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Harnessing the Power of Gratitude

articles Mar 25, 2020

If you were offered a pill that would make you healthier and happier, would you go for it? Would you be interested in a magic potion that promises to make you more productive and optimistic? 

Perhaps you have wished for something like it in the past. In fact, whenever you look at the pile of laundry or the messy house that your kids left after play, you wondered if there was any kind of magic that will take care of all of it for you. 

Maybe you have complained about how little time you have for yourself or wished you had more time to do what you want in a day. Those may seem like wishful thinking, but it happens to every one of us, more often than we think. 

It may be sad to know that there is no potion or magic or a pill that could make everything right in this lifetime. However, little do people know that there is something about them that they could use. It is something better than what magic could ever do. It’s that little power inside every person that...

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How Powerful are Rationalizations?

articles Mar 25, 2020

Do you have a sink full of dishes or several piles of laundry? Do you have an excellent idea for a book but just can’t get started? Is there a big garden or house project that you have been meaning to do, but you “never have the time?”

More than likely, you’re using a combination of procrastination and rationalizations to avoid getting things done.

“But, I just don’t have the time!” “I have so much to do!” “You don’t know my life!”

Dear reader, I guarantee that you do have time. I promise that, even though you may have things to do, you hold some responsibility in your perceived lack of opportunities to be productive.

Worry not! We can overcome rationalization and procrastination, and we need to be able to identify what they are and put steps into place to help us stay out of our own way.

What Are Rationalizations?

When we are avoiding something, we tend to rationalize, meaning that we come up with excuses not...

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What You Need To Know About Quantum Jumping

articles Mar 24, 2020

You may have already heard of the idea of alternate universes. There are quantum physicists and scientists that have theorized on it. The idea is that beyond our universe, there is are infinite alternate universes. That means that there are also infinite alternate versions of you and me. Each of these versions of ourselves lives in a reality where they have different circumstances because they made different decisions from what we’ve made.

Several decades ago, Burt Goldman posited a question on whether we can find a certain way to communicate with our other selves so that we can learn from them. The idea is to be able to draw from what they have experienced and what they know so that, in turn, you can improve your own life. This is where Quantum Jumping comes in.

A Way to Define Quantum Jumping

A quantum jump or quantum leap is a process where you will envision a different state of being from what you have now. There’s a popular belief that to do this is like taking a...

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Feeling Scattered? Routines Can Keep You Grounded

articles lifestyle Mar 24, 2020

Did you ever feel like you were being pulled in so many directions at once? You feel so scattered, and you don’t know which task you should work on first? We’ve all been in this situation. Today’s world is so fast-paced that it seems like keeping up with it is almost impossible. Nevertheless, don’t stress yourself out because there are things we can do to keep ourselves grounded, and that is by creating and establishing routines.

Building a Daily Routine

It’s time to ask yourself, “what’s my daily routine?” and “what are my daily activities?” It’s important that you know this so that you’ll know what to improve on. Each of us has our own set of routines already. But what’s crucial to know is whether those routines are helping you stay grounded or are they making you feel more scattered. 

For example, some routines are not helpful at all. If you’re a smoker, maybe smoking a cigarette or two in...

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3 Things You Should Know About The NEW Moon (March 24th, 2020)

I know how things look.

Dark, grim, and up in the air.

Not a soul on this planet can say with confidence what's to come.

& yet... there exists inside each and every one of you a space that KNOWS...

A space that knows that what we're seeing is a manifestation of a very profound healing process taking place.

No longer will you, lightworker... need to quietly process in the shadows, alone.

It's time now that the whole of humanity experiences this wonderful shift into a higher vibration.

This is a monumental time long foreseen by the Earth's sages, seers, and channels.

The time of awakening is NOW.

Are you ready?

Indeed you are!

You are very well prepared for this my friend and have a lot to look forward to.

This New Moon is for you!

This New Moon is POWERFUL and will help you truly stand in your power, align with your purpose, and SHINE your light into a world that has been lost in the darkness for far too long.

Get Ready!

