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Spirit Science 22_2 ~ Cycles N' Sine Waves

Cycles are everywhere in our natural and technological world, and this episode explores the natures of cycles and sine waves.

Cycles occur naturally in nature, like the rising and setting of the sun, the cycle of the seasons, the blooming and dying of a flower, all of which repeats itself forever. Then we have our own man-made cycles, like time, daily routines, the economy, the creation and destruction of new and old inventions.

There are many smaller cycles within larger cycles as well, like a year of the earth rotating around the sun. Or even in our own bodies, our breath and eating food is a continuous and important cycle we need.

Our breath can be an example of a sine wave, as we inhale, we go up the sine wave and as we exhale, we go down the wave.

We can use these cycles very practically in our daily lives. If we wake up with the sun and stay in tune with the day, we can use each day to the fullest. Energetically, we need to be aware of both sides of a cycle.

We could describe...

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Spirit Science 22_3 ~ The God Particles

This episode searches for what is often called God Particles by deconstructing the particles that makeup reality themselves. What are they? And how do we know they’re the smallest thing?

Throughout our scientific history, it was long regarded that the molecule was the smallest thing in our world. Then our understanding deepened and the atom became the new smallest. Then it was subatomic particles, and then we turned to string theory to describe these infinitesimally small building blocks of reality.

Our understanding is always shifting, and so it is foolish to hold onto one singular idea without being able to expand upon it. This is exactly how science works, never-ending expansion of thought that builds upon itself.

Light is known to be one of the building blocks of all things, and not only are we seeing this in science but so many of the world’s ancient spiritual traditions. We must be open to observing light itself as a starting point where all things stem from,...

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Spirit Science 22_4 ~ Source Energy

Ah, Source energy! What is it? This episode attempts to explore a spiritual and scientific description of what “source” is, and how it manifests.

We can see obviously that there is a fundamental difference between biological things and nonliving things, such as the difference between a person and something like a couch. Patchman describes that there is a life force flowing through a human that is not present in an object like a couch. It is our consciousness, our awareness and life essence that makes a living thing be what it is.

From this viewpoint, we are both created and creators in our own right. We have come into this dimension by the grace of our parents, and in a higher sense – God (Spirit/Source/All). Yet, we are clearly creators, manifesting nearly everything in our lives meticulously so – whether its building houses or computer technology. In this episode, we explore the possibility that this awareness that flows through us can be seen as source...

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Spirit Science 22_5 ~ Vessels of Light

This episode is about exploring our bodies as being vessels of light by looking closer at matter and energy. Patchman describes when something is created in geometry, it creates a vessel. Like the cells that make an up a human, we have skin; a vessel that holds us together.

When something new is created, it’s not just the two components that make it up, a singularity is created as well. A singularity is a point of infinite expansion and contraction, a point of change, and a point of possibility.

How do singularities work? We can gain insight into this cosmic question by observing them in nature. When toroidal fields come together, it’s two coming together to create an entirely new one. Just like when a child is being created, two people come together to create an entirely new person.

Pathman believes at the edge of a singularity is one of the first things that comes into existence is light, both on the physical and energetic level. When light reaches the top of the...

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Spirit Science 23 ~ The Sacred Geometry Movie

The Sacred Geometry Movie is a series of episodes have been strung together to create a movie jammed packed with information all about sacred geometry.

Geometry is everywhere, and it can be understood both scientifically and spiritually. It is present everywhere in nature, with spirals of the Fibonacci sequence within blooming flowers, to the birth of its cell starting as a sphere, followed then by a vesica Pisces and into the torus. On a cellular level, we are constantly divinely dividing to create the geometric patterns of life.

We are living, breathing geometry in a beautifully complex form. Yet truly, these geometries are so very simple. While apparently not visible to the naked eye (unless you know what you’re looking for), we are all deeply connected through the geometry of the flower of life.

It is the building block of reality; the fabric that holds the universe together. Reality is merely light and sound moving through a myriad of geometric forms growing in...

