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Make the Quantum Jump

Making the quantum leap is the idea of moving your identity solely from the space of form and outcome into the dimension of possibilities.

So many of us want things that we do not have. Experiences. Relationships. Assets. Attention. Prestige.

Speaking pragmatically, whatever it is that you are TRULY desiring, you have the possibility of receiving. The act of your calling it into your experience - your expressing and feeling your desire for it - is one of the causal mechanisms for that experience to reveal itself to you.

The problem that we experience is that we make these requests - these desires - then look around and do not see it happening according to how our mind perceives it should. The solution is to make the quantum leap - to remove the need for the how and to more fully appreciate the part of you that exists eternally in the realm where all things are possible. We want to do this because we know that once we do, we will experience more of the life that we desire.

You have...

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How To Have Foreplay

You are unboxing "foreplay" from the narrow-sighted, outcome-oriented perspective into one of consistently showing up - for yourself and your partner.

The masculine is many times represented by the straight line, getting from point A to Point B. Both men and women have this within them. It is the part of us that wants to accomplish and wants to achieve. Foreplay is not about doing something because you THINK your partner wants it so that you get something that you THINK that you wish to; it is more about romancing yourself.

It's like having someone ask you to have fun who is not having fun themselves.  It just does not work.

Expressing the excitement for being in the moment with someone intimately, not just the leading-up-to energy.

It's about the journey, not the destination. This is the primary point. The entire concept can be answered here. If you are having a self-identified healthy amount of restorative sex, then the idea is how much deeper can that...

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Give Me A Break: How to Take Time For You

Each of our bodies -physical, mental, emotional - is much different and requires a great deal of attention and intention at the pace of today to find the coherence with the heart. Overwhelming external stimuli and self-deprecating internal dialogue contribute mightily to the stress and anxiety that is commonplace.

Absent the recent events, it is hard to imagine for most people reading this a lifestyle that is so significantly slower than this would have existed as a norm just a couple of generations ago. Our collective human consciousness in the "modernized" world has brought us to a point where many people do not know how to relax even if they perceived themselves to have the time for it (or even when they are in quarantine).

Also, we have a large swath of people that are not currently admitting to themselves that they are taking poor care of their mental, physical, and emotional bodies because they believe that they are. Even if you do take care of yourself, you likely...

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How Astral Projection Benefits Your Personal Growth

Around 5% to 10% of the world’s population has claimed to have experienced astral projection, according to the study of Cecelia’s Psychics. In fact, it is something that the US government has been interested in exploring. Given these facts, it’s only fair to wonder if this practice has any benefits to a person’s spirituality as a whole. So on that vein, are there any direct benefits to your growth if you are able to astral project?

Basic Information

The whole concept of astral projection is often compared to disassociation, according to Deganit Nuur, an Intuition Expert, which is why she says that it should be approached carefully and consciously. Astral Projection involves properly visualizing your astral cord which will serve as a link between your astral self and your physical body. So it is important that you do not attempt to astral project on your own. If you are able, it is best to seek out experts that can offer you tips and...

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10 Lessons Learned By Just Living Life

articles lifestyle Apr 12, 2020

The new decade has just begun, which means you get another good chance to start over. The past ten years may not have been the best years of your life, but the opening of the new decade will tell you that you are going to get the chance to try again. 

Every lesson learned will be charged to your experience. Everything that you went through has touched your life in more ways than you can imagine. Some things may have gone your way, but many may have not. That's okay. 

There are certainly a lot of things to learn in life. And as long as you are open to wanting more, then the learning never stops. If you look back, there might be more things that you learned than just these ten on the list. 

Here's your take away for just living your life:

Your uniqueness will mean your survival.

Have you asked yourself, “what have I learned in the past decade?” Life is simple. It is your passion for something that fuels imagination and creativity, and if you follow what...

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What is Chi?

Have you ever felt as if nothing in your life is going right? Does it feel like you have fallen off your balance, but you couldn’t tell why it is so? If you haven’t been feeling good about yourself lately, the life force energy may be to blame for it. 

Fatigue, irritability, and brain fog may all be caused by the imbalance in your chi. The ki energy is known as the energy current that runs in the body. It is believed to be running the circulation, minerals, and nutrients that a person needs to be whole. 

In traditional Chinese medicine, chi plays a huge role in the measure of one’s health and vitality, and Chinese experts consider it a person’s life force. One’s health depends a lot on their chi. When a person gets sick, the first thing that traditional Chinese doctors will look into is their chi. 

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has recognized this ancient art and looks into how it can save lives. It has been...

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Failing

What are you most afraid of? The fear of failing phobia can affect anyone, young and old alike. Sometimes, it is the fear of failing that makes us try to do out best in every given situation. In those cases, it can be seen as an opportunity for growth. 

And yet, many suffer from the fear that they are doing things the wrong way. They are afraid that they might be too far behind or that they should be pursuing something else more worthwhile than what they are interested in now. 

Have you ever wondered if you could really handle everything that you have put on your plate? Or are you also afraid that you might have taken on some things that you really could not handle? The acceptance of failure becomes hard for most of us even though we know that we have given it our best shot. 

This type of fear is constant and it brings about the kind of stress you wouldn't wish on anyone. Why are you so stressed? Why do you fear failure so much?

Where Does This Fear Come From? 


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How to Deal with Life's Uncertainties

How much of your time do you spend wondering what life would be like if you took on a different career? Perhaps you have wondered about the future and what it holds for you. The amount of time you spend worrying about the future and the uncertainties that it brings only puts you in a dangerous position. 

The fear of the future puts you in a staggering position. You are entering a territory that is scary because it can be unfamiliar to you. You stand there wondering what will happen or how it will affect you. All of these uncertainties are normal, and it happens all the time to almost everyone. 

Whether it is about starting a new job, taking on a new course for self-improvement, or being in a new relationship, all of them do not only have uncertainty to offer. Each one presents itself with a possibility. If you look at the other side of things, you will see that it brings about the kind of change that you need in your life. 

If you decide to take on a new project for...

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Stop Procrastination. Start Doing!

articles Apr 10, 2020

Procrastination is a big problem for many of us. Life would have been perfect if only people were given tasks they'd like to really work on. And yet, that kind of life comes with a price. They rarely come cheap. In fact, many of the things people enjoy today would not have been possible if people only worked on the things that they want. 

Wouldn't it be nice if people only did what they wanted? If you are reading this, there probably is a project or passion that you have been putting off for quite some time now. Whether it is a big life transition or a cleaning project at home, then you might be putting it off for too long. 

Whatever your reason may be, remember that ending your procrastination is the key. Not only does it mean finishing the project and getting the job done, but it also significantly reduces stress, fatigue and performance anxiety. 

What does it mean to procrastinate?

The meaning of procrastinating pertains to the projects, chores,...

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What a Spiritual Awakening Really Looks Like?

articles energy updates Apr 10, 2020

Here's the basic idea.  An awakening can be seen as more of your self coming into your awareness. When this happens, "stuff" gets pushed up to the surface to be looked at, integrated, and the resistance released.  This is the nature of this article.

The cause of resistance for many people’s experience with going through a spiritual awakening is either 1) lack of awareness that it is happening or 2) lack of acceptance to what it looks like (i.e., expectations).

The perception that the "spiritual" is something that is "out there" is very confusing. Yes, there are elements of the spiritual self that are invisible to the eye - this is nonphysical. This is where ideas are tangible, where you, as an idea, exist. We tend to believe that something that cannot be seen is not "here." If it is not "here," then it is somewhere "out there." This is logical, although it is flawed logic based on the premise that only that which can be observed is real, or "here."  Another...

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