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Spirit Science 35_3 ~ Mysteries of Qabalah (Tree of Life Pt. 3)

As we continue our discussion into the esoteric mysteries of the Tree of Life, this chapter covers a range of topics within the mystical realm of the Qabalah; the basic understanding of Qabalah as a whole the nature of the Hebrew language, and the different kinds of Qabalah systems that exist.

Qabalah translates to “Received Tradition”, or simply “to Receive”, and actually is an ancient esoteric interpretation of the Torah, the first five books within the Old Testament.

These teachings have a very mysterious origin, with some claiming that they were originally received by Moses, while others suggest that it was Abraham who was the first to describe the Qabalah. Regardless of these possibilities, the first actual texts on Qabalah were written in the Zohar in 13th century Spain.

The Qabalah describes the physical world we live in as being a world of outcomes, but not a world of causes. This physical plane we live in is the result of the invisible forces of...

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Spirit Science 35_4 ~ The 22 Creative Forces (Tree of Life Pt. 4)

Welcome back to the continuation of the Tree of Life! Today we’re going deeper, exploring the 22 pathways between the 10 Sephiroth on the Tree of Life.

In the Sepher Yetzirah, the most ancient text available on Jewish esotericism, these are described as the remaining 22 paths in the 32 paths of wisdom, which follow the 10 Sephiroth. When looking at these pathways, they would represent the active movement of energy from one Sephira to another. For example, “the path between Kether and Chokmah”; is seen in essence as pure formlessness moving into the first emanation of creation.

The 22 Pathways are most commonly represented by the Hebrew Alphabet, which is said to be a series of sounds based on the 22 most essential frequencies of creation. Through the Sephiroth, these frequencies are said to express the process of creation as it manifests from the incorporeal realms of God all the way down into the physical reality we are experiencing now. This is the very same...

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The Essence of Tarot

Welcome to Patch Tarot!

What is Tarot? In Essence, the Tarot is a detailed pictographic diagram of the universe and everything within it, and is based on many ancient teachings and spiritual practices; including but not limited to the Holy Qabalah and the Sacred Toroidal Field.

Tarot encompasses the five elements (physical earth, emotional water, mental air, spiritual fire, and the astral – ether), describing how these five geometries weave together to depict the totality of life experiences and the structure by which the laws of creation are set.

Tarot is a language of symbology, numerology, cosmology, geometry, and art – which fuse together in an intricate web of ideas providing a means by which one’s consciousness can engage, and come to know itself better with. The Tarot then becomes a guidebook through the many different aspects of life and supports a higher understanding of one’s experiences in a deeper, more meaningful way.

A Brief History of Tarot


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Spirit Science ~ Cannabis

Hey there everyone! As you might be aware, Canada just legalized cannabis! As residents of this country, the Spirit Science crew felt there was no better time to make a video all about it!

Appearing in ancient and historical references throughout time, the benefits and practical uses of Cannabis seem to be limitless. From healing to athletic conditioning, see how this original medicine’s resilience has continued to influence our society.

It’s really important that we discuss all of the aspects of cannabis, the positive and the negative, the challenges and the solutions. More importantly, it’s time that we changed the stereotypes around cannabis, what it’s used for, and why.

Historically, Cannabis has been used to provide a wide variety of things, from practical uses like fabrics, ropes and textiles, all the way to medicine and a psychoactive spiritual tool. As civilization spread across the world, cannabis often came with them, and even at the dawn of the...

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Are Miracles Real? The Secret Mysteries of Ayahuasca

Have you ever heard of someone healing their cancer in just one night? How about depression and anxiety cured outright in just 6 hours? If not, watch on, and journey beyond time and space into the mystical world of Ayahuasca...

If this experience is calling to you, Click Here and Transform Today

This film is a labor of love, inspired by my own personal experiences with Ayahuasca, and my desire to share that experience with you. I firmly believe that if we are able to embrace the mystical power of these experiences and use them for genuine - heartfelt healing and transformation, we can gracefully evolve into a new kind of human, and in that... a new way of life altogether.

Remember, just taking a shamanic plant medicine does not automatically guarantee you healing. You have to genuinely want it, your intention must be right. If you use these experiences without a pure intent, or without any intention at all... well, there’s really no telling what could happen.


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Spirit Science 1 ~ Thoughts


"Thoughts" is the very first Spirit Science episode, which was originally created back in 2011. However, due to a recent copyright claim on the credits song by the Beatles, we decided to take the opportunity to re-create this original video with more information! This new deluxe edition features much of the same script and original drawings, recreated and updated with the new information we have available to us today!

This episode focuses on the connection between mind, body, and spirit. It explores many concepts that are becoming more a part of our reality every day, the interconnection of our thoughts and feelings. We also explore ways we create reality together, and how awareness of our thoughts is the first step into manifesting the life of our dreams.

One of the biggest takeaways from this video is the idea that we create our reality. You are personally in the driver's seat of your life, responsible for your actions and reactions to everything you experience. When we...

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