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Transform your DNA through Sound Frequency

articles lifestyle Jan 21, 2020

How important is sound to our existence? How powerful is the influence of sound? The Bible itself states that "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God," and goes on to describe God as bringing the world into existence using speech (sound). Biblical lore is not the only cultural or ancient source to describe the origins of creation as being attributed to the use of pure sound.

As sound is made up of waves and expressed through vibrations of specific frequencies, the human brain and nervous system instinctually register and respond to these stimuli of sound, essentially attuning to the frequencies presented. We are beings of sound, and as such, sound healing has an obvious advantage as a powerful healing technique for body and mind.

How Sound Therapy Works

The further modern scientific disciplines progress, the more apparent it becomes that most human dis-eases are created or triggered by stress and inflammation. Stress on the cellular level...

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This Ancient Eastern Traditions Reveals a Powerful Mantra

articles lifestyle Jan 21, 2020

Mantras are powerful phrases that have been called "vehicles of the mind." Similar to the figure of speech referring to our' train of thought', we recognize the ability of thought processes and language to carry our minds and ourselves into various experiences and even dimensions of reality. The mind is a powerful force, and our choices regarding how to direct its activity and programs will largely decide the direction our emotions, experiences, and lives take.

Using mantras, therefore, provides forms of movement and focus for the mind and thus gives a framework to move our minds and experiences in specified desired ways. Mantras are special words or phrases that are repeated in mediation via speaking, singing, or chanting, to assist in entering a different state of consciousness. Used frequently in Hinduism and Buddhism as well as many other religious systems, they are a powerful spiritual resource we can all use.

The Shurangama Mantra is a particularly powerful and revered mantra,...

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Top 5 Archangels to Call On When You Need Assistance

articles lifestyle Jan 21, 2020

Recent surveys report that up to 85% of American adults believe in the existence of angels. Imagery and lore of angels span many cultures, and angelic energies interweave many religious stories and texts.

Archangels mainly stem from the Abrahamic religions and are written about repeatedly in the Christian Bible. Coming from the Greek, the prefix “arch” means ‘ruling,’ or ‘chief,’ references the elevated status or powers of archangels as being direct extensions of God and heavenly influence.

Dawn Demers of says, “the exact number of archangels is unknown (…) many traditions and faiths reference seven archangels. Who these seven are is also a source of debate varying from faith to faith. Many scriptures tell of the archangel's great abilities as healers and guides, intervening with assistance in many of life’s challenging situations.”

Modern Western interest in the archangels has not waned. It is a natural...

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These Hawaiian Inspired Principles to Live By with Touch your Heart

articles lifestyle Jan 21, 2020


Many students and followers of the Law of Attraction teachings are familiar with the famous book about magnetism and attraction, "The Secret." Yet, there are plenty of other 'secrets' to be learned about working with universal forces. Indeed, a series of teachings developed by Max Freedom Long and inspired by his impression of Hawaiian culture, "Huna," can be translated to mean "a secret."

What is Huna?

Though not Hawaiian in origin, Long's collection of principles and practices termed "Huna" were heavily inspired by the Native Hawaiians he encountered while living in Hawaii between 1917 and 1932. He claimed to have witnessed the native Hawaiian people successfully practicing what he called termed 'magic' and became dedicated to the development of the "Huna" philosophy which outlined a collection of universal principles of life, which have shed light for many readers on the fundamental truths of interacting with reality.

While we take a look at the inspiration and value of...

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Using the Power of your Prayer to Help Australia

articles lifestyle Jan 17, 2020

What price do we pay for modern technological conveniences? This question isn't referring to your monthly Netflix subscription or the exorbitant cost of the new iPhone model. What I'm referring to is the constant onslaught of information, infiltrating every facet of daily life. Only 100 years ago, our ancestors had hugely less access to world events via media. In today's climate, most modern people have laid their eyes and attention on at least one screen before breakfast time. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, news from the TV, or print media, we are almost inundated continuously with all the political and social horrors, climate heartbreaks, and small to large scale violent happenings on all corners of the globe.

Australian Brush Fires, Climate Change, and the Power of our Person State of Consciousness

It seems we cannot escape the barrage of distressing news stories cropping up daily, and a prime example of such is that of the Australian Brushfires. Beginning early fall of 2019...

