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A Guide In Finding Peace

articles lifestyle Dec 29, 2020

Who doesn't believe that a peaceful mind means a peaceful life? When your mind is in chaos, that's when you feel like your whole life is a mess too. It's like your thoughts are bugging you all the time. 

When things go wrong, people tend to focus only on the bad things that are happening. They worry about how it would affect their life in the future. It's like they are always against what fate brings. 

Why do people worry too much? Because most of them think it is easier to wallow in pain and misfortune than to work to improve one's condition. Instead of fighting back, they allow all negative thoughts to overcome them. 

The problem with letting negative thoughts and emotions control you is that it will become difficult to find spiritual peace. The problem does not stop there. Negative thoughts are bad for your overall health and well-being.

But how do you teach yourself the ways on how to be peaceful in life? Learning how to live a...

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Curiosity About Gravity

Written by Jamie Fall

Gravity Is Mysterious

I've been reading about gravity, and I was surprised about how much I did not know. Perhaps you will be just as surprised as I was about some of these gravity facts as I was. Some I don't completely understand, but I will share with you my basic understanding in the hopes it will inspire you to learn more from other sources.

Why Do Astronauts Float?

Do you know why astronauts float around in space, like those on the International Space Station or in a rocket ship? Most people assume it is because there is no gravity in space (that's what I had thought too!), but actually, this is not the case. The space station and all the rocket launches since Apollo are still close enough to Earth that they retain 90% of their gravity. They are only 200 miles up. The reason why these astronauts can "float around" has nothing to do with them being in space; it is actually because they are orbiting Earth (rotating around it). This flying around the planet...

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Why Your Children Should Help Around The Home

Should kids have chores? Getting them to help around the house can always be quite challenging in the beginning. It's like they always have a reason not to help out. Even when it comes to cleaning up the mess they made with their toys, it's just so hard to have them help out with the household chores and responsibilities. 

But going back to the first question, is it right to assign house chores to kids? Will it be okay for them to have their own kids to-do list? What is the right age for them to have a list of things they need to do?

Getting kids to do the chores will also be like a chore to their parents. Sometimes, it can be more tiring to have them do the tasks than to just do them yourself, but experts believe parents should not stop telling them they have to tend the house. 

Why Should Kids Do Chores? 

How do you prepare your kids for life ahead? Give them chores to do at home, and they'll grow up ready for the future. Doing chores helps kids build...

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The Must-Have Qualities Of A Yoga Teacher

Every yoga teacher knows how important their role is in the yoga life of their students. It is not just about being the guide that their students need, but more importantly, about how the yoga coach can bring about a considerable change in their students' lives. 

Every yoga enthusiast has a unique style. Each teacher provides a kind of personal touch to their teaching of yoga. It is the flair that makes them distinct from all the other yoga practitioners in the world. 

It is because of this difference that a yoga practitioner becomes a good teacher. It has the power to affect others and make something out of them. While it may not be something often thought of, a yoga teacher's characteristics are highly important.

Understanding The Role Of The Yoga Teacher

What best describes your yoga teacher? What is it about her that makes you think she's the best teacher for you? Every person who wants to become a yoga teacher should know the...

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Protect Your Energy, Fight Burnout!

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed or that there's just too much work on your plate? Does it feel like you have too many responsibilities to deal with that you don't know which one to work on first? Feeling emotionally overwhelmed can happen to practically anyone, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything about it. 

Mental and physical exhaustion happens to people who are working on too many things at the same time. These people also juggle their responsibilities at home and in the office. When it seems that everyone wants to have a piece of you daily, the easiest way to respond is to give in. 

But is that decision helping you? If you feel like you are carrying a huge burden inside you, then perhaps it is time to let go. You are physically and mentally tired because you have exhausted yourself too much to give in to other people's demands. 

At this point, you need to set boundaries to avoid stress and to prevent burnout symptoms from...

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Effective Ways To Help You Listen Like A True Leader

Every human, whether it is in an organization or a family, needs to be heard. When they are heard, it allows the other person to understand things from a different perspective. Who doesn't want to be heard by the people we care about?

Having someone who will listen to your needs and act accordingly is one of the best gifts you will have in this lifetime. The importance of listening cannot be overstated. The same is true when you listen to others. You are giving them a boost of confidence, making them feel that they are special. 

Why is listening important? Active listening is essential in building your future as a leader. When you realize how important it is to listen, you will learn how you can be a better leader for the future. After all, all great leaders listen

Why Does Active Listening Matter?

Active listening refers to listening with the full intent to understand the other person wants to convey. You can do this by allowing the other person...

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Dating Someone Who Isn't Your Type?

How do you choose the person to date? When it comes to your dating life, it is not uncommon to set your eyes on someone who falls under a particular type. Time and again, relationship after another, you always seem to fall for people of a specific type. 

"I hate my boyfriend," that's what you said about the last one you dated. But the new guy you are dating is someone who reminds you of the person you once fell in love with in the past. What's the point of dating if you keep dating the same type of person again and again?

But have you ever thought of going out with someone who isn't your type? What if you took the risk this time, and you chose to step outside of your comfort zone. 

What Do Your Preferences Make Of You?

Who should I date? This is one of the questions that you will be left asking when it seems everyone you've dated isn't a good fit. What do you do next? Who do you go out with? 

Everyone has their dating preferences. Over time, these...

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Three Lucid Dream Techniques

Was there ever a time when you wished you were awake enough to know that you were dreaming? Sometimes, it feels that way. You may have experienced a dream where it felt like everything that was happening was real. 

But then when you woke up, you didn't remember anything about it. Many people wish they could be awake in their dream because sometimes, it is the way for their dearly departed loved ones to communicate with them. 

Dreams, for some people, are more memorable than others. This is when they can become who they want to be or talk to people they genuinely miss.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the kind of dream where you are fully aware that everything is just a dream.  The spectrum of this type of dreaming is very broad. 

It can begin when people remember faint details about their dream or that it could be a broad opening of awareness that the body has experienced. Sometimes, it feels like it's real, and they feel it happening even while...

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Get To Know The 8 Limbs Of Yoga

How much do you know about the elements of yoga? While you may have been practicing meditation and yoga daily, you might not know a lot about the eight limbs that serve as the practice's guiding principles.

It is relatively common for most yoga practitioners to focus on achieving particular poses. Most of them talk about how much a regular yoga practice has helped them improve their life. But little do they know that there are yoga principles that keep the practice as sound as it is today.

Discovering The Art Of The Patanjali Yoga Practice

There are various branches of yoga, and Patanjali's offers an eight-fold path. It serves as a guide to living a purposeful and meaningful life. And yet, it is grounded with prescriptions for ethical and moral conduct to lead people to develop a sense of self-discipline. 

In the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, ashtanga or the eightfold path is the guiding light to its practitioners. It literally means eight limbs. The eight...

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Four Yoga Poses That Can Fix Insomnia 

Are you having trouble getting a good night's sleep? If you are, there's no need to fret. You are not alone with this problem. Many are suffering from lack of adequate sleep at night, and sadly, such issues could lead towards more severe health concerns. 

Several research studies show that people suffering from sleeplessness are likely to develop anxiety, diabetes, and depression. However, recognizing the adverse effects of sleep in your life is the first step to bringing the kind of change you need. 

What Kind Of Help Can You Get?

If you are ready to improve your sleeping patterns, it is time to look at yoga for insomnia. Yoga remains one of the best ways to clear your mind, find your focus, and ease the tension in your body. 

To get a good night's sleep, you must think of the many ways yoga for good sleep can help. While yoga may be associated with weight loss techniques, it also lends itself to those who need help in getting good sleep.


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