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Rebirth of the Oak King: Welcoming Yuletide!

The Holly King is gone, and the  Oak King now reigns
Yule is the time of the old winter gods!
Hail to Baldur! To Saturn! To Odin!
Hail to Amaterasu! To Demeter!
Hail to Ra! To Horus!
Hail to Frigga, Minerva Sulis and Cailleach Bheur!
It is their season, and high in the heavens,
may they grant us their blessings on winters day

Following on from the Solstice, many of you may not know that tonight is the Traditional beginning of the Yuletide... although let's be honest, we've probably all been getting into the spirit for a while.

Today, “Yule” and “Yuletide” are pretty synonymous with Christmas and Christmastide, but the meaning behind Yule is quite different from that of the Christian holiday.

The word “Yule” itself comes from Old English geol, which shares a history with the Old Norse, jól. Both these words referred to a Midwinter Festival centred around the Winter Solstice, which traditionally marked the halfway point of the...

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The Unconquered Sun:- A Journey of Hope For the Winter Solstice

*Trigger warning: Mature Content*

I know the Solstice "officially" begins at 10.59am EST tomorrow, but we tend to write these things as and when we feel and see the energy moving.

I must say, i'm almost surprised we made it to the end of the road this time. To get painfully candid with you all, this year has been arduous, breaking and seemingly unrelenting for me. I'm honestly surprised i'm still here. In fact, it's been one of the worst of my life, and it seems a lot of people have been feeling the same in some kind of way, to greater, middling or lesser (okay... you caught me, I rewatched Geralt slaying a Stryga, sue me). 

As it's tradition on each of the Crossing Days, I find myself here again to explain the energy and mechanics of the Tides and Seasonal Rhythms... trying to make sense of the currents and forces laying within the Inner World and Her Mysteries, only this time I do so with an abject heart, with a fair bit of remorse, pain and awe-full perspective that would...

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Master the Art of Sharing Wisdom with a Gemini Full Moon

Phew! We just had the LAST lunar ceremony of 2021... Watch the Astrology Forecast Here:


It's bittersweet... thinking on the past year and all we've gone through and accomplished.

The theme of this ceremony was "Celebrating Your Hero's Journey," and it couldn't be more appropriate.

Our Spirit Family has been through a lot... not just as a community, but as individuals.

And it's so vital that we honour this very human aspect of our journey so that we can accomplish above and beyond what we set out to do in 2021!

So, we got real and juicy with the details of our journeys... just as Gemini asked us to.

You see... Gemini is all about self-expression, while on the flip-side of the zodiac, Sagittarius shows us how to communicate for the benefit of collective learning.

We're being called to face our fears in the form of awkward dinner table conversation or setting clearer boundaries at work. (You know... just the best kind of...

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How this Spirit Mysteries Initiate Brings Higher Knowledge Down to Earth

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2021

The First Initiation

On the surface, it might seem like mystical initiation is a “one-time thing,” but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Whether we know it or not, our lives are filled with initiations of all kinds… some private (like a plant medicine ceremony), others public (like a graduation or wedding).

This is the balance between receptive feminine energy and externalized masculine energy.

Aaron Gonzales, aka Higher Knowledge G, embodies this idea in totality.

And it’s not easy!

His story is one of powerful, life-and-death transformation.

By the time I was a year old, I was diagnosed with diabetes. The older I grew, the sicker I got. I was in and out of the hospital.

To cope with this, he grew up stealing from friends and family, taking on the poverty consciousness of his community.

One day, I was walking to the store with my cousin, and I fell three times. First two times, I got up. The third time, I had a...

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Everything You Need to Know About Psychedelics

Hey Everyone! 

You probably expected this at some point right? I mean... we sure do love our movies... and we know you do too ;)

We've done a Human History Movie, a Crystal Movie, a Sacred Geometry Movie and even a Chakra Movie... but it occurred to us recently, we've never done a Psychedelic Movie.

Imagine if you had to start your journey over...

If you knew nothing about Psychedelics...

Where would you even start? After all... it's not exactly the best idea to jump straight in without any research or understanding. But it's always hard knowing where to take your first step right?

It's for that reason that we've brought together EVERY piece of Psychedelic content we've ever made here at Spirit Science into one 2 hour movie to give you the strongest roots and grounding in Plant Medicine! 

