Three Things To Know About Tantra Yoga

How much do you know about tantra meditation? While many would relate the practice to tantra couples saying that it is all about intimacy and sex, the contemporary and Western adoption of the practice isn't all about that. 

When you learn tantra, you will be led to its roots deeply tied to the concepts of romance and pleasure. More than that, it is all about people being able to tune their minds, bodies, and spirits to only want the same thing. 

What Does Tantric Yoga Mean?

Tantra yoga, also known as tantric yoga, is a kind of yoga practice aligned with the tantra. This is an ancient tradition that originated from Tibet, India, and some other parts of Asia. 

Tantra yoga is often associated with various tantric sex positions. It defines the sensual aspects of sex that elevates the act to the spiritual level. In truth, the sexual practices related to tantra is just one aspect of the whole course. 

It may be referred to as neo-tantra, considering that tantra yoga practice is not just about sex and its positions. 

Tantra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "to weave." This classical tantra is defined by the practice to achieve spiritual enlightenment by interconnecting the sexual energy that people innately have in the body with other yoga practices and spiritual practices.

This traditional concept of tantra is what defines the true nature of the practice. The popular tantra yoga positions are just one aspect that makes the practice truly interesting to the public.

What Happens In The Practice Of Tantra Yoga?

While many Western traditions about yoga have been established over the years, most yoga teachers prefer to go back to India's ashram roots.  

Tantra yoga classes begin with practitioners lying on their back against the floor, usually in a Shala, a place where yoga is practiced daily. They are encouraged to keep their eyes closed as if they were in a deep sleep. 

They patiently wait for the teacher to arrive, only knowing their presence from the voice that will come from the back of the room. Practitioners of tantric yoga are asked to focus all their attention on what they will hear from the teacher. 

No introductions or explanations are ever made at the beginning of the practice. Practitioners of this yoga practice do not know what will happen or how they are going to execute the various asanas. 

The teacher will simply speak words that will direct students to do the asanas. While the practice may seem untraditional to Westerners, over time, those who submit to tantra yoga learn to appreciate the voice coming from the back of the room.

They find peace in the voice and, in the process, find freedom in closing their eyes when they want to. This allows them to focus on their practice without worrying about the distractions outside the teacher's cues. 

Most people discover in their continued tantra yoga practice that it is more of a moving meditation than a physical workout. The traditional practice is all about building an internal connection with the self to help draw out a kind of life-changing reflection from its practitioner. 

However, tantra yoga is not focused on developing physical strength and flexibility. In truth, prior to knowledge of the postures, practitioners of this yoga are first taught to primarily acknowledge their intentions. 

Doing so will empower their practice, allowing them to do the poses as they can. And when they couldn't do it for the first time, people are taught not to feel bad about it, but to take it as a challenge to try to concentrate harder. 

Eventually, it is the human body that will say what it needs. No one will be telling you what to do or how long something needs to be done. In the process, tantra yoga teaches people independence. 

The power is not just built in the body. It involved a person's mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects as well. In this yoga practice, expect to find some freedom for yourself. This freedom is the source of power that will change you for the better. 

Why Should You Choose Tantric Yoga?

There is so much to love about yoga practice, and the more you learn about it, the deeper the connection you create with it. But what will make you choose tantric yoga over the traditional yoga practices that you have tried in the past? 

Here are a few reasons that might convince you:

Tantric yoga is all about the self

While some may argue that yoga practice is all about the self, most practitioners of yoga only follow what their teacher tells them. They execute one movement from another because their teacher instructed them to. 

But tantric yoga is different. The teacher can only teach you the poses, but it is up to your relationship with the practice to make you move from one pose to another. You are given the freedom to choose which one to practice. 

Tantric yoga creates a special bond within

Because this yoga practice is a bit more personal, you can build a special bond between your mind, body, and spirit. All aspects of your being are bonded together to help you make a view of the world. 

You will discover and learn a lot about yourself through the continued practice of tantric yoga. In the end, you can only benefit from it, because you know yourself more than anyone else.

Tantric yoga focuses on you

This practice is not about the teacher but is more about you and your experience. The journey that comes with this practice is personal. It is all about how you build a connection between the yoga tradition and yourself. 

There is indeed a lot to love about the tantric yoga practice. With continued practice, it will lead you to feel yourself more in every moment of this lifetime. 

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