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Spirit Science 6 ~ The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life extremely important as we now shift our focus onto sacred geometry – specifically this flower!

The Flower of Life is a timeless geometric form that makes up all-that-is! It is the fundamental geometry that all forms that make up all of creation and reality emerge from. It is a diagram of the Unified Field and a geometric map to seeing God in Everything.

It encompasses literally everything ever – from a blade of grass to the entire universe. It is all one fundamental energy that connects everything spiritually – even if we can’t see or feel it: through the flower of life, everything is truly one.

With this understanding, we can start to transcend our differences between one another and truly see ourselves as one organic, connected being.

This geometry has been seen in countless cultures from all around the world from the beginning of their recorded history. Even Leonardo Di Vinci talks about it, it’s been carved into so many ancient...

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Spirit Science 7 ~ Dimensions

This episode explores dimensions, vibration, frequency, and everything in between! There are many different ways to understand vibrations and frequency, from sound, color, chakras, and even music. This episode continues to build upon the previous one, where we are now able to observe the science of vibration and frequency as it relates to geometry on this physical plane.

To start, Patchman introduces us to a particle physicist named Garrett Lisi. He explains how physical reality is fundamentally made up of divine geometric patterns, even the matter that makes up particles themselves are all sacred geometric patterns.

Sub-atomic particles have always been regarded as the smallest “things,” but what actually makes up these particles? Different maps show how these elementary particles all hold the flower of life, Metatron's cube, and many different sacred shapes within them.

With that understanding, Patchman begins to describe ancient images of wheels on the ceilings of...

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Spirit Science 8 ~ Meditation

This episode covers the importance of incorporating meditation into your life and how it affects you physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. This concept takes all that has been discussed previously and applies it directly to your own personal and spiritual experiences.

Over the course of history, and even more and more today,  there have been literally hundreds – if not thousands of studies showing the positive effects that meditation has on us.

Meditation can look like many different things, but among all of the forms of meditation, there is generally one very common practice that connects them all, and this is mindfulness of breath.

With mindfulness of breath, you can apply your meditativeness to anything, whether it be the traditional seated-and-meditating practice, laying down, or even going for a walk with lots of deep breathing.

With this in mind, you can even be in a meditative state while doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, singing, dancing, painting,...

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Spirit Science 9 ~ Astral Projection

Astral Projection, commonly called “Out of Body Experiences” or “OBE” for short, is the process of consciously leaving your physical body to consciously explore different dimensions other than the physical. Astral projection is something we can all do, even if it seems bizarre or impossible for those who have never heard of such a concept.

That’s right! You can practice it right now with determination, practice, and patience. The previous episode talked about the importance of mediation, and that practice is fundamental in learning to astral project easily.

In order to enter into an astral state, you must be able to relax your body and quiet your mind, for your consciousness to begin tuning itself to a different dimension. Once you are detached physically, you will feel a sense of openness or freedom and allowing your thoughts to guide your spirit wherever it wants to go.

Astral projection often is compared with Lucid Dreaming, and both are very...

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Spirit Science 10 ~ The Math of God

Patchman begins the exploration into the Math of God by describing the Phi ratio, also known as the golden ratio. It is a perfect, infinite ratio that can be found everywhere in nature. From flowers, animals, and ancient buildings, all the way to our very bodies, this perfect ratio can be found everywhere.

In a simple description, it is the natural structure and proportions that all life grows through.

The next sequence we explore is called the Fibonacci sequence, which is life’s way of creating the golden mean. It’s created by adding the previous number to the current one, and continues on forever, which gets closer and closer to the phi ratio but never quite making it to full perfection. This idea is fundamental to an essential spiritual philosophy – honoring the imperfections of life and striving for perfection, and knowing that we will never quite get there because the road and journey through lifetimes and beyond is an infinite journey with an infinite number...

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Spirit Science 11_1 ~ Evolution

In this episode, Patchman explores the expansion of human consciousness and the evolution of humanity. Over the course of history, mankind has evolved through many ideologies, religions and belief systems, and have now evolved to a point scientifically and technologically which has allowed us to begin seeing each other in a new way. If that wasn’t enough though, with the shifting of the procession of the equinox, our global awakening and shifting are inevitable, and well underway.

A great event that led to us being here was actually the rediscovery of the works of Thrice Great Hermes in 14th Century Florence, Italy. This literature sparked a tremendous revolution which today we call the Renaissance (which translates to Rebirth, a concept intimately tethered to Hermeticism). After this period, we began to shift from religion to science to seek out answers. However, in the process of shifting to a more practical and physical understanding, we ended up grouping ideas such as...

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Spirit Science 11_11 ~ Dna Activation

In this episode, we explore DNA Activation and the amazing shift we are undergoing as a collective consciousness. Our DNA is changing constantly, it is something that is happening actively, not passively. In another way of looking at it, it means you must participate in your own ascension – it won’t just happen to you, but through you!

If you are simply waiting for a large shift to happen within you, without doing anything to raise your awareness, the jump in consciousness isn’t going to very profound.

If we continue to eat unhealthy foods, absorb low-vibing-TV and take actions out of anger and fear, the process of our DNA shifting will take much longer. We need to treat our bodies with the utmost respect, for even in many scriptures it describes “Your body is a sacred temple”.

The double helix is only the very surface of our DNA sequence. Modern science is only beginning to scratch the surface of how intricate our DNA really is, and goes much deeper...

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Spirit Science 12 ~ The Hidden Human History Movie

The Spirit Science Human History movie is one of the most popular spirit science videos ever made, and for good reason. This video dives into and fully explores an alternate version of our own human history that connects a lot of dots that up until now, seemed as if random anomalies of the human race.

This is a story that derives from two primary sources. The first is the lost Sumerian Tablets, which were a collection of thousands upon thousands of clay tablets that were dug out of the ground in ancient biblical cities that were thought never to have existed. These tablets tell a remarkable story about our own history, who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going.

The second primary source of this story is a man named Drunvalo Melchizedek, who describes his experience meeting in the flesh a remarkable human has known most commonly as Thoth, or Hermes.

According to Thoth, he experienced this tale in person, and because of his level of consciousness, had been able to...

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Spirit Science 13 ~ The Crystal Movie

This crystal movie is multiple episodes all wrapped up into a beautiful movie for you to enjoy. It’s all about crystals, their properties and how they work!

To understand how crystals work, it’s important to embody the understanding that everything is fundamentally one energy, everything vibrates together in a great unified quantum field. This comes up within almost every episode because it relates to literally everything in existence.

When we know that the foundational energy that makes up everything, even the space between things, is singular and interconnected energy, then we can understand how crystals are so much more than pretty rocks.

Seeing that everything can be seen as an extension of ourselves, crystals are exactly that. They are conductors, transmuters, and channelers of energy. Each one has its own geometric lattice, and thus, their own particular radiant energy.

Some crystals are physically made up of more carbon – like shungite for example. Studies...

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Spirit Science 14 ~ Insights of Ascension

The Insights of Ascension are from a series of books called The Celestine Prophecy which tells the story of a normal person going through self-realization by following 9 specific insights.

The first insight describes that there is underlying energy operating underneath everything we do. There is something more, like understanding that coincidences aren’t actually coincidences at all, but synchronicities in your life trying to show you something important.

The second insight describes that we are all in the process of creating a new perception of our world. Our beliefs were heavily controlled by the church in the past, which then shifted into science to seek answers. Now, we are turning inwards into ourselves to unwrap the deeply asked answers humanity has been asking for centuries.

The third insight describes a new understanding of the reality of being entirely made up of energy rather than crude matter. Energy interacts with each other, it is constantly shifting with us....

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