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How Fear Hinders You From Making Meaningful Work

Are you holding yourself back from doing meaningful work because of your fears? Fear, apprehension, and uncertainty can stop you from pursuing the things you really want. Maybe you're afraid to stand out. It's possible you're scared of failure. You may be fearful that if you make a decision, you may make the wrong ones, and you'll end up regretting them. 

We all feel this way at some point in our lives. Most of the time, we're just afraid that we're never going to be good enough. Even if we want to push ourselves out of our comfort zone so we can pursue meaningful work, we find ourselves not being able to take another step towards the direction that we want to pursue. 

When we're afraid, we tend to distract ourselves or procrastinate. We hide behind the things that bring us comfort like playing games, going shopping, watching movies, indulging in social media, or eating junk food. And then at the end of the day, we would feel terrible for failing to do...

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The 11 Life Lessons You Need to Know

Your high school years, they say, are the happiest years of your life. But college is different because that's when you learn what real life is about. 

Wise sayings about life lessons are within arms reach while you are a student in college. You meet new people from all walks of life. You are exposed to the reality of life, and your professors are endless fountains of wisdom. Your college life will make you see the ups and downs of living, and that not everything comes easy. 

If you're not used to different types of people, you may first find them annoying. However, when you get used to having them around, you end up treating them as your best buddies you want to keep for life. 

How Does College Life Change You?

Perhaps the most amazing thing about college life is that it teaches you that pain can bring about something good in the world. Every pain gives a lesson, and that's one lesson that you want to keep until you grow old. It will be your constant reminder that...

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Tips for Building Healthy Eating Habits

While it may be everyone's goal to eat healthy so that they can improve their lives, they are dealing with forces far greater than they imagined. 

Who doesn't want to get that toned, healthy body, right? And yet, no matter how hard you try, it seems impossible to get healthy. You can't help but compare yourself to others. How come others who have tried the diet and exercise routine you did lost weight? Did they exert more effort than you? 

Why are they blessed to have that athletic, well-toned body? Frankly, there's no magic wand you can wave or some weird secret. Perhaps understanding the forces that work against you is the first step to unlocking the mystery. When you know what you are up against, it is easier to find a way to move around it. 

Why Is It Hard To Eat Healthy?

At the beginning of every year, everyone says they will try to keep a healthier diet in the coming year. They promise to try to do better. They begin by looking for an example of a balanced diet....

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Practicing Mindfulness When You Feel Tired

How do you deal with yourself when you are tired? Do you simply give up everything you need to do and just sleep? Or do you consider fatigue management techniques and allow yourself to try to work things out?

Every person has his/her own way of coping with tiredness and fatigue. The good news is that the options with dealing with tiredness are bountiful. The choice is really up to you.

Mindlessness Vs. Fatigue

There are several causes of stress in the workplace and at home. It is not just about dealing with the pressure of keeping up with the demands of the times, but the tiredness of the mind also happens when one lacks the motivation to go on with the work that they do. 

How do you differentiate what work fatigue is and what being mindfully tired is? If you have to choose which one to feel, it is best to feel mindfully tired. This means that you steer away from all the negative aspects of feeling tired. 

Instead, you recognize the fact that you are exhausted, but then...

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Strengthen Your Will With Daily Meditation

articles self-care May 22, 2020

Do you know that your willpower can determine your success? We all have different goals in life, like getting a diploma, achieving a stunning physique, or having enough money in the bank. We can all achieve these goals if we can strengthen our will and practice self-discipline. 

With all the dreams and ambitions that we have, we’re also going to need a lot of inner strength to pursue them. Without the willpower, self-discipline, determination, and perseverance, our dreams will remain to be as that - dreams and wishful thinking. 

If you think you’re a person who lacks self-discipline and willpower, don’t worry. All of us sometimes feel that we don’t have control over ourselves, and we can’t command our minds to tell our bodies to do this task or complete that project. Stop telling yourself, “I have no self-control.”