For the first time -all in one place, you'll see:

  • The complete history of Psychedelics
  • A definitive guide to Cannabis from a spiritual, scientific and methodological point of view
  • The...
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How to Shoot for the Moon & Never Miss... The Power (& Patience) of Sagittarius โ™๏ธ

Uncategorized Dec 06, 2021

Last Friday, Spirit Mysteries Initiates from all over the world gathered for a magnetic Manifestation Moon Ceremony. Talk about TOTAL upgrade! Watch the Astrology Forecast here:


Boost Your Manifestations with THIS Special Practice!

Between recent solar flares, a total solar eclipse, AND the impending seasonal shift...

"Manifesting" might feel kind of scary. Especially if there is a lack of trust in our relationship with the physical world.

Many people are avoiding intention-setting right now, to honor the slower, introspective energy of both the eclipses and the winter season.

There's a key thread to all of this, that needs to be woven back in.

You probably have some awareness of the power of visualization… 

But do you know about the power of embodiment?

Sagittarius is teaching us how to have vision without seeing.

This is a big step in the manifestation process, no matter where you're at with it.

It's not just about the eyes. It's about bringing...

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Revolution or Revelation? How LSD Changed History

Hey there!

You know... I really don't think you can beat the Beatles, Stones or Hendrix right? I feel like we kinda peaked in the 60s for a bit there.

We had an explosion of culture, music, art and philosophy, spearheaded by people like Alan Watts, Ram Dass and all the classic Shaman "Professors" who were teaching students in colleges about civil rights, self-expression and free love.

The 50s were pretty much defined by the Cold War between the US and Russia, so the amount of fear, suspicion and control had reached an all time high and finally hit a breaking point... but then something pretty groovy happened.

Albert Hoffman synthesised ergot fungus and created the substance we know today as LSD... one of the most powerful hallucinogens on the planet, and it changed everything.

There was nothing counter about the counterculture…

It was everywhere. Plant Medicines and Psychedelics were part of the air you breathed and the music your listened to. 

*cue Sunshine of Your...

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Harmonize for the Holidays: Watch the Crystal Friday Replay!

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2021

In case you missed it... 

Clear your energy with the full Crystal Friday replay here:


As you know, the holidays can be hard, especially when we succumb to stress and societal pressures.

(*cough cough* Tribal shame, anyone?)

Well, this year, we've started a new tradition.

On Black Friday, while many people held their breath waiting for the "best deal" in stores...

We held our breath for harmony... and released... and repeated!

Cleansing our bodies, minds, and hearts with nothing but breath.

We also harmonized our energy fields with a powerful meditation.

Thanks be to Great Spirit, and of course to Jordan River for hosting & guiding this journey. And to Garth Wolf, for bestowing breathfuls of wisdom upon us.

We stan the divine masculine that holds space for us to flow!

This Season of the Centaur is a momentous occasion...

Not just for Spirit Mysteries, but for the whole world.

As Jordan said, "You're helping the whole body of...

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Is Sacred Geometry the Answer to the Housing Crisis?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Okay so... let's be real... if you've seen basically ANY Sci-Fi movie of the last decade, you've probably noticed that whole space base, sea base, cloud base thing that's pretty much a staple by now right?

Imagine if we could actually do it though...

How cool would it be to live in Cloud City from Empire Strikes Back or some kind of underwater dome mega city like Atlantis? Or even better... if Elon or Bezos get that whole space habitation thing off the ground (pun fully intended), what if we could be living in the skies of Venus in 50 years?

Well... it's actually not so much Science Fiction anymore. Thanks to the late great Bucky Fuller, Geodesic Domes are an actual thing... and they're almost completely based on principles of geometry and proportion.

So today, as we look to the future and let loose an arrow to be guided by Sagittarius, we're asking something pretty close to home for us... what does a domed future look like for humanity? 'Cause even we...

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Goodbye, Scorpio... Hello, Sagittarius! โ™๏ธ Come Manifest with Us...

We made it!

Welcome to the Season of the Centaur.

Did you know that this shift was supercharged by the Taurus Lunar Eclipse? It was quite the doozy!

In case you missed it… Here’s the astrology recap of last week's Wisdom Moon:


Scorpio Season wasn't easy... and ending it with a lunar eclipse was like "going out with a bang." 

That's the name of the game when you’re dealing with two fixed signs who fluctuate between the extremes. (Taurus and Scorpio.)

They do this so that we can intimately understand the totality of life experience… both visible and invisible.

When you know what you’re working with, you’re better equipped to adapt and move forward.

This is where Sagittarius comes in… meeting us on the other side of transformation.  

After our ego-death-by-scorpion, the centaur beckons us back to life, and reminds us that we are free.

We can do anything! We can be whoever we...

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