Tips To Surviving Mercury Retrograde

articles energy metaphysics Nov 25, 2020

Have you heard of the Mercury retrograde? A lot of people fear it because it is infamous for bringing about trouble. While it is the natural process of the cosmos, its occurrence three times a year at three weeks at a time scares people at the thought of what it might bring to their lives. 

The first thing you need to learn about the Mercury retrograde science is that the planet Mercury is not traveling backward. It may seem like it is considering that Earth is moving relatively faster than Mercury does.

Because Mercury is the fastest moving planet around the Sun, when it slows down, it seems as if it is moving back to another direction. It is why the name of the phenomenon is Mercury retrograde.

Why Does This Phenomenon Affect Us?

The truth is that the concept of communication on Earth is directly associated with Mercury's movement around the Sun. It is for this reason that people find Mercury retrograde as something scary. The thought of communications getting all haywire scares people. 

They become afraid that they might not be able to survive the communication exchange. Normally, Mercury is in control of the part of you that absorbs information. When the retrograde happens, the normal flow of energy is disrupted. 

People experience the feeling of being stuck with their ideas and thoughts. Instead of pouring it and giving it to others, people tend to shy away from being open about what they think and how they feel. 

All of these events can be frustrating. Writing and communicating, in general, can already be difficult. But during a Mercury retrograde, everyone is confused about how to communicate effectively. 

And now that the retrograde is fast approaching again, people wonder if they are anything they could do to help them see things through. 

Is there a way of surviving Mercury retrograde

Tips In Dealing With Mercury Retrograde

In order to provide yourself with great Mercury retrograde protection, it is important to seek more knowledge of it. Get yourself around the situation and use the retrograde to your advantage. Worrying won't be helping at all. 

Instead of hindering yourself from ever making progress, here are some tips to help you deal with the Mercury retrograde without fear or hesitation:

Tip 1: Put your words together

No Mercury retrograde should stop you from ever speaking your mind about something. However, the retrograde should signal you to pause before you speak. It is to ensure that you have ample time to check on your thoughts and words before you speak of them. 

Take a few deep breaths and put your thoughts together. While it may be hard to deliver your ideas, always choose to be kind. Showing others compassion, even at this difficult time, should always come as a priority. 

Many of the perceived blocks that come with the retrograde are superficial. The information is already there; all you need is to break through the barrier. Luckily, it's a small barrier, and a little bit more push will help you get over it. 

Tip 2: Allow others to speak

Once you make the breakthrough, it is essential to remember that you should give others time to speak. The Mercury retrograde could also influence you to keep on talking about how you feel or what you think, forgetting to give others the chance to do the same. 

Watch out for times when it seems as if you are taking on too much time. You might be unconscious of how you dominated the entire conversation, forgetting that others may want to speak their minds. 

Recognize the time when you are speaking to a limited audience. Close the caption audience and throttle the stream of information that may be coming out of you. As you witness other people speak, make sure to send them enough energy that they may calmly speak their thoughts.

Always go for a balanced conversation, where everyone can speak and be respected. 

Tip 3: Spend time with nature

Mercury retrograde makes it even more difficult for people to break their bad habits, especially when it involves their technology access. Sometimes, it can be difficult to remain calm when working on something, and suddenly the internet won't work. Or when the computer freezes on you when you are about to submit an important report at work. 

But before you lose your head over these disruptions at work, stand up and go for a walk. You need to clear your head, and nature will help you do it. Let nature remind you that not everything that is valuable is in the digital space. Sometimes, you may be forced to connect with what really matters: yourself. 

Use this time to reconnect with nature. Allow it to pass on its positive energy to you. Be better equipped to deal with what comes your way in on this planet. In the long run, nature will hold you in place and tell you there's more to life than you think.

What's Your Takeaway?

Should you be afraid of the Mercury retrograde? How do you prepare yourself for the worst that could happen? The truth is that your mindset is what will save you in the long run. 

When you keep thinking that it's the retrograde that's stopping you from telling your partner how you really feel, then you might want to ask yourself why haven't you told him or hear anything about it before the retrograde phenomenon even began. 

The truth is easy to decipher when you open your heart to what it is trying to say. Perhaps the Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that reminds you that you need to do two things before you speak: stop and think. 

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