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How To Bond With Your Tarot Deck

articles energy updates Sep 03, 2020

How did you feel when you peeled the plastic off your first deck of tarot cards? There was something magical about that moment that you just couldn't explain. It was like seeing a new world from a perspective created between imagination and intuition. 

Every tarot card deck comes with its own energy. It's based on what the writer and artist were trying to resonate when creating the cards. There's a special tarot deck card for every person. 

You might feel like you are drawn to the deck because it makes you feel the type of intense energy that will help unlock the many things that your soul wishes to explore. It is like the tarot deck chose you. 

If you are in a good relationship with tarot cards, then you're in for an exciting journey. 

What Bonding With Your Tarot Cards Means

What does it mean to bond with your tarot cards? It's more than just loving the artwork of the cards (but it's an excellent first step). 

With each new deck comes...

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What You Need To Learn About Yes/No Tarot Reading

articles energy updates Sep 02, 2020

What type of questions can you ask the tarot cards? Experts say that all your questions should be well thought out, intuitive, and specific so you can get an effective answer. This way, your answers will unveil the truth that you need to hear. 

It is no secret that taking on yes or no tarot cards can be tough. However, it is one of those things that you need to learn as a new reader of the cards. Such types of questions feed your curiosity. But then again, you need to know that you only yield reliable results when you ask equally strong questions. 

What Makes Asking Yes Or No Questions Interesting?

Asking an expert to do a reading of the tarot cards for you can be very interesting. While they can give you a more in-depth interpretation of what is coming in the future, sometimes all you need is a simple answer to a yes or no question. 

Will a yes or no fortune teller be able to help you in your dilemma? There's no need to fret if your question...

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Top 7 Crystals To Increase Imaginations And Inspirations

Life can be challenging, and sometimes it seems as if giving up is the only option you have left. The stress and tension of everyday life can drain all your inspiration. It could even squash your imagination too. 

When life gets extra tricky, it can be quite tough to find the motivation to keep moving forward. Your creative juices seem to be all used up. And while it may be easy to say that we have to follow our dreams, it's just downright challenging to do so. 

This is when crystals come in. Not only can they be used as accessories, more than anything, they can also be tools to find inspiration and healing. 

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Crystals For Healing

Astrology lends itself as a wonderful tool to help you unlock the mysteries of life. Along with it are a myriad of tools you can use to your advantage. Crystals help you understand the energy around you. 

More than that, crystals help in finding inner strength. It is about time that you put yourself together...

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Keep Yourself Mentally Strong And Happy On A Daily Basis

articles self-care Sep 01, 2020

"Am I happy?" While this may not be a usual question that you ask yourself, you may one day make this random inquiry into your being. Do you know how happy you are or if you are happy at all?

Most people struggle with their mental health at some point in their lives. Others do not even recognize that they have a problem until it has gotten worse. And then others seem to be able to carry the problem and deal with it the best way they can. 

Learning how to be mentally strong and fearless is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. It is not about knowing what to do all the time. Instead, it is about finding inner strength. 

What Can You Do To Be Happy?

On the other side of life, there are always small steps you can take that will lead you to be mentally and emotionally fulfilled. The new habits that you try to incorporate in your life could help you achieve a more relaxed and comfortable state of being. 

For example, instead of worrying about the...

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How The Elements Of Astrology Can Help You Understand People Better

articles astrology Sep 01, 2020

Have you ever wondered what is one thing that is unique about you that separates you from everyone else? Have you thought about which of your personality elements make you who you are? 

Whether you are often criticized for being too stubborn or praised for your kindness and generosity, astrology's elements play a huge role in your identity. 

And because everyone is part of the same universe, what you thought was just about you is actually a reflection of the energetic makeup of the cosmos. So if you think you are the only one who is kind enough to do things for others, but stubborn enough not to make amends, the reality is that you are not. 

The elements of astrology are very much alive in each individual in the world. While some may have become prominent in that trait, they share the same influence with all the rest who fall under the same zodiac sign. 

