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Spirit Science 33_3 ~ Meat and Health

health spirit science video Dec 02, 2019

Our next focus in this series is centered around meat and health. This video starts by acknowledging why we’re focusing on these topics, rather than astral projection or different dimensions. In a simple sense, we can’t experience these higher levels of reality if we are all sick. It drastically lowers our vibration and allows us to only experience a sliver of what the higher realms have to offer.

This is one of the more controversial topics because of many conflicting studies. Are animal products good for us? Are they bad? We’ve gathered information from an array of places to disseminate the whole picture.

Generally, meat is split up into four groups: Processed, Red, White and Organic meats.

Processed food, as we know, is the most deadly. Many factories take different scraps of meat, throw them together with different additives and sell them as food.

Red meat comes from animals like cows, lambs, and pigs. They considered nutrient-rich but are also high in...

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Spirit Science 33_4 ~ Milk and Health

health spirit science video Dec 02, 2019

Milk and dairy products have been shown in a very good light throughout the history of our society, but what is the connection between milk and health? How many times have you seen those “Got milk?” ads, with different celebrities endorsing milk?

The dairy industry has done a great job of presenting milk in a good light, pushing that it’s necessary for our calcium levels to build strong bones. This is especially pushed in schools for growing children.

Milk is produced when female cows have a baby, and lactate, producing the milk for her calf. The dairy industry impregnates female cows to force them to lactate constantly, taking their milk that’s supposed to be for her baby.

We first started harvesting milk about 7500 years ago in different parts of Europe. Many theorists guess that this may have been due to a lack of vitamin D in an area of the world with long periods without sunlight. Since then, the industry grew to include all forms of dairy products from...

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Spirit Science 33_5 ~ Nutrition Basics

health spirit science video Dec 02, 2019

In this Spirit Science episode, we dive even deeper into the specifics of nutrition and break down the three main categories of nutrients, and then the various subgroups within each one.

Patchman explains there are three main nutrient groups: Macronutrients, Micronutrients and Phytonutrients.

Macronutrients are the class of chemical compounds that humans consume the largest portions of. These are carbs, proteins, and fats. Patchman explains the use and function of these macronutrients in great detail throughout the video.

Then we have Micronutrients. The most common form of Micronutrients are vitamins, which assist our cells to create energy. There are six main vitamin groups which include A, B, C, E, D, K and B vitamins like B-12. Each vitamin supports a specific part and function in our body, all of which are vitally important to keep balanced.

The other form of Micronutrients is minerals, right off the well known periodic table. The main 7 that we ingest the most are sodium,...

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Spirit Science 33_6 ~ Plant Based Food

health spirit science video Dec 02, 2019

In this Spirit Science episode, we continue our food saga and explore what makes up a plant-based diet. We also describe some basic plant biology, and the different plant-based diets out there. Generally, on a plant, there are several main parts: the roots, the stem, the leaves, the fruits, the seeds, and the flowers.

Roots and leaves are used to draw in energy from either the sun or from the Earth. The stem is then responsible for moving those nutrients to where they need to go. The flowers produce fruits and vegetables, which contain the seeds, and the DNA required to create another plant.

There are many different types of plant foods, broken up into a few categories. First, there are seeds and nuts. These are things like hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.

Nuts are essentially seeds that come in a hard shell, like Brazil nuts, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, almonds, and pine nuts.

Generally, nuts and seeds are very nutrient-dense – especially when raw,...

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Spirit Science 33_7 ~ Raw & Superfoods

health spirit science video Dec 02, 2019

In this episode, we continue our exploration into health and nutrition by exploring deeper into the topic we opened last time. Where we began with simply “plant-based food”, now we explore what it looks like to supercharge your body with the highest concentration of nutrients possible. The research and studies that have been emerging more and more – especially lately – are all pointing to suggest that raw food and superfoods are loaded with significantly more nutrients than cooked food, and especially cooked animal products. There are many studies that show profound healing that takes place in the body when we begin eating a lot of raw foods, such as those who have cured their cancers and diabetes by maintaining a focused diet for a set period of time. This is because when food is cooked, the molecular structures of the food change, it provides more calories, but it loses some of its nutritional value in the process. For those who are more energy-minded, you...