The show has just begun :)

1. A Time To Get & Stay In...

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A Reflection upon a Parallel Universe

articles Mar 23, 2020

Have you ever thought about whether the universe we live in is unique? There have been plenty of books and movies that tell stories of other worlds and universes beyond our own. However, science is also telling us that such an alternate universe and even multiple universe ideas are possible

One of the most exciting concepts is what’s called a “parallel universe.” It is an area of this theory of multiverse. To understand the idea of parallel universes better, let’s try to understand the different multiverse theories.  

Theories Supporting the Idea of a Multiverse

The big question that this multiverse theory asks is if we’re the only universe in the whole expanse of time and space. With the technology that we have at present, we can only observe some parts of our own universe. It’s similar to being inside a fishbowl because our universe is curved. We cannot see what’s outside of it if indeed there is something beyond our...

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Top 3 Benefits of Meditation for Parents

It may be easy to think that morning meditation is only done by spiritual people. But parents can actually benefit from meditating. With so many things going on in our lives as parents, we end up feeling stressed and worn-out. How many times have we found ourselves at the point of breaking down? Being a parent is very challenging, that’s why it’s important to find a way to take care of our mental and emotional well-being. 

Meditation and other mindfulness activities can help to clear your mind and focus on the present. If you’re always worried and anxious, you can try meditating for a few minutes each day. You’ll start to notice that you are able to think more clearly and that you have this sense of calm within you. It’s because meditation can teach you to be mindful of what you’re feeling and thinking of. There are many benefits to mediation, especially for parents. 

But first, what is meditation, and how do you do it?


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Contemplation & Meditation

articles Mar 22, 2020

Some may use the ideas of contemplation and meditation interchangeably, but you can perceive there to be a difference between the two. Before we delve deeper into that, we perceive that both contemplation and meditation are distinct ways of communicating with your higher self, with God, with universal awareness, or some other higher consciousness. 

Both meditation and contemplation are expressions of prayer in the many ancient and modern traditions, and it’s easy to mistake one for the other. However, when you take a close look at these two, then you’ll see that they can practically be perceived to be quite different. 

What is Meditation?

Meditation is known to be a prayerful quest wherein you engage desire, emotion, imagination, and thought. A popular goal of meditation is to be able to consider and confront our life’s reality. During meditation, your mind is seeking to understand the why’s and how’s of your life. This is so that...

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Want More Miracles? Start Recognizing Synchronicities

articles Mar 21, 2020

Have you ever had that moment when you find yourself doing or thinking about the exact same thing as another person at the same time? Most people would credit such coincidence to something that happened by chance, and yet the psychotherapist Carl Jung thought it was synchronicities. He described it as the simultaneous occurrence of events, which does not have a clear cause but is considered deeply meaningful. 

Coincidences are often described as random moments. And yet, when people look closer into their lives, there is more to these chance encounters than anything. Every sound that a person hears, every word that a person says, and every individual people meet is not mere coincidence. People come in our lives because there is something about them that we need. 

Whether it is to answer our inner doubts or deal with our inner fears, people are in our lives for a reason. It is really pretty simple -- people come in our lives for a purpose. 

What Is Synchronicity?


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What Is Bio Cotton And Why Does It Matter?

articles lifestyle Mar 21, 2020

Bio cotton has been gaining popularity among consumers. Bio cotton is organic, so it helps in protecting the environment. It is also much safer for farmers who are producing this type of cotton. In terms of health and their communities’ economic well-being, bio cotton is a tremendous help. So, how can you be a part of this endeavor of fostering a better environment and a profitable livelihood for cotton farmers? 

Practicing Eco Fashion

Purchasing organic cotton fabric clothing is one of the ways that we can make things more sustainable. With eco fashion, you do not only take part in preserving the environment, but you are also participating in a fair fashion, which ensures that the bio cotton farmers are being supported by this type of livelihood fairly. 

So, the next time you’d want to get organza fabric that is made of silk but could be mixed with synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester, you can choose bio cotton instead. It’s perhaps the best fabric...

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