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This Technique called "Scripting" will help you Manifest your Desires into Reality!

articles lifestyle Jan 17, 2020

How do you go about attracting what you want in your life? Although the law of attraction is an automatic feature of reality that we all live by, there are countless ways of working with the law as we so choose to shape our lives. One effective method for activating our ability to attract our life experiences by choice rather than autopilot is by Scripting.

Scripting incorporates the Law of Attraction

Using "Law of Attraction" with journaling and automatic writing. While it is a common suggestion that one can manifest 'anything' they so desire and the sky is the limit, this truth still exists within specific parameters such as the free will of others, karmic lessons, and soul contracts. Although these constructs can impact what we decide to create, it is still possible to re-write how one's story can play out.

For instance, it may be your destiny to meet a person at a particular time and place. But how much you will do together, and the type of energy behind your interactions are...

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How to Channel Your Higher Self Through Automatic Writing

articles lifestyle Jan 17, 2020

Have you ever felt stumped in your efforts to solve a problem in your life or understand an issue that is troubling you? Have you perhaps burned with curiosity or a desire to understand the processes of life and existence or the meaning and purpose behind events? All of us experience this from time to time. For those who consider themselves on the spiritual path, it is common and natural to seek guidance from sources of intelligence and power beyond our physical realm.

There is a plethora of sources on the internet, in published materials and out in the world on topics ranging from the archangels, spirit guides, various gurus and spiritual leaders spanning many cultures and religions past and present, as well as plenty of options for the many spiritual technologies available to us from meditation to crystal grids and beyond. All of these sources share one thing in common- they are sought by individuals seeking guidance and meaning.

One particularly useful way to contact the...

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Our Universe May Be a Hologram

articles lifestyle Jan 17, 2020

What is reality? The majority of the time we as a human race go about our daily lives without pondering such questions; to work and back again, asleep and awake the next morning, bills, relationships, and on and on it goes, sometimes feeling like a bit of a hamster wheel. Yet, what is the stuff of this life, this reality that we live? The question has been raised many times and for the thinkers, philosophers, and physicists of the world, the nature of reality continues to boggle and inspire. If time is an illusion, your personal reality differs from the person next to you, and there is still a discussion about how humans got to Earth and why then what is real?

New York Times best-selling author Chuck Klosterman argues that everything we believe in may be proven wrong in the next century, that anything that we view as a fact must be considered a mere hypothesis. He also writes that we are probably living in a strange, multidimensional reality we do not yet fully understand. There are...

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What is the "Dark Night of the Soul"?

“The dark night of the soul is when you have lost the flavor of life but have not yet gained the fullness of divinity. So it is that we must weather that dark time, the period of transformation when what is familiar has been taken away, and the new richness is not yet ours.” –Ram Dass


The road to self-actualization and spiritual awakening is not a straight path. Many times as we sit on the brink of the next level of soul awakening, the soul, mind, and body must pass through trials of transformation that are difficult and discouraging, with no sign of the light. In any lifetime, there are days or times of sadness, grief, longing, or fatigue. Sometimes, however, it goes deeper and lasts longer and often with no apparent cause. When this occurs, we could say we have entered “the dark night of the soul.”

If the soul is that which animates our being in this experience of life, our individual flame from the great fire of the divine. When we...

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Expansion of the Exploration of the Universal Laws

articles lifestyle Jan 15, 2020

Welcome back for part two of our Spiritual Universal Laws series. Haven’t read part one yet? Head over here and catch up on our exploration of laws 1-4 before you move onto part two!

In part one, we explored a selection of 4 Spiritual Laws, as presented in Diana Cooper’s Book “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws,” as they apply to our lives and spiritual journeys. Also, how we could utilize their truths to integrate the many stepping stones on our inner journeys to wholeness and evolution. In looking at Spiritual Laws, we recognize that unlike human-made laws or rules, Spiritual Laws of the Universe are expressions of the intrinsic fiber of the quantum universe, unbreakable and unerring, and also neutral. These laws neither favor nor punish us but are. Therefore by understanding the dynamics at play, we can learn to use them to our benefit.

Today we will discuss the Law of Reflection, The Law of Projection, The Law of Flow, and the Law of Abundance.

The Law...

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