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Spirit Science ~ The Wealth Archetypes

If you are someone who struggles financially or feels empty on the inside at your current work - you are not alone! This short video will break down the 'Wealth Archetypes', to support you in your own growth and evolution in life!

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Healing Your Body With Food ~ The Complete Movie

spirit science video Mar 23, 2020

We are living in critical times - with the rapid spread of Covid-19 we are seeing the spread of fear as if it was the virus itself... Scientists will tell us to wash our hands and practice social distancing, and yes... Absolutely we should do that!

But... why is nobody talking about how to strengthen your immune system? In this special documentary, we explore all of the ways that we can heal our bodies with nothing but what we put into it.

This film is not intended to replace medical advice.

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Woodvine, Amanda


Dr. Neal Barnard, 2016 

Eggs are bad too 

Meat Consumption and Cancer Risk

Michael Gregor M.D.


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Spirit Science 2 ~ Chakras

This episode is all about Chakras! This is a perfect second step for those starting to delve into the spiritual realm because the chakra system is a fundamental diagram of not only our own consciousness but everything in the universe. Consider the notes of a musical octave, or the colors of the rainbow, which mirror the chakras identically.

This system originally stemmed from multiple ancient Indian religions, potentially even earlier. They are specific points, often described as vortexes or wheels of energy that run all along our bodies. There are typically seven main points, but there are many systems that use 8, 9, 13, and others that use hundreds of smaller chakra points all over our body.

The most common Chakra system is the basic seven, known as Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. These seven are also referred to by their Sanskrit names: Muladhara, Svadisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vissudha, Ajna and Sahasrara. Though the addition of the Hara, which...

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Spirit Science 0 ~ A Vision of the Future

This special episode of Spirit Science takes a step back to look at the series as a whole and describes a new vision moving forward for all of us as a global family.

We believe it is very much possible to create heaven on Earth, where everyone can live in harmony with one another, despite our different views and ways of life. This video describes what this future could look like, and how we can start to create it, both collectively and individually tangibly.

We have created a road map to this future, using sacred geometry, which we applied to the light spectrum and compared it to different spiritual systems and esoteric practices. Each level builds off the one before it, so as we move up the levels, we continuously create a more solid foundation as we go.

The first layer is the root – it embodies all of our physical health and how to get grounded in the world around us. This allows us to shift from surviving to thriving as we address the root issues of fear and turn it into...

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Spirit Science 4 ~ Male and Female Energy

This episode covers the incredible topic of male and female energy. This can be understood through so many different modalities and representations, and they are all equally vital!

Male and female energy can manifest in an infinite amount of ways, both physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

One of the most ancient ways to understand this duality is through Yin and Yang. They are the two dualities of this reality – light and dark, giving and receiving, movement and stagnation, straightforward and sporadic.

Both sides of the coin are vital to understanding the other, for we need darkness even to have the opposing concept of light. Every light casts a shadow! Even the great Lotus Flower must push through the thick heavy mud to emerge at the top of the pond and sprout its most beautiful flower.

Male and female energy is present in everyone; we must practice observing this as a concept beyond gender or person. Male energy is like a forward-pointing laser; it is quick,...

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Spirit Science 3 ~ Channeling

This episode focuses on channeling or the inherent ability we all have to perceive information from beyond our physical selves! There are many aspects of what channeling actually means – and many people can easily become skeptical of this concept – understandably so, for it deals with that which lies beyond the physical realm.

Despite this, the most fundamental process of channeling is something we do all the time, such as thinking and expanding our thoughts to understand concepts we had not previously considered. In a sense, even breathing is simply channeling energy in and out of your body.

When you paint, sing, dance, or create in any way you are channeling your creative energy. When you are in the flow of something, when something just comes to you easily, that is channeling creative energy! It is pure, source energy that just comes through you when you are deep into something you love doing.

Being a channel for something is simply allowing it to flow through...

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Spirit Science 5 ~ The Keys of our Past

This episode describes the keys of our past as being different aspects of the history of humanity – and how it might not be exactly as it seems.

Part 1 looks at the Dogons, Sirius B, and dolphins. The Dogon people are an ancient African tribe near Timbuktu that know incredible information that would seem to be impossible to know without today’s technology. Within a cave near their tribe, they have drawings of this star and the orbital patterns of it that are nearly 700 years old.

Part 2 focuses on the true age of the sphinx, which blows holes in many archaeologists' estimations and theories about the history of the planet. For example, there are cuts on the sphinx that are much different than the other structures surrounding it suggesting weathering patterns from over 50,000 years ago, and its head is much smaller and out of proportion to the rest of the body, suggesting an astrological marker between Leo and Virgo which would have been in the sky aligned with this...

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Spirit Science 6 ~ The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life extremely important as we now shift our focus onto sacred geometry – specifically this flower!

The Flower of Life is a timeless geometric form that makes up all-that-is! It is the fundamental geometry that all forms that make up all of creation and reality emerge from. It is a diagram of the Unified Field and a geometric map to seeing God in Everything.

It encompasses literally everything ever – from a blade of grass to the entire universe. It is all one fundamental energy that connects everything spiritually – even if we can’t see or feel it: through the flower of life, everything is truly one.

With this understanding, we can start to transcend our differences between one another and truly see ourselves as one organic, connected being.

This geometry has been seen in countless cultures from all around the world from the beginning of their recorded history. Even Leonardo Di Vinci talks about it, it’s been carved into so many ancient...

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Spirit Science 7 ~ Dimensions

This episode explores dimensions, vibration, frequency, and everything in between! There are many different ways to understand vibrations and frequency, from sound, color, chakras, and even music. This episode continues to build upon the previous one, where we are now able to observe the science of vibration and frequency as it relates to geometry on this physical plane.

To start, Patchman introduces us to a particle physicist named Garrett Lisi. He explains how physical reality is fundamentally made up of divine geometric patterns, even the matter that makes up particles themselves are all sacred geometric patterns.

Sub-atomic particles have always been regarded as the smallest “things,” but what actually makes up these particles? Different maps show how these elementary particles all hold the flower of life, Metatron's cube, and many different sacred shapes within them.

With that understanding, Patchman begins to describe ancient images of wheels on the ceilings of...

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Spirit Science 8 ~ Meditation

This episode covers the importance of incorporating meditation into your life and how it affects you physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. This concept takes all that has been discussed previously and applies it directly to your own personal and spiritual experiences.

Over the course of history, and even more and more today,  there have been literally hundreds – if not thousands of studies showing the positive effects that meditation has on us.

Meditation can look like many different things, but among all of the forms of meditation, there is generally one very common practice that connects them all, and this is mindfulness of breath.

With mindfulness of breath, you can apply your meditativeness to anything, whether it be the traditional seated-and-meditating practice, laying down, or even going for a walk with lots of deep breathing.

With this in mind, you can even be in a meditative state while doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, singing, dancing, painting,...

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