientists make definitive statements about absolutes in the universe, the proper response seems to be healthy skepticism. 

The point being, though - there are so many mysteries in the cosmos that it seems arrogant to suggest we understand everything correctly, especially when the standard model, quantum mechanics, and even gravity are incomplete and do not fully connect. Especially with the work of some of these great people today, it would seem as though something is going on to suggest not only that there is a whole other reality waiting for us beyond the light-barrier but that we may even be naturally equipped to explore those realms within us...

Thanks for watching, till next time! 



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