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7 Must Have Crystals in Your Collection

articles lifestyle Dec 19, 2019

More ancient than the oldest civilizations, yet emergent as one of the new leading interests of modern time, healing crystals and stones are a timeless fixture of human society and life. Crystals have likely never before seen such an explosion of popularity and desirability on a worldwide market both as jewelry and spiritual talismans as well as décor and collector’s items. New mineral specimens are regularly being discovered and studied as the ever-shifting layers of our implacable home planet reveal what is created through weathering, volcanic activity, and tectonic shifting.


Yet with what seems like an incredible peak in interest towards crystal healing and the use or carrying of stones for empowerment, protection or spiritual self-development, the sheer variety in stones can seem overwhelming. Where to begin?


Crystal expert and author Nicholas Pearson dives deeply into the study of the crystal and mineral realm. Both from the perspective of mythology...

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