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Chakras ~ Spirit Science 2 (Deluxe Remake!)

Use the power of the chakras to transform your entire reality forever, click here to discover how:

Way back in 2011, Spirit Science debuted it's second-ever episode - CHAKRAS! Today, that journey returns to a brand new deluxe remake edition. Enjoy!

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Written by: Cameron Harman 


A crisp green apple, a little sweet, a little sour leaving your taste buds rich with flavor. Or a tasty beverage on a warm summer night. Life can be so wonderful at times and so violently unpleasant the next. You stub your toe on your way to work, only to get fired on the spot. The kind of day that makes you wonder what life is all about, why is it so hard? Most of us have had that thought periodically in life and just keep trucking along, because thats all you can do, right? For many years that was my everyday life, just asleep at the wheel, trying to get by. Until I started learning about Zen and Buddhism, the practice of peace and tranquility. As it has been said, if you try and describe Zen you have already failed.  

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Forget the formality, this is my version of Zen. When I started looking at life from a neutral state of mind....

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What does raising your vibrational frequency mean?

Throughout the spiritual community there are more than a few terms that are widely used, whilst also being wildly misunderstood. One of these terms is vibrational frequency. Spiritual teachers, law of attraction coaches, and YouTube stars are constantly telling spiritual seekers that they need to raise their vibration, or they need to be more "high vibe". You might even hear someone refer to someone's attitude, perspective, or worldview as "low vibe", often meaning that person is living in a negative state. But what does this all really mean? How can we come to terms with something that seems at first glance to be so "woowoo"?

What is vibrational frequency?

We all have most likely encountered people with a positive disposition that seems to light up a room while also coming across someone who manages to bring us down no matter the situation. The idea is contained in the belief that what we think, speak, or emit by way of behavior directly effect the way we show up in the world....

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Written by Jamie Fall

Are we still allowed to wonder? When I was young, I used to wonder about everything. I think most kids did. I would ask questions about how the world works. Sometimes I wanted to know the answer, but other times I think I just enjoyed the mystery of thinking about the many possibilities. For me, wondering was a form of creativity. I can fill in the possibilities for patterns we find in life, or mysteries in physics, or animals or people's behavior. Often it inspires further research, but sometimes it was just about wondering.

As we grow older, I think we are not so encouraged to wonder. We learn that science seems to have an answer for most things, and most of those creative possibilities you imagined are actually wrong. You can learn a lot from science, but sometimes I miss just wondering freely. 

Wondering As A Form Of Meditation 

Lately, I've enjoyed getting in touch with my curiosity again by going for walks in nature and allowing myself to wonder...

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Every single human being has asked the question at least once in their lives, what is my purpose? In my experience the answer that people or religions have given me is less than comforting to say the least. When I started my path of inner work the answer became obvious to me, and what had seemed like religious riddles also started to become more clear. For example in Buddhism, the Buddha says the mind is everything, what we think we become. Pointing to the mind as the creator of reality for the material plane. So in more relative terms, our thoughts are projections and those projections are what we see, think, and feel. This means we ultimately have control of how we want to see the world around us. This concept is also strongly used in Zen. 


Jesus said in the Bible, If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you are not aware of doing the inner work then this message might not find you. However for those who are true seekers this...

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Aquarius Mercury Retrograde: Letting Go

Written by Joe G. Santos

There's no running away from it. Every year the planet everyone likes to blame for things going wrong, technology malfunctions, and late flights goes retrograde. This is, of course, Mercury we are talking about. The first Mercury retrograde of the year is happening on January 31st, starting at 26 degrees of Aquarius. This retrograde will last until February 20th, when Mercury stations direct at 11 degrees of the same sign.

There is a lot to unpack with this coming retrograde. February itself is quite the astrologically eventful month. For that reason, we will skip straight to the planetary forecast. If you are not so familiar with the concept of retrogrades or would like to take a more in-depth study of this planetary condition, you can refer to the blog post on the previous retrograde, called How to Navigate the Last Mercury Retrograde of the Year. It would also be interesting to revisit the last retrograde as both are connected through the same...

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Tips To Overcome A Yoga Rut

Does it feel like you are stuck with your yoga practice and don’t know what to do? Every yoga practitioner has been there. Feeling stuck happens to practically everyone. You find yourself on the mat, practicing the same yoga poses again and again, and you don’t feel like you’re getting anything out of them. 

It feels like you are no longer learning something new. You feel uninspired. Maybe it doesn’t feel good being in a rut, but you don’t know what you can do to deal with it. Every day it feels as though there is nothing you can do to get those hamstrings open despite efforts of practicing yoga daily. 

What do you do then? Learning how to make yourself feel better is one thing you need to do for yourself. There is no one out there who can help you. Getting out of a slump is something you must do on your own. 

What Can You Do To Overcome A Yoga Rut?

Whenever it feels like you are stuck in your practice...

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The Game of the Game ~ Brandon Bozarth

Get your copy of the 2021 Almanac of the New Age, and start 2021 off with a super high vibration! Here's the link:

To watch the full podcast episode, visit:

To check out more of Brandon, visit:

The world is changing. Can you feel it? The mission of Spirit Science is to support you in your personal and spiritual evolution by providing a safe and sacred space to explore and experience your own spiritual journey. In this podcast, we explore various topics - from the mystic arts to personal transformation, and from ascension to disclosure. Spirit Science LIVE hosts engaging and multi-faceted discussions, expanding our thinking about what is real, what is true, and what is possible. Join us for a curious exploration of life’s great mysteries. 

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How To Detox Your Life

What have the older people in your life told you about growing up? Perhaps they have told you time and again of the importance of living light. They remind you that it is always best to let go of the things you cannot change, love fully, and look on the bright side. Many older people are experts at detoxifying their lives without having a name for it.

But then again, a life detox is not just about knowing what you want to keep in your life. It’s not just about getting rid of negativity, either. The truth is, when you decide to detoxify your life, you must be ready to embrace all the things that make you who you are, even the bad things. 

Does detoxification mean becoming a minimalist? When the items in your home represent the things and feelings you are meant to let go of, there’s no point in keeping them. Living light is not just about letting go of material things. Though it does help to lighten the load, it does not revolve around that...

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4 Tarot Spreads That Can Help With Your Stress


Do you find yourself in an annoying or a rather stressful situation

Even people who believe they are calm and level-headed can still find themselves under a lot of pressure and anxiety. The distressing circumstances they find themselves in may push their patience to the limit. This situation could bring about feelings of frustration and maybe even anger.

How Do You Manage Stress With Tarot Cards?

Every person has their own way of dealing with stress. Some binge eat to fend off all those feelings, and others drown themselves with more work to forget about how frustrated they have been feeling. 

Turning to astrology and consulting the cosmos has become comforting for many. They tap into the power of intuition to allow themselves to process their stress and emotions accordingly. When everything feels so wrong, they turn to the tarot cards for help. 

The tarot cards lend themselves to anyone and everyone who wishes to navigate themselves...

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