Spirit Science 30 ~ The Chakra Code

This episode applies the concepts of chakras to the bigger picture in life. Patchman begins by applying it to America. In contrast to most other countries like in Europe, America is very much a baby.

Most of modern America’s history has existed in the lower chakras. We’ve existed in a very materialistic world, heavily focusing on things like survival, food, sex, houses, cars, and money. This way of life was incredibly intense until the 1960s when the psychedelic revolution of free-thinking and open love took place.

This signified a shift in consciousness, and the importance of peace started to become a lot more important than war. People began to practice meditation and different spiritual concepts started to emerge.

When a person or country experiences a shift into a higher state, usually that experience becomes more important than anything else in their life. If someone who has never experienced the higher mind before suddenly becomes aware of this energy, even once they drop back down, they will spend a great deal of energy striving to return to that state.

After such an experience, their job and material life hold much less important to them. When this happens at the level of an entire country, they are forever changed. A place like Nepal is a lot more spiritually focused than a place like Los Angeles because as a society, those people have a great spiritual heritage that spans back thousands of years.

This is when our physical world becomes a lot less important, and our focus shifts to the information we’re learning. That is why a place, say in India, might have unkempt streets and isn’t filled with million-dollar mansions everywhere. But the people are focused more within, with understanding the true nature of reality. In truth, this place is still not perfectly in balance, because other systems and other global communities are not in balance with each other. If they were, then all people would live in physical, and spiritual abundance.

Physicality fades away when we focus on the higher chakras so this is why holding a practice of balancing your understanding across all centers at once is so important. We find ourselves within and learn what happens after we leave this plane of reality, so we can return here to create a level of peace where we all live and breathe as one.

For more information about understanding, healing, and balancing your chakras, check out this article.



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