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4 Steps To Cleanse Your Spirit

How much energy do you think you have in your body? Do you believe that you and everything else around you is made up of energy? Whether it is a thing or a situation, you are surrounded by both negative and positive energies. 

Setbacks and disappointments are a natural part of human life. Everyone deals with their problems in their own way. However, if you keep denying the existence of negative energies and keep focusing on the positive, you can expect these negative energies to resurface in your life.

All the negativity that you encounter takes a significant toll on your emotional and mental health. This is why it is vital to consider aura cleansing or taking spiritual baths. This is to help you evaluate the inner energies that you have. 

Finding healing for yourself is a beautiful process and has been proven to help keep your spirit pure and full. 

Four Steps To Achieving Spiritual Healing

The process of soul-cleansing can be likened to the...

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Spirit As An Explanation For Life

Written by Jamie Fall

Life seems very strange. While I'm not a scientist by any means, I do feel I can at least understand the idea behind most scientific explanations for things in the Universe, such as the way stars burn, how planets revolve around them, geological formations, the weather, etc. But life seems like such an anomaly to me that just doesn't make scientific sense. Part of the problem of describing it is that we are it. This fact seems to bias our view in explaining it. So as a thought experiment, if we viewed the Universe from the perspective of a sort of passive observer (not as life, too) trying to understand the Universe, how would we describe this phenomenon we call "life?" Perhaps as a continuous series of complex chain reactions. Billions of intricate patterns of molecules bouncing around in precisely the correct ways to let your cells and muscles and organs work so that you can think and move and interact in the world. 

If this chain reaction only...

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Can We Make Good Decisions When We Don't Know The Outcome?

What does it take to make a decision? Not only does it take a lot of confidence to make a decision, but it also takes a lot of courage to accept it once the decision has been made. Poor decision making can sometimes take its toll on us, making it seemingly impossible to get out of a negative situation. 

What does it mean to make a good decision? Most people equate it to the concept of something successful. When the outcome is a success, the decision made was good. But when the result is not expected, it means that the choice could have been better. 

What Does It Mean To Romanticize The Outcome?

Do you believe that all your outcomes should be perfect? Do you feel disappointed when your outcomes are less than perfect, even if things technically worked out? Only the positive, successful results are the ones that are genuinely celebrated. 

Take a good look at the more successful self-help books you can get at the bookstore. They only tell stories...

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Walking The Red Road: A Native American Story Of Spirituality

Written by Cameron Harman

There was a time in North America when spirituality was law. A time when the people lived in harmony with nature and each other. The Lakota tribe, also known as Teton Sioux, is a long-standing tribe of Native Americans that still exist today. Their roots in spirituality run deep. Many authors and researchers have gone to seek out Lakota elders to gain wisdom and insight. Native American spirituality stems from a love for Mother Earth and all living things as they believe we all come from the same place. In the Lakota tradition, they have a name for how to live life properly and spiritually. They call it "walking the Red Road." Walking this path means being an honest person, not harming others or nature. The Lakota believe there are four components of man: the body, the mind, emotions, and the soul. If we look at Buddhism and Hinduism, they have similarities. The commonalities are how they treat the environment and their neighbors. Take a close look at how...

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3 Interesting Ways To Help You Focus And De-Stress

How do you deal with daily distractions and find focus? How do you help yourself cope with the demands of the times, juggling responsibilities in the office and at home? These things can leave you feeling stressed, not knowing which one to deal with first. 

Whenever it feels all too overwhelming that you can no longer finish a simple task, do not fret because you are not alone. In truth, when you read a "how to cope with stress" essay, you will realize that practically everyone deals with distractions and stress. 

Learning the various strategies for managing stress in the workplace may be one of the most intelligent moves you can make for yourself. Not only are you learning how to deal with stress, but you are teaching yourself how to enjoy life to the fullest. 

When you're armed with valuable knowledge, there is nothing that you cannot do. 

