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What is Chi?

Have you ever felt as if nothing in your life is going right? Does it feel like you have fallen off your balance, but you couldn’t tell why it is so? If you haven’t been feeling good about yourself lately, the life force energy may be to blame for it. 

Fatigue, irritability, and brain fog may all be caused by the imbalance in your chi. The ki energy is known as the energy current that runs in the body. It is believed to be running the circulation, minerals, and nutrients that a person needs to be whole. 

In traditional Chinese medicine, chi plays a huge role in the measure of one’s health and vitality, and Chinese experts consider it a person’s life force. One’s health depends a lot on their chi. When a person gets sick, the first thing that traditional Chinese doctors will look into is their chi. 

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has recognized this ancient art and looks into how it can save lives. It has been...

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How to Deal with Life's Uncertainties

How much of your time do you spend wondering what life would be like if you took on a different career? Perhaps you have wondered about the future and what it holds for you. The amount of time you spend worrying about the future and the uncertainties that it brings only puts you in a dangerous position. 

The fear of the future puts you in a staggering position. You are entering a territory that is scary because it can be unfamiliar to you. You stand there wondering what will happen or how it will affect you. All of these uncertainties are normal, and it happens all the time to almost everyone. 

Whether it is about starting a new job, taking on a new course for self-improvement, or being in a new relationship, all of them do not only have uncertainty to offer. Each one presents itself with a possibility. If you look at the other side of things, you will see that it brings about the kind of change that you need in your life. 

If you decide to take on a new project for...

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Failing

What are you most afraid of? The fear of failing phobia can affect anyone, young and old alike. Sometimes, it is the fear of failing that makes us try to do out best in every given situation. In those cases, it can be seen as an opportunity for growth. 

And yet, many suffer from the fear that they are doing things the wrong way. They are afraid that they might be too far behind or that they should be pursuing something else more worthwhile than what they are interested in now. 

Have you ever wondered if you could really handle everything that you have put on your plate? Or are you also afraid that you might have taken on some things that you really could not handle? The acceptance of failure becomes hard for most of us even though we know that we have given it our best shot. 

This type of fear is constant and it brings about the kind of stress you wouldn't wish on anyone. Why are you so stressed? Why do you fear failure so much?

Where Does This Fear Come From? 


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Stop Procrastination. Start Doing!

articles Apr 10, 2020

Procrastination is a big problem for many of us. Life would have been perfect if only people were given tasks they'd like to really work on. And yet, that kind of life comes with a price. They rarely come cheap. In fact, many of the things people enjoy today would not have been possible if people only worked on the things that they want. 

Wouldn't it be nice if people only did what they wanted? If you are reading this, there probably is a project or passion that you have been putting off for quite some time now. Whether it is a big life transition or a cleaning project at home, then you might be putting it off for too long. 

Whatever your reason may be, remember that ending your procrastination is the key. Not only does it mean finishing the project and getting the job done, but it also significantly reduces stress, fatigue and performance anxiety. 

What does it mean to procrastinate?

The meaning of procrastinating pertains to the projects, chores,...

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What a Spiritual Awakening Really Looks Like?

articles energy updates Apr 10, 2020

Here's the basic idea.  An awakening can be seen as more of your self coming into your awareness. When this happens, "stuff" gets pushed up to the surface to be looked at, integrated, and the resistance released.  This is the nature of this article.

The cause of resistance for many people’s experience with going through a spiritual awakening is either 1) lack of awareness that it is happening or 2) lack of acceptance to what it looks like (i.e., expectations).

The perception that the "spiritual" is something that is "out there" is very confusing. Yes, there are elements of the spiritual self that are invisible to the eye - this is nonphysical. This is where ideas are tangible, where you, as an idea, exist. We tend to believe that something that cannot be seen is not "here." If it is not "here," then it is somewhere "out there." This is logical, although it is flawed logic based on the premise that only that which can be observed is real, or "here."  Another...

