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Spirit Science 24 ~ Black Holes

What are black holes? This episode explores the many different possibilities because we still aren’t completely sure! Some scientific institutions describe them as giant vacuums in space.

However, black holes do not have the structure of a vacuum, they instead seem to act as gigantic singularities. In the center of a black hole is a space with no volume, but infinite gravity. It is so dense that light can’t escape its pull. This is an exciting revelation because it means there is something faster than light!

Patchman hypotheses that at the center point of a light photon, infinity might be present, just like in the center of a black hole.

One way to describe black holes in a way that seems to make sense is through the model of a torus. It’s constantly taking energy in and emitting energy out simultaneously, and this model can be applied to ourselves as well. From something like a whirlpool, an atom or a galaxy, they all have a toroidal flow spinning around them.


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Spirit Science 25 ~ Singularities

In this episode, Patchman continues his quest to understand the connection between singularities, black holes, and how they connect to all of us.

We usually think of singularities in relation to huge things, and it’s difficult to relate it to us in our personal lives. The definition of a singularity is the state, quality or condition of being singular. It’s also known as the point at which a function takes an infinite value. So it’s both 0 and 1 at the same time.

This concept was first coined when talking about the beginning of the big bang, where all things started. So how can we apply these concepts to our everyday life? We can view each human as a sort of black hole, with their singularity being their heart and their energy field as a torus around them. As we saw in episode 16, we have seen that we actually do have these fields all around our bodies.

The definition of a black hole says it’s both a singular thing and an infinite space, and we can think of...

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Spirit Science 26 ~ The Big Picture

This episode zooms out and looks at the big picture unfolding here on earth, and in the universe itself. Our story on this planet doesn’t actually start on this planet at all but within the stars.

These stars, bursting with light energy are what initially created the planet we call earth. From an explosion of stars, this laid the foundation of our solar system to grow into being. Our planet started as a collection of dust and rock particles.

It evolved throughout huge spans of time, slowly creating biologic life. Primitive lifeforms in the form of blue-green algae were some of the first types of life on our planet. Water formed like veins of the earth, trees began, soil fertilized the ground, and life, as we know it slowly, started to emerge.

The first homo-sapiens appeared on our planet a few hundred thousand years ago. Some ancient civilizations say we arrived on this planet from the stars.

Jumping ahead to modern-day, we’ve sort of dropped the ball of life more than...

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Spirit Science 27 ~ The Vacuum of Space

This episode focuses on the vacuum of space and how our current perception of space and vacuums work. We also go back to exploring the vast mystery that is black holes once again! Someone asked Patchman why he doesn’t relate a black hole to that of a vacuum. He answered with, where’s the motor, the bag, the power source?

A black hole is a lot more like a whirlpool of water. Especially if we look at it from above, it looks flat on the surface of the water, a lot like the typical model of a black hole.

From underneath, we can see the water flows downwards and gets denser the farther it goes as the weight of the water creates a dense pressure.

The brilliant physicist Nassim Haramein has created some incredible work to describe how the vacuum of space works through different geometries which can represent the male and female forms. Nassim even suggests that the entire universe itself may, in fact, be inside a supermassive black hole.

Just like a piece of paper when folded...

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Spirit Science 28 ~ The Lower Chakras

In this episode, we return to explore The Lower Chakras! In the first Chakras episode, we touched upon the chakra system and how it all works, and have mentioned it frequently throughout the series. In this episode, however, we are taking a closer look at the first three chakras, and their significance in the spectrum of life.

These are our lower chakras: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. Most of humanity operates from these chakras, as our western society is largely based around them. This is because society is built upon the reflections of our own consciousness, and the western civilizations are still very young comparatively to the older cultures in the world.

When we’re first born, we exist in a pure state of survival, needing our parents care to keep us alive. This vulnerable state is the first of the chakras as it’s primitive and the base for everything to grow from. The root chakra is intertwined with the environment around us, so if we grow up in a negative or...

