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Spirit Science 13 ~ The Crystal Movie

This crystal movie is multiple episodes all wrapped up into a beautiful movie for you to enjoy. It’s all about crystals, their properties and how they work!

To understand how crystals work, it’s important to embody the understanding that everything is fundamentally one energy, everything vibrates together in a great unified quantum field. This comes up within almost every episode because it relates to literally everything in existence.

When we know that the foundational energy that makes up everything, even the space between things, is singular and interconnected energy, then we can understand how crystals are so much more than pretty rocks.

Seeing that everything can be seen as an extension of ourselves, crystals are exactly that. They are conductors, transmuters, and channelers of energy. Each one has its own geometric lattice, and thus, their own particular radiant energy.

Some crystals are physically made up of more carbon – like shungite for example. Studies...

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Spirit Science 14 ~ Insights of Ascension

The Insights of Ascension are from a series of books called The Celestine Prophecy which tells the story of a normal person going through self-realization by following 9 specific insights.

The first insight describes that there is underlying energy operating underneath everything we do. There is something more, like understanding that coincidences aren’t actually coincidences at all, but synchronicities in your life trying to show you something important.

The second insight describes that we are all in the process of creating a new perception of our world. Our beliefs were heavily controlled by the church in the past, which then shifted into science to seek answers. Now, we are turning inwards into ourselves to unwrap the deeply asked answers humanity has been asking for centuries.

The third insight describes a new understanding of the reality of being entirely made up of energy rather than crude matter. Energy interacts with each other, it is constantly shifting with us....

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Spirit Science 15 ~ Power of the Heart

The power of the heart is an incredibly important and sacred topic. It is one of the most important aspects of spirituality across the board, as it acts as a sort of gateway into higher dimensions both within and outside of ourselves.

In the past, the heart has typically been regarded as not as important as the brain, for it doesn’t “think” or allow us to understand the world in the way the brain does.

In truth, the heart has an incredibly powerful energy field and is filled with its own set of firing “neurons” which help it act as a different kind of brain in and of itself, one more connected with our basic psychological processes. If the heart is calm and steady, the mind is calm and steady.

For a great deal of time, it has been misunderstood or simply disregarded among the scientific community, but has slowly been gaining more traction with the advent of the Institute of Heartmath, who has pioneered a great deal of research in this field.


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Spirit Science 16 ~ The Shift of Ages

As 2012 rolled around, this episode focused on the current events happening around that time period. Patchman explains the importance of the shift of ages that happened in 2012 and the connection it had to the Mayan calendar.

It is the completion of many cycles, the longest one being 26 million years, which marks a new age as we begin to enter into the age of Aquarius.

Many years have passed since then, and it has been interesting indeed! Many people were very scared of the end of the world as the calendar seemed to “end”. What it was truly signifying was the end of our old ways, patterns, and consciousness.

This was a window of time where many people started to rapidly wake up all around the world. We can see now that there was no apocalypse but rather an expansion of our collective consciousness, and the shifting is still happening today!

2012 can be seen as a doorway where we can now move into new and better potentials for our world. It is up to everyone on earth to...

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Spirit Science 17 ~ Universal Geometry

In this episode, Patchman delves into the world of the microcosms which make up the macrocosm.

As we’ve explored before, everything in our universe is fundamentally made up of a base sacred geometry known as the flower of life. From this geometry stems many more shapes and solids which make up our physical world as we know it.

This episode features other episodes within it from shows like Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. This show discusses quantum psychics and how things are connected cosmically and consciously.

Later on, in the episode we also look at a very incredible study done which involved scanning the body repeatedly during conception, to show what the stages of birth look like from embryo to fetus. In this video, we see a cell literally divides itself into a flower of life pattern until it eventually becomes a developed life form. We are literally living sacred geometry.

There is also a clip from a video called The Template from a team of lightworkers in the...

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Spirit Science 18 ~ The Four Elements

This episode talks about the importance of the four elements, commonly known as Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, which are found in many different systems all around the world. We have the four elements, four states of matter, four seasons, four directions and many more.

This system of four is prevalent everywhere and holds many different meanings. Patchman describes a few ways to view reality, through a single, dual, triple and quadruple viewpoint.

The first one is unity, it is single energy that encompasses all there is. It is singular, and there is nothing outside of it. Then there is duality, it is male and female. Black and white, yin and yang.

Then there is the holy trinity; mind, body, and spirit. More commonly, this can be seen with “up-down middle” “hot-cold neutral” or “male-female child”. Finally, there are four elements that can be understood through the four modalities of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual means.

On another level,...

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Spirit Science 19 ~ Cosmic Connections

This episode explores the inherent cosmic connections between all things in the universe. Whether we see, feel or understand it, we are all connected to each other and every single thing energetically. This goes the same for the entire cosmos and universe as well.

As we’ve explored before, we are all connected through the fundamental geometry of the flower of life which is the underlying fabric of reality itself.

This includes thoughts and emotions because on this level, everything exists in a tangible form. Just because we can’t physically see thoughts and emotions in front of us like an object, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

With the understanding of dimensions and frequency, we can start to see how thoughts and emotions can manifest on higher planes of reality called the astral dimension. The very act of having a thought creates it on these higher dimensions of reality.

If we could physically see the thoughts and emotions we emit, we would probably be a...

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Spirit Science 20 ~ Water

This episode is all about – you guessed it; water! It is everywhere in our world and one of the most important ingredients for life there is! So important, it is the principal thing that makes up our very bodies! This video focuses on the amazing work of Dr. Masaru Emoto who has been a pioneer in discovering the hidden messages within the water.

His work has been foundational in the field of conscious exploration and demonstrates a powerful link between human thought and how reality manifests.

In his work, he sent intentions to different glasses of water, then looked at the molecular structure under a microscope. The glasses that were blessed with words like “thank you” and “I love you” had beautiful fractalized geometric shapes. They looked like snowflakes or deeply resembled sacred geometry. The ones that were projected with words like “I hate you” or “disgusting” had no fractal shapes and resembled that of mud or something of...

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Spirit Science 21 ~ Toroidal Flow

This episode explains what toroidal geometry is, and how it’s a fundamental part of literally everything in reality. A torus is a self-organizing system of energy and geometry that flows through itself constantly. It can be found everywhere in nature, in ourselves and even in the cosmos!

Our hearts have their own toroidal fields around them, which emanates around us and interact energetically with the external reality. The earth itself has a huge field around it, which has been seen scientifically as it’s an electromagnetic field. The shape of an apple forms a torus around its core and even the Oort cloud around our solar system is a torus yet again, even the milky way is wrapped in a toroidal field!

The flower of life is also a torus field when seen in 3D. When we open ourselves up into a state of giving and receiving, we are in the flow of our torus and can use it in our daily lives. Sending love to someone through whatever means is a way of connecting your torus...

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Spirit Science 22_1 ~ EnLIGHTenment

These next few episodes are a series focusing on the different aspects of light, and the many manifestations that light can take.

Light is an essential building block of everything, if not the singular building block which creates all things. Even though from our vantage point, it may appear as though we are dense physical beings, all of the particles that make up our existence are merely a mass of light vibrating much slower and tighter together. You might compare this to how water can appear as water, steam, or ice, depending on its molecular structure. Our world, all matter and everything physical are, at its core, is light.

Light is constantly moving, constantly vibrating, and the different levels of vibration determines what kind of light we perceive it to be. Light from the sun vibrates much higher than something like a physical piece of wood.

Something like ultraviolet light or different forms of radiation resonate at a vibration so high that the human eye can’t...

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