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Saturn's Beta-Test

articles energy updates Apr 09, 2020

Saturn has arrived to Aquarius!

Amidst the panicked swarm of our parallel crises of the global pandemic and total economic collapse, he has begun to run his beta-test.

William Gibson, the science fiction writer, and futurist, puts it well when he says, “...the future is already here. It is just not very evenly distributed.” There are still millions of people on the planet that have yet to be hit by the reality of what is happening. But they will. We all will. With Saturn moving on from the Boneyard, we are going to get a sneak preview of what's to come over the next few years.

Aquarius, a Saturn ruled sign, conjures images of humanity, technology, and innovation first in our imagination, yet it also relates to all the nuanced nodes in a network that connects us all together. Think: the Internet. Many worries it won't be able to handle the overload due to our boredom, but only Saturn knows; Think: Airplanes. Many worry that the airlines are going under and we won't be...

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Why Do I Struggle With Keeping Strong Relationships?

This is a question that many people are asking right now.  As we shift our individual vibrations, we quickly find ourselves moving in and out of friendships.  Some of this is totally natural, and some of this is based on judgment and scarcity.  Here are four ideas to consider if you are wanting to build and keep strong relationships.

Start accepting people for exactly who they are and the beliefs that they hold.

You will never find someone with the exact mix of views and perspectives that you have. That is impossible because it does not exist, nor is it desirable. We struggle to maintain relationships many times because we hold on to the ideals and judgments of others.

We intended to come here to experience much contrast, not much similarity, such that we will be able to be masters in seeing what, from one perspective, is very different, as ultimately the same thing through the view of love and compassion. i.e. this is the training ground for developing...

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Sound Like You Know What You Are Talking About

articles energy updates Apr 08, 2020

Sounding like you know what you are talking about is as easy as admitting when you don't know what you're talking about.

We tend to "pretend" because we are afraid of what someone else thinks. It's important to realize that we are ALWAYS playing a role; we are always performing a character. The more that we judge ourselves because of the nature of the character we are playing at that time, the more inauthentic we feel.

The solution is to accept that we are always performing a role, and as you bring more of yourself into that role, the more you will sound (and look) like you know what you are talking about.

Get into your character

Boom. Wake up. You're in a simulated reality, right now. You've got an avatar, and you can express that avatar however you'd like. Some things feel better than others, and you'll use that feeling to determine better what that character evolves into.

This is not far from the truth.

Where we see resistance in ourselves is when we feel like what we are...

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How to Lead With The Heart

articles energy updates Apr 08, 2020

The first part of you is your perspective. Your decisions that you make are based upon the view that you choose to take. Leading with the heart is the idea of perceiving things as the soul perceives things - from a unified perspective.

The problem is the idea that we must lead with our mind to be "rational," and that we have associated the concept of perceiving things in a unified sense as ungrounded or idealistic or irrational. This is the perspective of not having experienced viewing items from the heart's perspective and not having made critical decisions with that perspective being the dominating perspective.

The solution is to allow the mind to relax into it's the more comfortable role of observing and reacting - not projecting out expected values without regard for the more easeful and many times unseen route.

Neurologically speaking, your heart is your brain as much as your mind is your brain.

As the central organ in your physical body, the heart is the FIRST organ that...

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Advice for Spiritual Parents (Must Read If You Have Kids Under 9)

articles Apr 07, 2020

Author Elizabeth Stone said, "Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

As spiritual parents, it is our job to do much more than potty train, pack bag lunches, and choose a discipline style; we recognize that our children come to this life with their unique spiritual inspiration to express. In a world full of pressure and distraction, how can we support the spiritual awakening of our children? Here are five guidelines to get you started.

1) Follow your child's spiritual inspiration:  If you want to help your child maintain their innate connection to spirit, you must support them in following their intuition. With young children, this includes a wide range of cues. If your child feels uncomfortable with a specific person or place, respect that. In so doing, you teach them to trust their gut instincts and maintain their connection to their inner voice.  

Their inspiration may...

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