5 Methods You Can Do To Deepen Your Spiritual Practice

How do you deepen your spiritual practice? How do you teach yourself to improve in terms of spiritual wellness? While experts might tell you to do this and that, the truth about spiritual practices remains the same; deepening your spiritual practice will always be something personal. 

Everyone is in a different stage in their spiritual journey. Like all the other decisions that you make for yourself, you will have your own way of developing that spiritual connection to conduct your spiritual practice. 

Certain spiritual practices speak more to others than to you, and while you struggle to develop who you are, your priorities will always play their part.  

How Do You Develop Your Spiritual Self

Developing your spiritual self takes a lot of courage and inspiration. You may have other priorities and responsibilities in life, but the mental aspect of your being should never take the back seat. 

And yet, there will always be instances when it feels like you no longer have time to develop that aspect of your humanity. It seems as if all the other responsibilities are eating up all of your time. 

For example, a new mom may have so much on her hands that it’s impossible to take a moment to meditate. With the baby crying all the time, it’s challenging for new moms to do anything else but to take care of the baby.

Although this new mom may have done her share to build on her spiritual being before the child came into the picture, it may feel like she has no time to meditate when the children’s needs come before hers. 

Every person’s circumstance is different. Sometimes, it can be quite frustrating too. 

But if you choose to engage in an act that brings about a kind of spiritual awakening, you will have to be constantly aware of what you are feeling in that aspect of your being. Not only do you need to connect to it, but you have to work extra hard to deepen your spiritual practice every day. 

How Do You Deepen Your Spiritual Practice?

Keeping your spiritual life healthy is one of the most important things that you need to work hard on. It’s not just about having the spiritual inspiration to continuously improve yourself but also about establishing a relationship with what you believe in. 

How do you deepen your spiritual practice at your own pace? Here are five methods or tips to get you started.

Tip 1: Make time for your spirituality every day

You have to make time to connect to your spiritual being every day. No matter how busy you are, you have to make time for your spiritual self to grow. After all, it is one of the best things you can give yourself. 

While some may be engaged in yoga, mindfulness, and mediation, it can feel a bit different for some. Sometimes, it can feel too awkward that people think it is not the life meant for them. But in truth, every breath that you take is meditation in and of itself. 

Even though your mind is full of worries about what to cook for the family or other chores around the house, all you need to do is to remember that you need to connect. You can check in with your spiritual self. You don’t need a yoga mat or a whole hour to meditate.

There’s no need for a ritual to connect with who you are. There’s no need for a particular time or space to make it happen. All you need is yourself and your desire to connect with your spiritual being. 

Just knowing that you want to connect to your spiritual self is more than enough. Knowing that you know it’s there is enough. 

Tip 2: Be conscious of the cyclical nature of spiritual development

Spiritual development is cyclical in nature, and you need to be aware of this in your practice of spirituality. It is usually represented by a snake or sometimes a dragon that looks like it is swallowing its tail. 

It is a reminder that the journey is constant and never-ending. The desire to uncover more will always be there. This symbol tells you that there are more layers in your spiritual journey that needs to be unearthed. It is the constant reminder that there is always more spiritual progress to go and yearn for. 

Your awareness of this fact will help you become more open as to what could happen. The yearning to learn and discover more in your spiritual journey will always be cyclical. It means that when it seems as if a discovery has been made, another new adventure will open its doors for you.

Tip 3: Always ask yourself who you are

This may feel like a simple question, but it unveils the most profound aspects of your being. No matter where you are in life, the only important thing is the desire to improve your spiritual being. 

Opening yourself up to this question is particularly helpful when it seems as if you are disconnected. Further down the road, it is a reminder of who you are and what you have become over time. 

When is the best time to ask yourself who you are and what you have become? There’s no perfect time. It could be while you are taking a bath, watering the plants, or feeding the baby. Allowing your subconscious to answer this question can prove how true you are to yourself and your faith. 

Who are you?

This question only takes you deeper into your spiritual practice. Perhaps, it is the push that will bring you closer to spiritual development. 

Tip 4: Lucid dreaming

Daily tasks and responsibilities may distract you from what’s truly important, but life has its way of reminding you what you could be. The quieter your life becomes, the more you will discover the answer to this question. 

But a massive part of who you are speaks to you through your dreams. The more intentionally you try to understand your dreams, the more conscious you become of what they are and what they are trying to reveal. 

Tip 5: Take pride in who you have become over the years

What will you discover next? What will you learn more about the world and your community? It all depends on your spiritual experience. After all, everyone goes through this cyclical journey differently. The possibilities are just endless.

Similar to the cyclical nature of a spiritual journey, every person goes through seasons in his life. Nature brings you experiences that will remind you of who you are. These are those that will take you closer to who you can become. 

How Can You Be Present In This Life?

Deepening your spiritual practice is not about turning your back to reality. Rather, it takes you close to what your real life should be. 

In your desire to discover more about your spiritual being, you can become present. You will know how you can be there, today and always. 

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