What Does It Mean To Be Distracted?

Distracted thinking means your mind is left wandering and thinking about...

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All-Natural Ways To Get Rid Of SAD

Written by Joe G. Santos

 Without a doubt, this year has been one of the most universally challenging in the past few decades. We started what was supposed to be the new roaring 20s on the wrong foot, but somehow we are still here and have managed to foster our way into this present moment. With the year's steady progression (in the northern hemisphere), you are just starting to see the coming winter's signs. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a commonly experienced symptom of the season, but how do we prepare for it when—at times—the whole year has felt like one long winter? Generally, we can take a few steps to soothe the emotional pain caused by this mental ailment, but with the additional challenge of working around COVID-19, some aspects of winter self-care might have to adapt and change. To experience the spiritual and physical metamorphosis that the planet we reside on is going through, we will have to get through this winter whole. As we wait for...

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5 Things To Think About When You Open Your Eyes In The Morning

What do you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you check your work email even before you get out of bed? Do you make a list of the things you need to do for the day and begin to quietly worry about how you are going to make it through?

The first thing that you do in the morning is what will bring you true success. So if you are spending it worrying about things beyond your control, what kind of future does that give you? Are you getting the most out of life?

Why Do The First Five Minutes Of Your Day Matter The Most?

The first five minutes of your day and what you do with it will frame how the entire day will go. It sets up your mood and tells how you will feel as you go through the day. Remember, everything you think about in the morning will bring you to action

In truth, the first five minutes of your day count because what you do with it or what you think of during this time could make or break your day. It could determine the kind of relationship you...

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Tarot Cards That Say Something About Your Finances

articles money Oct 31, 2020

Money is what makes the world go around. When people don't have it, they feel they need it badly. But when they have a lot of it, they only feel that they want to have more. Money may not be able to buy love and happiness, but it gives people a sense of security and freedom. 

From the fleeting feeling of shopping for things that you love down to emergencies, money makes it seem like everything about life is dependent on it. Is it possible to minimize the financial stress that you deal with? Is there a way you can improve your money choices and make you feel comfortable with it?

The best way to do it is through tarot finance. What do the cards reveal about your finances? 

What Does The Deck Reveal About Finances

An individual's financial situation could be a good source of comfort, but it could be a source of unwanted stress. When it seems as if you have tried your best to reach financial stability, but it seems something always happens and ruins it, you...

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Four Quick Tips For Better Sleep

Better sleep is natural to achieve. Whether we perceive that we are getting perfect sleep right now or not, there are simple things that we can do before bedtime that is guaranteed to communicate to your bodies that the time for rest is upon us.

Getting better sleep is not complicated and not necessarily expensive. We don't necessarily need to purchase highly technical equipment or upgrade our bedroom. We can do straightforward things to work WITH our body's natural functions that will make our night's rest deeper and more effective.

Eat Dinner Earlier

Your body needs sleep, so if you eat your food close to bedtime, your body will continue to digest it and, in essence, not be as restful as it could be. It uses and releases energy into your system while the conscious you are attempting to allow the body to rest. There is a conflict here.

Take A Cold Shower

Your skin is an organ, the largest organ in your body—coolness signals to this organ the messages that are associated with...

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Money, Energy, Time

What makes you tick? The things that make people work vary from person to person. However, there are three basic things that are essential to make everyone as productive as they want themselves to be: money, energy, and time

If you have the energy, you can push yourself to become more productive in the world. If you have money, you have the liberty to push yourself to be better. And if you have the time, you can accomplish what you want and become unstoppable. You can do anything and be anything that you want. 

If you are reading this, you are probably missing at least one of the three. What you don't have varies from day to day. Sometimes, within the day, it feels like you have run out of either of the three. It seems all three factors become scarce in the course of life, depending on how old you are. 

How Do These Three Make A Difference?

When you are in your 20s and 30s, you have time and energy, but you basically don't have the money. 


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