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Spirit Science 33_8 ~ The Miracle of Fasting

health spirit science video Dec 02, 2019

In this episode, we continue our exploration into health and nutrition by discovering what could very well be one of the greatest healing abilities that we have available to us—fasting. Fasting has been described as a miracle cure by countless generations before us due to its inexplicable nature to rapidly detox the body and put us into a state of rapid rejuvenation. In addition to this, fasting also is a powerful spiritual practice that has been used as a technique across many spiritualities for thousands of years and said to connect us with God regardless of the faith.

There are many different types of fasts, whether it be water fasting, juice fasting, intermittent fasting, or dry fasting. There are other fasts that combine these together which have been more recently invented, such as ‘the master fast cleanse’ as well. In this video, we look at all of them and explore the value and benefits of them all.

The basis of all fasting is very simple. Our bodies have...

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Spirit Science 33_9 ~ The Dirt on Agriculture

health spirit science video Dec 02, 2019

Hey there! As we continue our exploration into health, it’s time we take a look at some of the challenges we have with our modern plant-based agriculture industries. When addressing the topic of nutrition and the healing diseases with food, we truly wish we could simply say “eat fruits and vegetables and all of your problems will be solved”. This idea has a lot of truth to it, especially if we lived in a world of perfect gardens. However, we need to apply a little bit more awareness to what is going on behind the scenes in the modern world of agriculture if we are to see the bigger picture and make more informed choices when it comes to our health and wellness.

Because of the way we have constructed our lives as a species when investigating industrial plant-based agricultural, we have found that the system is in the same kind of trouble as it is with the other industries that we’ve looked at previously, such as meat and dairy production. The issues...

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Spirit Science 34_1 ~ The Backster Effect

spirit science video Dec 02, 2019

The Spirit Science Source Field series begins here, as we dive into the field by exploring something called the Backster effect!

Cleve Backster was very interested in polygraphs, which was a simple machine that reads our pulse, breath, and blood pressure. It’s been used as a lie detector test in the past but is understood now that it can be easily tricked by slowing down your breath.

Backster, however, used it in another way. He tested the biorhythms of a plant and discovered something amazing! He found that the plant seemingly knew someone else was in the room. He wanted to see if it would respond to pain, so he dipped a leaf in hot water, tapped it, and performed a few other actions that had little to no response.

Then, he had thought of burning it with a match. Immediately, the polygraph recording moved rapidly, as if it was responding in fear. This is incredible! Backster didn’t speak out loud or touch the plant at all; all he did was merely think about burning it.

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Spirit Science 35_1 ~ The Qabalah (Tree of Life Pt. 1)

spirit science video Dec 02, 2019

This episode dives into the deep and mysterious world of the Qabalah, also known as the Tree of Life. This ancient system is a cosmic glyph, said to describe everything in creation with tremendous detail, how the universe comes into being, the structure of our consciousness, and how to live within the natural forces of nature.

Dion Fortune, an adept occultist, and author wrote:

“The curious symbol-system, known to us as the Tree of Life, is an attempt to reduce to diagrammatic form, every force and factor in the manifested universe, and the soul of man; to correlate them one to another, and reveal them spread out, as on a map, so that the relative positions of each unit can be seen, and the relations between them traced. In brief, the Tree of Life is a compendium of science, psychology, philosophy, and theology.”

The information on the Qabalah is incredibly detailed, and in this episode, we begin to unravel its secrets by exploring an overview of its systematic...

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Spirit Science 35_2 ~ The 10 Sephiroth (Tree of Life Pt. 2)

spirit science video Dec 02, 2019

As we continue our exploration of the mystical Qabalah, we begin uncovering the meaning of each of the 10 Sephiroth. The ten Sephiroth are not “things”, but rather states of being – divine emanations or outpourings of pure energy, which crystallizes in density as it descends further and further down the tree. Each Sephiroth builds upon each other and is contained in its predecessor. In this video, we explore the depths of each one, and how they are connected!

Now, to understand the 10 Sephiroth we first must take into account the entire Tree of Life, which in Hebrew is called the “Otz Chiim”, though also sometimes written “Etz Chaim”. As a whole, the Tree of Life is a glyph. This is to say, it is a symbol, or a series of symbols within symbols, which is intended to represent the cosmos in its entirety, and further related to the soul of mankind.

The more that this is studied, the more that we see that it is, in fact, quite a remarkable...

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