Spirit Science 35_4 ~ The 22 Creative Forces (Tree of Life Pt. 4)

Welcome back to the continuation of the Tree of Life! Today we’re going deeper, exploring the 22 pathways between the 10 Sephiroth on the Tree of Life.

In the Sepher Yetzirah, the most ancient text available on Jewish esotericism, these are described as the remaining 22 paths in the 32 paths of wisdom, which follow the 10 Sephiroth. When looking at these pathways, they would represent the active movement of energy from one Sephira to another. For example, “the path between Kether and Chokmah”; is seen in essence as pure formlessness moving into the first emanation of creation.

The 22 Pathways are most commonly represented by the Hebrew Alphabet, which is said to be a series of sounds based on the 22 most essential frequencies of creation. Through the Sephiroth, these frequencies are said to express the process of creation as it manifests from the incorporeal realms of God all the way down into the physical reality we are experiencing now. This is the very same process that describes how thoughts, feelings, and inspirations enter into our body of consciousness along their journey down the Tree to thus informing the tangible actions that we choose to perform with our bodies.

These letters are often represented by very abstract concepts, and so as we go through them in this video, we encourage you to practice seeing these not as the image associated with the letter, such as an ox, a house, a camel, and so on – but look at what the essence of the idea is. All of the images that are associated with the letters should be seen as simple abstracts used to express the nature of the idea.

As with the Sephiroth, each of the pathways correlates to both the micro and macrocosm, meaning they bear significance to our individual lives, and to the universe on a greater scale. So today we’ll do our best to provide a simple explanation of both the creation of reality from heaven to earth, as well as their relationship to you personally. For those who want an even deeper explanation of these letters, we encourage you to check out our book – The Book of Patch, which comes with Patch Tarot and is available on our e-shop. We also recommend starting a daily meditation upon each letter in sequence to grasp a deeper meaning of the symbols and gain a more personal experience of these primary forces.

Regardless of what method you choose to explore, all of this information is presented at this time as a structure to help make sense of life, reality, and spirituality, by exploring these ancient and essential archetypes. Doing so supports us in living from our hearts, and connecting with everything around us.

Peace and love!
Team Spirit



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