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How to Shift Into a Parallel Reality

We are shifting into new realities each moment of our existence. Recognizing this brings you more power to live the life that you desire.

The problem for many is that we have a perspective that one moment of our lives has an effect on another moment of our lives, and this connection is inseparable.

Instead, think about your life as a movie. Each frame of the film strip represents a moment in your life. One moment only relates to another moment in that the film strip is moving so quickly that you do not see the breaks. The perspective of an inseparable connection between past and present, and present and future, brings you into a place where you believe that you do not have free will to make choices in one moment because you are being held prisoner by the decisions that were made in previous moments.

The solution is presence - the practical application of existence - and seeing the film strip slow down. This allows for the opportunity to cut the piece and insert...

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Overcoming Personal Resistance for Growth

There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask, "What if I fall?"
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?
 - Erin Hanson


Is there something you could do today or even thirty days from now that would radically change your life, but you find yourself frozen in place? Have you ever known a friend or family member who cannot get out of a rut? Every day, we live within our bubbles of comfort, and while that may be fine, we can also see others living our dream lives. You probably fantasize or even plan out how you are going to do or get those same things, but years later, you find yourself in the same spot: daydreaming and planning but not taking any actual steps.

Have you ever repotted a plant? It usually happens after the plant has outgrown its environment. Indoor plant lovers, gardeners, and farmers alike are often moving their blooms around to keep them healthy. While it would technically be easier just to let crops stay in their current fields, the fields...

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Date Night Done Right: Harnessing the Power of the Masculine

This article is intended for those in a relationship that is markedly balanced between masculine and feminine, and likely most useful for those in a monogamous relationship.  The article speaks to the masculine in the relationship.

We are very comfortable pouring our creative energy into our work or art, but there is an opportunity for expansion in focusing that same energy into our relationship with the feminine.

We tend to see the date night as 1) a stand-alone event that is separated from the rest of the relationship and that 2) is something that derives its power from the experience, not the sustained feeling of it. This is a problem because it separates things in the bond between two people and attracts in the idea of playing inauthentic roles to each other. It also gives the power away to the experience and is not dynamic nor sustainable (if it is only about WHAT you do on a date night, things will get stale fast, and you will both be looking for...

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Finding Life's Direction Through Uncertainty

articles Mar 30, 2020

We all have had that time in our lives when things didn’t go as planned. We felt as though everything wasn’t going right and we’re so frustrated about it. Work, the long commute, and the chores at home keep us busy but it’s as though nothing’s really happening in our lives. How have things ended up as they are?

Everyone knows the feeling of exhaustion of the daily grind. We go to bed too tired to even dream about how we want our lives to be. The next day, we wake up to another morning to do it all again. We have to so that we can pay our bills and save for the future. 

We think about the many tomorrows ahead and we begin to feel uncertain. Worry overcomes us too easily and for some, it becomes paralyzing. We think to ourselves, what if our plans fail? What if we’ve been planning for all the wrong things? 

Fear of what’s uncertain is the act of stressing yourself on something that remains unknown. Although the goal is to point...

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3 Tips for Taming a Distracted Mind

The wandering mind has always been thought of as something that puts a person out of focus. In truth, this isn’t always true. Some people could attest that daydreaming has helped them achieve a silent mind. They reach a point where they dream of silence, and they do get to achieve is the focus they desire. 

What Our Reality Looks Like

When was the last time you paused and wondered about life in general? Perhaps you don’t have a memory of ever doing this because your busy schedule has never allowed you to wonder and wander at all. 

Apart from your responsibilities, there is a whole range of things that can distract you from taking that moment to pause and reflect. You jump from one social media site to another, trying to keep track of the most important news for the day. 

You spend most of your time reading and responding to messages, and a dozen browser tabs waiting for your attention. And just like that, another day has passed and once again, you had put...