Personalities and characters are built, not just of individual experiences. The celestial...

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Stop The Habit Of Being Busy

Do you feel so busy that your resting state is feeling overwhelmed? This shouldn’t be the case. Life is too beautiful to spend it on being too busy at work, chores, or other things that don’t make us feel happy and fulfilled. 

However, if you feel satisfied with your work and other aspects of your life, that’s great! Nonetheless, give yourself some time to breathe and just enjoy the moment. Being busy all the time doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re also productive. That’s something we should all watch out for. 

Addiction To Being Busy

For some of us, we’re addicted to the thought of being busy. We like the adrenaline and the pressure, as well as the feeling of relief that we get once it’s all over. We then get ourselves back on that hamster wheel of being busy to feel that high. There has to be a better way to live than this, right? 

We have to keep in mind that there’s a massive difference...

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10 Habits To Keep In Mind For A Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships play a huge role in your success as an individual. Studies suggest that when people have good relationships, they are less likely to be stressed, they develop healthier habits, and they also feel a strong sense of purpose in their lives. Our social lives can affect our overall well-being; that’s why we should make it a point to maintain good relationships

While this all sounds great, we also know that building better relationships and maintaining them requires effort. In our time today, when social distancing is the new normal, we are faced with several challenges on how we can socialize. It’s a good thing that we have technologies that allow us to communicate and reach out to our friends and family despite the pandemic. 

Here are ten habits that you can nurture so that you can keep a healthy relationship with your loved ones. 

Habit 1: Reconnect With Yourself First

For you to achieve the good qualities of a...

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Setting Your Wedding Day Using Numerology

Are you thinking about setting your wedding day date? There’s a way to do it that will help you pick the ideal day for your wedding ceremony, and this is through marriage numerology. If you’re wondering what this is, don’t worry. In this article, you’ll learn how you can use love numerology to set your wedding date. 

Why Use Marriage Date Numerology?

You may not know this, but the choice you make when it comes to the date of your wedding can actually affect your entire married life. The date may seem like a straightforward decision to make, but choosing the right one could help you have a truly happy marriage

Planning a wedding date is exciting, but at the same time, it could become an issue when you and your partner can’t agree on one. Don’t let it be the cause of frustration for you and your future spouse. You can always check the wedding date numerology so you both can start your married life on a good...

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For Panic Attack Relief, Try These Meditations Tips

That unexpected and sudden feeling of fear and horror that hits you out of the blue, which some people even experience during sleep, is called a panic attack. Have you ever had a panic attack during sleep, or does it usually happen while you're awake? Either way, it's a terrible experience. That's why learning how to prevent a panic attack is something you ought to learn if this happens to you often. 

What A Panic Attack Feels Like

It is said that panic attacks are like the flow of the ocean tide; they start off gradually then eventually speed up until such time you are entirely drowned and overtaken. Even if your fear is not based on reality, the manifestations are tangible, such as having blurry or tunnel vision, or feeling like the earth has vanished underneath the feet, or feeling out of breath. 

A person suffering from a panic attack thinks they are experiencing cardiac arrest, going mad, or worse, they feel like they are dying. What a person feels is not...

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What You Need To Know About Qigong Exercises And Its Health Benefits

When was the last time you played a sport just for fun? Or go to the gym for your regular dose of exercise? When doing both seem all too difficult at this time, it seems there is no other way to get yourself physically active and healthy. 

Luckily there is Qigong for beginners. It is a simple yet powerful exercise for both the mind and the body. The best part of Qigong is that it can be done indoors or outdoors, making it the best alternative. There’s no need for any equipment or a special kind of program.

The daily practice of Qigong enhances one’s health, lifestyle, and overall outlook in life. 

What Is Qigong?

Qigong is a meditative practice that originated in China. Pronounced “chee-gong” this movement therapy is grounded in the concept of mindful meditation. It means “energy work,” which speaks of how it can help people cultivate the right amount of energy they need. 

Qigong was once associated with...

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