Spirit Science 35_2 ~ The 10 Sephiroth (Tree of Life Pt. 2)

As we continue our exploration of the mystical Qabalah, we begin uncovering the meaning of each of the 10 Sephiroth. The ten Sephiroth are not “things”, but rather states of being – divine emanations or outpourings of pure energy, which crystallizes in density as it descends further and further down the tree. Each Sephiroth builds upon each other and is contained in its predecessor. In this video, we explore the depths of each one, and how they are connected!

Now, to understand the 10 Sephiroth we first must take into account the entire Tree of Life, which in Hebrew is called the “Otz Chiim”, though also sometimes written “Etz Chaim”. As a whole, the Tree of Life is a glyph. This is to say, it is a symbol, or a series of symbols within symbols, which is intended to represent the cosmos in its entirety, and further related to the soul of mankind.

The more that this is studied, the more that we see that it is, in fact, quite a remarkable representation, and we find that we can use it as a powerful tool for the elevation of our consciousness, by developing inner mental synapsis of understanding, so that we can better understand our reality and the depths within ourselves.

In its classical representation, and described by the Sepher Yetzirah, the Tree of Life has 10 principle emanations or Sephiroth, and 22 connecting pathways between them. The Ten Sephiroth can be described in the Microcosm, relating to the creation of all things as a whole, or in the Macrocosm, relating to our personal human experiences. This forms the basis of the Tree of Life as we know it, though there is still additional information regarding each Sephira in greater detail and the nature of the hidden Sephiroth, which can be found in our article related to this subject – Qabalah 103 – The Ten Sephiroth.

Microcosm: Bridge to a higher understanding within
Macrocosm: Primordial state of pure being – pure potential, nothing created.

Microcosm: Creativity, Spirituality, Transcendence
Macrocosm: Pure energetic outpouring of creation

Microcosm: Nurturing, Analytical, Organized
Macrocosm: Principle of formation applied to the initial outpouring of energy

Microcosm: Love, share, generosity
Macrocosm: Archetypal ideas of creation come into being

Microcosm: Discipline, Restraint, Calculated, Cautious
Macrocosm: Enforcement of Cosmic Law, the birth of Karma

Microcosm: Empathize, connect with others, harmonious
Macrocosm: Soul manifestation, Christ Consciousness

Microcosm: Determination, Persistent, Feelings
Macrocosm: Extreme polarized energy & all possibilities

Microcosm: Humility, Submission to higher cause, gratitude, thoughts
Macrocosm: Concentrated mind forms, ability to conceive in the mind

Microcosm: Selfless, altruistic, loyal
Macrocosm: The bridge between mind and matter, the astral plane

Microcosm: speech, action, communication, leadership
Macrocosm: Physically manifested realm

As we continue to learn about the Sephiroth, it’s important to know that the depth of what we can learn from them is truly infinite in scope. There is no end to these learnings, and by continuing to meditate upon their symbolism and understand what they stand for, the more connections we make to their true nature.

To learn more about each individual Sephiroth in greater detail, read Qabalah 103 – The 10 Sephiroth.

Thanks for reading!

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