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Being Honest About Mindfulness

articles lifestyle Mar 29, 2020

If someone asked you, “do you tell the truth all the time?” How would you answer it? The truth is that we’ve all lied at some point in our lives. But that doesn’t make us bad people. There are times when our circumstances make it difficult for us to tell the truth. Maybe you’ve made a promise to your friends to go to a movie but you forgot. You tell them instead that you were stuck in an important meeting so you don’t get to hurt their feelings. 

White lies, exaggerations, and self-denials all come with a shade of truth and falsehood. These are the things that most of us do every now and then, admittedly or not. And then we begin to wonder if telling the truth, even if it hurts people, is worth mentioning. Or would a lie that makes people happy be even more worth it? How do we choose what to do?

The importance of honesty has always been emphasized to everyone all the time that it somehow, it’s lost its meaning. In fact, whenever people...

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The Importance of Self-Care and How You Can Practice It

articles Mar 29, 2020

We often find ourselves overwhelmed when it comes to thinking about how we can better take care of our health. We think about the right kinds of food to eat, what activities can keep us healthy, and how we can practice self-care more. 

While taking some time to disconnect from social media could mean achieving a kind of quiet that you deserve, you know that there is more to life than just that. All these are ways of expressing how much you love yourself, and they are necessary and vital in our survival. 

However, there is one kind of self-care that is often neglected, and that is acknowledging self-importance. It’s one crucial detail about loving ourselves that we often overlook. More than loving others, it is a must that we love ourselves more. 

Self-love is not about words. It is about the constant daily practice of showing how much you value yourself. Think about it. You drink eight glasses of water every day because you know it is right for your health. So...

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How to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

articles Mar 28, 2020

Personal expansion requires continuing to advance yourself in a meaningful way every day. It is within this development that learning happens, and wisdom is gained. Wisdom (love in action) is what allows leaders like you to share and assist others in their journeys, authentically.

Complacency is many times confused for flow or ease. These are not the same things. A bit of friction in your life - challenging your beliefs, being flexible with your schedule, and being ruthless in your priorities - can bring about greater fulfillment.

Challenge your beliefs

We've all seen the preponderance of reasoning to, and methods for, changing beliefs. The rise of Law of Attraction has brought about an abundance of individuals inspiring us to do so, right into our social media streams.

Despite how overwhelmed we might be with so many people looking at our beliefs through different lenses - scientifically, spiritually, intuitively, historically, collectively...the facts do remain the same.


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How to Listen and Find Your Purpose in Life

articles Mar 28, 2020

Ever so often, people find themselves at a point where they start to question their purpose in life. On a daily basis, you are in a hurry to do things or be in places. But you know that there is something from deep within you that is waiting to be discovered. 

It is waiting to be found if only you are open to making things happen. 

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of doing something but not knowing why you are doing what you are doing? With all the distractions around and the pressure to always be at your best, it can be hard to determine what it is that you really want to do. 

Finding one's purpose in life can be tough, but it’s not something that you should feel bad about. Sometimes, all we need to learn is to enjoy the whole journey. In time, we will be able to determine the reason why we do what we do. 

Confronting Reality: “I don't know what to do with my life”

Do you really not know? Or are you too afraid to know what you truly...

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The Nine-Step Process For Overcoming Fears

articles Mar 27, 2020

What are you afraid of?

We all have something.  It might be really big or really small. Engaging with fear is a fundamental part of our evolution, and in mastering this process, we step closer to our truest nature.

So, we've created and have been utilizing this process to overcoming fears, and we'd like to share it with you.

Each step represents the primary task.  This is accompanied by a mantra to use in that step AND a more elaborate activity.

Here are the nine steps:

0. Center your self & set your intention

Mantra - I am.  I am here. I am calm.  I am happy.
Activity - Breathe.  

In through your nose, out through your mouth.  For at least a few minutes. You are attempting to get INTO your body, not escape it.  The process of overcoming/integrating fears is done from within, not from without. Focus on your breathe.  Feel your body. In and out. Feel your heart beating. Allow ANY THOUGHTS to drift past you. This pre-step is about having...

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