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Spirit Science 24 ~ Black Holes

What are black holes? This episode explores the many different possibilities because we still aren’t completely sure! Some scientific institutions describe them as giant vacuums in space.

However, black holes do not have the structure of a vacuum, they instead seem to act as gigantic singularities. In the center of a black hole is a space with no volume, but infinite gravity. It is so dense that light can’t escape its pull. This is an exciting revelation because it means there is something faster than light!

Patchman hypotheses that at the center point of a light photon, infinity might be present, just like in the center of a black hole.

One way to describe black holes in a way that seems to make sense is through the model of a torus. It’s constantly taking energy in and emitting energy out simultaneously, and this model can be applied to ourselves as well. From something like a whirlpool, an atom or a galaxy, they all have a toroidal flow spinning around them.


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Spirit Science 25 ~ Singularities

In this episode, Patchman continues his quest to understand the connection between singularities, black holes, and how they connect to all of us.

We usually think of singularities in relation to huge things, and it’s difficult to relate it to us in our personal lives. The definition of a singularity is the state, quality or condition of being singular. It’s also known as the point at which a function takes an infinite value. So it’s both 0 and 1 at the same time.

This concept was first coined when talking about the beginning of the big bang, where all things started. So how can we apply these concepts to our everyday life? We can view each human as a sort of black hole, with their singularity being their heart and their energy field as a torus around them. As we saw in episode 16, we have seen that we actually do have these fields all around our bodies.

The definition of a black hole says it’s both a singular thing and an infinite space, and we can think of...

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Spirit Science 26 ~ The Big Picture

This episode zooms out and looks at the big picture unfolding here on earth, and in the universe itself. Our story on this planet doesn’t actually start on this planet at all but within the stars.

These stars, bursting with light energy are what initially created the planet we call earth. From an explosion of stars, this laid the foundation of our solar system to grow into being. Our planet started as a collection of dust and rock particles.

It evolved throughout huge spans of time, slowly creating biologic life. Primitive lifeforms in the form of blue-green algae were some of the first types of life on our planet. Water formed like veins of the earth, trees began, soil fertilized the ground, and life, as we know it slowly, started to emerge.

The first homo-sapiens appeared on our planet a few hundred thousand years ago. Some ancient civilizations say we arrived on this planet from the stars.

Jumping ahead to modern-day, we’ve sort of dropped the ball of life more than...

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Spirit Science 27 ~ The Vacuum of Space

This episode focuses on the vacuum of space and how our current perception of space and vacuums work. We also go back to exploring the vast mystery that is black holes once again! Someone asked Patchman why he doesn’t relate a black hole to that of a vacuum. He answered with, where’s the motor, the bag, the power source?

A black hole is a lot more like a whirlpool of water. Especially if we look at it from above, it looks flat on the surface of the water, a lot like the typical model of a black hole.

From underneath, we can see the water flows downwards and gets denser the farther it goes as the weight of the water creates a dense pressure.

The brilliant physicist Nassim Haramein has created some incredible work to describe how the vacuum of space works through different geometries which can represent the male and female forms. Nassim even suggests that the entire universe itself may, in fact, be inside a supermassive black hole.

Just like a piece of paper when folded...

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Spirit Science 28 ~ The Lower Chakras

In this episode, we return to explore The Lower Chakras! In the first Chakras episode, we touched upon the chakra system and how it all works, and have mentioned it frequently throughout the series. In this episode, however, we are taking a closer look at the first three chakras, and their significance in the spectrum of life.

These are our lower chakras: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. Most of humanity operates from these chakras, as our western society is largely based around them. This is because society is built upon the reflections of our own consciousness, and the western civilizations are still very young comparatively to the older cultures in the world.

When we’re first born, we exist in a pure state of survival, needing our parents care to keep us alive. This vulnerable state is the first of the chakras as it’s primitive and the base for everything to grow from. The root chakra is intertwined with the environment around us, so if we grow up in a negative or...

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