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Spirit Science 29 - The Higher Chakras

This episode continues the saga of exploring our chakras as we move into our higher chakras, being our Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. There are different systems that have many more chakras included, but we’ll just stick to the system of 7 for now.

When we are focused on our lower chakras, like our root, the lens of focus is very narrow. The wavelength of light is very thin and solely focused on something like survival. The higher we go in the chakra system, the more open the wavelength of light gets for each chakra.

In the higher chakras, your expanding vision is very wide. Your telepathic and mental ability is much more open. Patchman creates an example of hanging out with your friends near a campfire in the forest.

As you talk and listen with one another, your primary chakra being used is the throat. All of a sudden, a huge bear storms into the scene. Immediately, everyone shifts into their root chakra and acts from it, seeking safety and going into survival mode.


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Spirit Science 30 ~ The Chakra Code

This episode applies the concepts of chakras to the bigger picture in life. Patchman begins by applying it to America. In contrast to most other countries like in Europe, America is very much a baby.

Most of modern America’s history has existed in the lower chakras. We’ve existed in a very materialistic world, heavily focusing on things like survival, food, sex, houses, cars, and money. This way of life was incredibly intense until the 1960s when the psychedelic revolution of free-thinking and open love took place.

This signified a shift in consciousness, and the importance of peace started to become a lot more important than war. People began to practice meditation and different spiritual concepts started to emerge.

When a person or country experiences a shift into a higher state, usually that experience becomes more important than anything else in their life. If someone who has never experienced the higher mind before suddenly becomes aware of this energy, even once...

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Spirit Science 32 ~ A Brief History of Psychedelics

This episode explores an overview of the history of psychedelics and was made as a part of a team project with Collective Evolution.

The first recorded use of psychedelics doesn’t exist because it stretches way too far back in time, so many theories surrounding when and how the first usage actually was. Terence Mckenna is the pioneer of many psychedelic theories she first brought forth the theory that early prehistoric man found psychedelic mushrooms and began conceiving things in a new way.

Many ancient cave drawings depict almost identical images of humanoids with geometric waves shooting out of their heads, and even people with mushroom heads. There is still debate for when the first psychedelics were used, but the first concrete evidence points to hemp cultivation as early as 8,000 BC in Taiwan.

Then in 4,000 BC, there is evidence of the amanita mushroom being used by shamans in Siberia and in 3,000 BC ayahuasca was used in the Amazon jungles.

While widely debated, it is...

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Spirit Science 33_1 ~ Let Food Be Thy Medicine

This episode is the first in our health series and we go deep into letting food be thy medicine! We cover the basics of what it means to eat healthily and why we’re experiencing a health epidemic around the world. Over the course of history, our modern approach to treating illness has changed dramatically. Today we all receive little if any training in nutrition and have created a system revolving around “A Pill for Every Ill” so this video works to create a change here to bring us back to the fundamental idea of letting food be thy medicine.

When looking at what makes up the standard American diet, the largest portion comes from processed food. Next is animal products, and finally fruits and vegetables. Despite this, there are more and more studies are coming out which show the correlation between different diseases and animal products. This is large because of the way the animals are treated, as they are pumped with antibiotics, fed things they are not supposed...

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Spirit Science 33_2 ~ A Closer Look at Food

As we continue the journey into health, we take a closer look at food and what we can do to keep improving our physical health through diet.

When we give our bodies food that is devoid of any real nourishment, our bodies suffer from it on a cellular level. If we eat processed food constantly, we build up a tolerance to it and might not notice how drastically it affects us.

The same goes for animal products. When we eat animals that have been essentially tortured, fed grain and pumped with antibiotics, all of that goes into our body. You might look at this as if all of that suffering is then going directly into our bodies, causing depression and anxiety inside.

Patchman breaks down the three main processed components: sugar, salt, and fat. Sugar is one of the biggest addictive substances on the planet. It triggers the exact same parts of our brain that cocaine does, and scientifically literally is as addictive as cocaine.

An average person in the united states can consume up to 140...

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