You ought to know that there’s a way that you can strengthen your willpower, and that is through consistent...

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How to Start Being Kind to Yourself and Why it is Important

articles self-care May 21, 2020

How do you teach yourself to be compassionate? Learning how to be kind is not about doing good all the time. Instead, it is about giving yourself some space to breathe. It is about making it possible for you to do what you want to do, commit mistakes, and hopefully try again.

The importance of being kind to yourself is about allowing yourself to try new things, fail at them, and learn. When you can do that, you can help yourself grow and find your inner goodness. 

Why Is Kindness So Important?

How kind are you to yourself? If you can’t remember the last time you were kind to yourself, then maybe you forgot about showing yourself a little bit of compassion. Every time it feels like you have not done enough, you make yourself feel bad. 

Do you have any idea how to practice self-love? For sure, you will say that you love yourself more than anything or anyone in this world. But do you show that? 

More often than not, you end up doing these...

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Live Your Life More Deliberately

articles self-care May 21, 2020

Do you often feel like your life is rushing by you? Does it feel like waking up in the morning, and retiring at night has become more like an automatic part of your life? Whenever it seems as if you are only doing the things you are expected to do, you must get yourself back.

Many psychologists have praised minimalist living and mindfulness and their positive impacts on people's lives. Minimalism is the kind of living when you choose to keep only the essentials. You surround yourself with the bare minimum. You make long-term plans. Your mind is set as if everything and everyone around you is temporary. And so you decide to keep the things and people that you can't live without. 

But what does it mean when you are trying to practice a more deliberate or purposeful lifestyle? How do you stick to doing only what makes you fulfill your purpose in life? Sometimes, it can be hard to do this primarily because you don't exactly know what your purpose in life...

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Setting an Intentional System for Your Work Goals

How do you set your personal goals? If you're like most people, you have dreams and aspirations that you want to achieve in your life. But goal setting is not just about thinking of what you want. It should also be about finding fulfillment in learning and the joy of the journey.

When you are setting for your goals, you should do so intentionally. This means that you put your heart and soul into it. Thinking of your goals should also mean aligning every decision with what you are passionate about. You don't want to work towards something that you hate; that is far from being mindful at all. 

Think about your values, consider your strengths, and ultimately think about your priorities in life. Take it as a journey in itself. For example, when planning a trip to your dream destination, you make a list of the different things that you need for the journey, a list of all the places you want to visit on your trip, a list of sights to see, the budget you need for each one, and the...

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Unleash Your Potential and Become Bigger than Yourself

What if someone were to tell you that you think small? Perhaps you would react violently and maybe even try to defend yourself. 

But then again, at the back of your mind, you can't help but agree. When was the last time you thought about how your actions affect the world? Did you think of the environment when you bought that coffee frappe from the coffee shop this morning? Did you consider the working conditions of sweatshops when you bought that cheap sweater?

There is something larger than life that people often overlook. The small mind is the one concerned only with themselves. They want what they want when they want it. They avoid doing things that may hurt them at the moment. They value themselves so much that the only fear they have is something that would strip them of their privileges. 

Small thinking causes the suffering of a lot of people. People who think small tend to procrastinate, worry about what others think about them, and allow distractions...

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Let Go of Possession with Ease

articles self-care May 19, 2020

Are you having problems letting go of things? If you often find yourself unable to remove stuff in your home because you’ve put so much sentimental value into them, then you may also find that you’re accumulating a lot of clutter. But do you know that it’s quite liberating to have the power to let go of your possessions? 

Many people struggle with the task of letting go. There’s nothing that keeps them from doing it, only their attachment to the objects. If you can relate to this, then continue reading along. In this article, you can learn how to let go of your possessions with ease and declutter your life

What’s the Principle Behind Letting Go?

When you think about it, it’s possible to let go of everything you own. Of course, for practical reasons, you’re going to need your clothes, your home, and the essential things you use every day in the kitchen for cooking and eating. Apart from that, you can basically let go of most...

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