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Overcome Your Digital Addiction This Week

How much time do you spend with technology? If you spend at least 4 to 6 hours of your leisure time in front of your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, you are definitely hooked to digital life. Digital addiction has not only infected you, but it has affected practically everyone. The only real problem is that people who are suffering from this type of addiction are unaware that it is an actual problem. 

Did you know that overwatching television and other forms of overdependence on technology have been linked to diabetes and obesity? All that sedentary time spells terrible news for people’s health. 

Are You Addicted?

Are you one of those who laugh at the idea of digital addiction because you have always associated addiction with drugs or alcohol? In truth, a person can be addicted to practically anything. 

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the social media sites that are designed to get you hooked. They use a kind of positive reinforcement that...

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How To Become More Emotionally Self-Reliant

articles self-care Jun 29, 2020

There aren't many things you need in this life that others cannot provide for you. When you go to the grocery, you can easily buy fresh produce that others have grown for you. You come home to a house that other people built for you. And then there are things you need to learn that others will gladly teach you.

In truth, we have all become reliant on others for almost everything that we need--from the person who does our laundry to the waiter who delivers our food. But there is one thing that no other person can do for you, and that is to make you feel good or positive about yourself. That is something that only you can do. Though it might be true that the people around you could give you praises about how good you are or how pretty you have become over the years, those affirmations won't make you truly happy.

The only thing that you should be self-dependent on is how you can make yourself feel loved. True happiness comes from the emotional independence you have from others and the...

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Best Advice To Keep Your Cool As A Parent

What parent has not lost their temper whenever their kid misbehaves? It is nearly impossible for a parent not to lose their temper with their kids. Whether it is talking back, eye-rolling, or the constant complaining, children always seem to find a way and push their parent's buttons. 

While parents would like to embody happy parenting, some also find it hard to manage their emotions. No parent is ever perfect in raising their kids, but everyone is trying their best. 

How do you teach yourself to keep calm and stay cool and keep your emotions in check?

What Does It Mean To Lose Your Temper?

Losing your temper as a parent is defined as the point when you start yelling at your kids. When you resort to calling them names, throwing things at them, and threatening severe consequences for their actions like throwing them out of the house or going to bed without dinner, then you've lost your temper. 

It is not surprising how a power struggle can happen between parents and...

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The Secret To Become Happy In The Midst Of Hardship

How can you teach yourself to be happy when you are in the middle of a crisis? How do you find happiness in your life when it seems as if nothing that you do is going right? 

Going through rough times is part of growing up. In fact, those who think positively say that the problems that come along are there to teach them lessons. 

And yet, sometimes, in this life, you will have troubles that make you want to put everything on hold. You will hope that you could stop what is happening and make a complete turnaround. You may want to stay in bed and sleep all day long. 

You are not the only one wishing for things to change. Trials in life can indeed be very challenging. In times of hardship, all that you could hold on to is the hope that things will be better in the future. 

Everyone has to go through the hardships of life. No one is exempt. In fact, some people go through life with worse conditions than you. Others have to deal with...

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The Benefits Of Daily Exercise And How It Changes You

Was there ever a time in your life when you felt the urge to exercise but weren’t able to? Whether it was your unbearable schedule that made it impossible or your physical, mental, or emotional health, losing that urge to move around made you feel frustrated. 

Do you feel like you are in the same boat today? While everyone knows all the exercise facts, including the benefits that it comes with, not everyone can move around and exercise seriously.

This fact of life is totally okay. In fact, if you miss out on a lot of opportunities for exercise, you live a life like everyone else. Not being able to keep yourself active through regular exercise has practically become a norm. It is not about you or what you do; it’s just that your circumstances have made it seemingly impossible to exercise. 

But don’t lose hope! There will come a time when you will be able to exercise regularly. You will be able to take advantage of the ...

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How To Keep Your Life Simple

Generally, everyone had a simpler life when they were young, especially considering all the challenges and the responsibilities that you have to deal with today. The truth is, life is easy if you know how to practice simple living

The only difference between then and now is that the older a person gets, the more they complicate their situation. Over time, you end up making your life difficult. You start losing who you really are. You begin to want things you don't need. 

So why don't you go back to living simply again? Some say that there are seven rules of life, but there are more than a handful of things you can do to simplify your life for ultimate happiness.

Manage Your Expectations

Not everything that you want will be yours. Sometimes things don't go your way, and that's okay. Sometimes, you will feel like something is missing, but you have to teach yourself to deal with that. 

The moment you let your emotions take control, you are setting yourself up for...

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How To Reduce Stress When You Are Busy

Everyone has been there: a big project comes up, and many things need to be done. Every task seems as urgent as everything else. It requires everyone in the office to help. Every other task has taken a back seat. 

All of a sudden, it feels like everything in your life needs to take the back seat. Work has to be a priority at this time, and you can’t do anything about it. Your personal life takes a huge hit. You begin to spend more time at work, clocking in more hours than you used to. 

When you retire at night, it still feels like you haven’t done a lot. The list of things to do still seems to go on and on. Before you know it, you forget about everything else and put all your focus on work. 

When was the last time you took a break? You can’t remember because weeks have passed since you last relaxed. Whenever you ask yourself about work-life balance, you only end up asking yourself what that even means.

How Stress Hurts You

All these stressful...

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Become More Decisive With These 4 Simple Tips

articles self-care Jun 26, 2020


Do you have issues with being indecisive? We often see people who are decisive and admire them for that. They know who they are and they know what they want. Why can’t we be like that? We’re so full of doubt and hesitation that we waste time trying to make a decision. Yes, it can be difficult to be a decisive person, especially now that there are so many options for us. From our clothes to what we eat or what movie we’re going to watch--we’re bombarded by so many choices every day. 

For instances where we need to make really tough decisions, being indecisive can be costly. For example, you may be presented with several opportunities for a job, but you can’t make up your mind about which one to choose. You may end up losing your chance at a great company. If you’re in business, you can’t be indecisive because you’re going to waste time and time equates to money. 

You also have to consider the people who are waiting for...

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

articles self-care Jun 26, 2020

When was the last time you compared yourself to another person? If you can still vividly remember how you felt at that time, then it must not have been that long ago.

You should know by now that comparing yourself to others won’t help you reach your goals or other aspirations. Not one bit of it is right for you and your confidence. However, even though you know that comparing yourself with others isn’t helpful, it’s hard to stop. 

When Do You Begin To Compare?

From job titles, income, house, grades, to the number of likes on their Twitter account--you use all these categories to compare yourself to others at every level. 

Comparison is your ticket to misery. It is the secret to unhappiness. Instead, you should focus on yourself and not worry about what other people are doing or achieving. 

But how do you teach yourself to do this? How do you learn to appreciate what you have more than what you don’t have?

It may work for a while, but if you...

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The Joy Of Being Alive

articles self-care Jun 25, 2020

How do we feel truly alive? Sure, we wake each morning and go about our day to day routine. But is this all there is to living? You may be wondering the same thing. The joy of life is something that we all want to experience. Having the best feeling in the world doesn’t require you to be somewhere grand or experience something breathtaking. However, if we know how to appreciate the simple joys of our day to day life, we can feel the happiness we desire. 

If you’ve been feeling frustrated about life and how it doesn’t seem to be what you had in mind when you were younger, don’t lose hope. During our younger years, we may have thought that we’d be living an extraordinary life by now. However, if you find yourself thinking that there’s nothing special about your life, then maybe it’s time to look closer. There’s a lot that you may not notice and appreciate enough. 

How To Be More Appreciative Of Life

You may already know about...

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