3 Things You Should Know About The NEW Moon (April 22nd, 2020)

articles energy updates Apr 21, 2020

The New Moon happening on April 22nd is bringing a very “welcomed” energy…

Many of us are finally beginning to step out of the shadows… and stand tall in our own power and light.

These past couple of months have brought about many unique challenges, and there’s not a person on planet Earth that hasn’t been affected in some way.


However, the lightworkers… I .e…. YOU… have a special way of dealing with “problems.”

People like you are wired to learn, grow, and benefit greatly from challenges, “unfair” circumstances, and any other obstacle.

There’s always a silver lining… always a hidden blessing inherent within everything that unfolds in our lives… especially challenges!

So, as you have grown so much over the last couple of months, you’ll finally begin to see the results and the changes in your character… your level of faith… and your overall confidence in your ability to persevere whatever life throws at you.

The ability to roll with the punches and develop these valuable qualities are priceless and pay off both internally and in your outer lives.

NOW is the time to start reaping the rewards for your mature, wise, and grounded decision to learn from your mistakes… grow from the challenges you face… and EXPAND in the face of difficulty.


This article will share 3 things you should know about this particular New Moon, which is a significant turning point…

Not so much in the collective energy (though a little)… but a turning point in the lives of folks that find themselves gravitating to articles of this nature.


A turning point for people like you.


ONE - Shifting Time Lines


I might as well kick this off with a very esoteric statement lol.

My friend, you have been accelerating your consciousness to such a point that you will be given opportunities to literally lift yourself out of one-time line and into another… more optimal one.

You probably have already been having your subjective experience of this.

You may have felt torn recently… like two paths stand before you and you weren’t sure which one to take.

There comes a time where those two paths start to diverge though… and hopping back and forth becomes increasingly difficult.

This can be a very nerve-wracking “choice point.”

However, folks like you… always… in the end… listen to their hearts, and that will ALWAYS put you on the best path.

So, if you haven’t been listening to your heart… and heeding the blatant signs and synchronicities… now is the time my friend.

Now is the time to take that leap of faith and follow your heart.

The other day, my 4-year-old son Sebastian was talking to his brother, Luke… my middle child.

Luke couldn’t decide what to watch on TV.

Sebastian said…

“Lukie… you have to listen to your heart.”


LOL, I don’t know where he heard that but he’s been saying it a lot lately.

It’s that simple my friend.

Now is the time to listen to your heart.

Now is the time to walk that path of faith.

Now is the time to rise to your potential… by letting go of the wheel… and let your spirit lead the way.

TWO - Leveling Up & Coming Into Your Own



Right now you might feel a natural pull… an excitement even… to do something that involves you becoming a stronger, wiser, and better version of yourself.


I recently felt guided to become Q.H.H.T. certified… (that, by the way, is a cool and very powerful hypnosis technique taught by the late Dolores Cannon)

I was sitting there one day, writing my book, and I was actually sharing a story of the first time I had one of these sessions.

As I was writing about it, something told me to just look into what it would take to become certified.

Lo and behold… I found a nice online class taught by Dolores’s daughter and immediately upon landing on the web page… I felt that tug in my heart.

My body lit up as a way of saying…

“YEEEAAAS Vic! do it!”


So I did and am LOVING it.

You… may find that you’re being guided to let go of a habit or behavior that you sense is getting in the way of your forward progress?

Or perhaps you feel inspired to get out there and start running, or lighting up your diet, or decalcifying your pineal gland! lol

It can be anything… and your inner guidance will present whatever that thing is for you with a simple and attractive emotional state of excitement.

So, now is the time to “level up” - but not because you should… or because Vic said it’s that time…

But because you want to :)

Because that’s WHO you are…

You are one that never stops growing, never stops learning, and will always expand your awareness and sink deeper and deeper into your authenticity.


Leveling up is what you do!


& because you’ve been on this path of perpetual growth for so long, you will start seeing the changes.

You might wake up one day… feeling like a different person.

Your past may start to feel more and more distant… almost like that was someone else’s life… almost like a dream that’s starting to fade away.

You are changing that much my friend and are transforming into something truly special.



THREE - Peace & Harmony In Your Home



This is also a time to dial in your routines and daily rhythms so that there is more flow, easy, and peace in your day to day experiences.

Now we all know that sometimes to achieve these qualities, we first need aspects of our routine that interfere with this wonderful outcome to temporarily stick out.

So if you find yourself bumping into resistance in this area just know it’s helpful insight into how you could do things better.

Right now my family and I have been on lock down for a while now, just as I am sure many of you have.

Slowly everything is shutting down.

Our parks are becoming more “taped up” so we can’t use anything.

The other night I drove out to my favorite place in the whole wide world… a true sanctuary for me… The Red Rock Mountains.

Even the mountains are closed off!

So, there’s that feeling of being trapped in a cage.

This on one level is of course inconvenient, but it is forcing my family and I to dial in our home life.

When one little thing is off… in this unique situation… it gets chaotic pretty quickly! lol

But again, that is where the opportunity sits… right there in the heart of the perceived “problems.”

So, last night my wife and I set some new ground rules with our 3 kids…

One of them is a mandatory silent reading period of 20 minutes, anytime we see fit! lol

My wife and I have been feeling more perceptive into the collective energy of my 3 children and can keep it optimal (as much as possible lol) with little tweaks.

The point is… we are simply becoming more and more sensitive to what suits us.

We feel the energy of circumstances more strongly than before…

And it IS uncomfortable when what we’re perceiving feels dissonant.

BUT… that’s where our freedom and power to choose comes in… and we can make wise changes, tweaks… modifications to allow in as much harmony as possible.


This point might seem less interesting and epic as the previous ones lol…

BUT… this ascension is not just about doing… and purpose… and becoming…

It’s also about learning to “BE” - better…. learning how to participate in “non-doing” more effectively.

This is a time to practice that nondoing… and recognize that you can experience bliss just sitting there on your porch observing the clouds in the sky.

This is a time of waking up the fact that the “New Earth” that everyone is tailing about is already here…

It’s right there in every blade of grass… and every bird chirp… and every gust of wind that blows through your hair.

It’s always been here… and now is the time to “settle in” to that greater depth of flow and easy so that we can experience it… NOW.


Much love, 





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