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Your Multidimensional Chakras: What You Need to Know

And suddenly you will realise: you are in every dot of the universe vanishing and arising. -Amit Ray

We've spent the last couple weeks here looking at the Chakras. I mean really looking. We've looked at our physical ones in this dimension, the lower ones, and even tackled the nadis and pathways of the lightbody...

But haven't you wondered... what kind of chakras would an ascended master have active? What kind of energy centres exist in the Upper Worlds that give us access to our multidimensional self? And what happens to us when they become active?

According to people like Sadhguru, we have 114 chakras -if we include all those minor ones, but that's just this dimension. What happens when we break the final mirror wall and cross into the 4th, 5th or even 6th dimension? 

You may have heard of the Soul Star in some Shamanic systems, the mythical 8th chakra that connects us to our cosmic awareness, but honestly... we could have as many as 22 multidimensional chakras that...

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The Hidden Chakras Nobody Told You About!

Alright...I know how it sounds.

Hidden chakras? In your body...beyond the normal 7? 

If you're a part of any New Age community, you'll know just how powerful, and omnipresent the chakras seem to be. They're everywhere these days...from tacky gift shops and wellness retreats to Marvel movies. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining...isn't it awesome to see more spiritual topics being covered as our collective consciousness begins to shake out of this little rut we got going on?

But I'll admit...I am starting to wonder something.

Don't you think people talk enough about the 7 major chakras? I mean...they're amazing, and you should always strive to keep them balanced with daily meditation, good diet and of course...a heart centred way of being and living. But the truth is, there's an entire wealth of energetic systems, circuits, highways and channels that no one seems to talk about with the same kinda umph. But they're just as important...

The chakras are really just one small...

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Patch Parables: The Movie (Every Story Ever!)

If you're a fan of mystic wisdom, and want to download the writings of Thoth into your mind, come and grab a copy of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth: Aquarian Edition, now available here:

This is a collection of every Patch Parable we've ever made, from the beginning of the series over 10 years ago! Hope you enjoy!

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What EXACTLY are Emotions?!

To help you along in your emotional transformation & journey, check out the Esoteric Emotional Mastery Formula and get a grip on your feels:

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The Nature of the Kundalini

We've all heard about the Kundalini, but what is it... really? And what's more, how does one go about "activating" it?

~ ~ ~

This video was made with love by Team Spirit
Connect with the team at

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We've just published a massive workshop about the Spiritual Language of Money, and how to manifest as much as you need and overcome ALL of your financial limitations. If you wanna learn more, CLICK HERE:

In this full-length feature film about Light, journey into the scientific and spiritual understandings about light, how and why it works, and what it means that nearly every ancient form of Spirituality associated the divine... with Light?!

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More Timeless Stories For a Higher Consciousness

May this collection of ancient wisdom teachings serve and support you in your journey to a higher consciousness!

There's only ONE DAY REMAINING for our 50% off sale on Spiritual Money Mastery! If you are ready to completely transform your relationship with money, click here:

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The Nature of the Soul... More Mystical Traditions

In this follow-up episode about the Soul, we explore some less commonly discussed understandings about what exactly a soul is, including many indigenous and shamanic understandings of this concept.

Despite that, funny how in so many cultures, the word for Spirit is "Breath".


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How Merging with your Inner Child Leads to Healing the Heart

If you feel the call, sign up on the Rythmia website and you could win a Free Trip! Visit to learn more!

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He Died 1000 Times... and then THIS happened!

This week, our friend Aasheesh is here to share his experience of what happened when he drank Ayahuasca, and the life-affirming wisdom that was gained as a result.

If you feel the call, sign up on the Rythmia website and you could win a Free Trip! Visit to learn more!

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