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Steps To Revitalise Your Passions

How do you keep yourself excited about work? More than having good friends in the workplace or loving what you do, it is important to consider the things that help you live the life that you want. How do you energize your life? How do you keep your passion for life ignited? While every person might have their own way of keeping the fire alive, revitalizing your passion is all about finding a constant reminder of how much you love what you do. 

In spiritual life coaching, experts begin by talking to you about your passions. They ask you what you want in life and what you want to be doing. At the end of the day, they try to help you find the bridge to your passion and the things that need to be done. 

In between, they help you realize what you are genuinely passionate about and what you can do to improve your life’s experience. 

Why Do You Need Passion?

The passion for living is fueled by your desire to pursue more. It is the...

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Tips To Stay Grounded

The world health crisis has affected people in so many different ways. Not only has it halted a lot of activities that people used to enjoy, but it has people evaluating their lives. Some have even wondered if their lifestyle can even fit into the “new normal.” 

Indeed, this pandemic has put the world in a state of caution and fear. The uncertainty it brings has caused many people to feel anxious about what the future will be like. It has challenged even the most grounded and practical people, so even they are unsure. 

While everyone is affected by the pandemic in similar ways, everybody reacts to the stress differently. Not only is it a substantial global health emergency, but some people have also realized they were suffering on a personal level too. 

Everyone wishes something could be done to stop the spread of the disease so that everything could go back to the way it was. But then again, the truth hits people hard on the face. You...

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The Parable of the River

Long ago, there was a small village on the edge of a river. The people there lived in harmony with nature; each other, and life were good. One day as a villager began his early morning stroll, he noticed that their once-vibrant river was looking slightly murkier than usual and contained some sludge and pollution resting on the banks.

The villager quickly went out of his way to clear the pollution away, seemingly restoring the flow. The next day the same villager noticed two lifeless fish in the river. He called for help, and both fish were scooped out from the waters. The following day debris started to build up, and the river's flow started to become constricted, cutting off water to the village. Naturally, the villagers organized themselves quickly, setting up watchtowers and training teams of swimmers and environmentalists who could resist the swift waters and dislodge the debris. Clean up squads were soon working 24 hours a day to keep up with the increasing pollution. But each...

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Positive Psychology And Zen: Where Science And Spirituality Agree

Written by Cameron Harman 

Scientists and psychologists have been researching for years to find the key to happiness. I believe that the answers have been in front of us for a long time. In fact, when we look at practices such as Buddhism and Zen, we find that practitioners have been living in bliss for generations. So why is it so difficult in the West to attain joy in living? What the West lacks in spiritual practice is being met with psychology. However, if we compare what is being explored in psychology to Zen's approach, we will find something interesting. What would seem like a reprogramming of the mind in one society is a way of life for another. In this article, I will compare a scientific approach to happiness with a spiritual way of life that has been around for generations.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life worth living. In an article written by Courtney E. Ackerman on, we learn what...

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Why You Need To Read Your Horoscopes

Astrology has become a massive part of human life. Its tradition has helped many people by serving as a guide in making huge decisions in their lives. For thousands of years, people have continued to learn more about astrology and the many things that make it magical. 

When was the last time you checked your daily horoscope? This simple act of reading free astrology predictions from the newspaper, magazine, or online will prove to be helpful in the long run. 

Daily reading of your horoscope carries so much weight. While some skeptics may question the accuracy of the horoscope prediction, it is essential to note that nobody can tell the future.

The complex composition of human nature makes it nearly impossible to tell what the future will be like. But if you look at astrology and how it helps you learn more about yourself, you will see how it can help you improve yourself in so many ways, which in turn, affects your future. 

The horoscope that you...

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The Guide To A Candle Meditation

articles meditation Nov 09, 2020

How much do you know about candle meditation? While many people know about meditation in general, very few truly understand what it means to use candles as the meditation practice's primary focus. 

Some people who have tried candlelight mediation say that this particular type of meditation is easy. They say that it helps them let go of their negative thoughts and free themselves of all their worries because they can concentrate on a physical object instead of just a mantra.

Others say that meditation candles are quite a challenge. It can sometimes be tricky to just focus your eyes on the candle's flames without blinking. Experts say that with a little practice and a lot of will to do it, you can find it hugely comforting to practice candle meditation.

It does not matter what type of meditation you engage in. Meditation is in itself a fantastic way to help improve your concentration skills, find your focus, and put more trust in what you can do. If practiced...

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Uncle Iroh's Wisdom (Hidden Spirituality of Airbender 3)

hidden spirituality video Nov 09, 2020

Hey there, welcome back! Today we’re going to talk about everyone’s favorite Saturday morning Grandpa...or I guess Uncle would be more accurate...that’s right..we’re finally going to dive into the Sagely Wisdom of Uncle Iroh and the immense spiritual knowledge that he teaches the main characters….and us in the sit back, grab a Tsungi horn, heat some Jasmine Tea, and one more thing before we get started, on the subject of Wisdom - we do a live event every full moon, every month called the Wisdom Moons. The next one is coming up soon! Use the link below to see how you can join our live event. I hope to see you there! 

For those of you who haven’t seen the show, Iroh is the oldest main character that we follow actively through the series.... and is pretty much your Lao Tzu or Mystical Buddha kind of guy. He was a general of the Fire Nation and one of its greatest warriors, having the title “The Dragon of the West,”...

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How To Save The Planet While Going To The Bathroom

Written by Joe G. Santos

Climate change has been the hottest topic of the past few decades. Despite hearing of all the horrible ways we are causing this global phenomenon, the effort to correct our environmental mistakes is still disproportionate to the time we have before the consequences aggravate even more. As the years go by, we keep observing unexpected fires, extinctions, floods, etc. Still, if you are reading this text, you are likely already very familiar with all of these events that seem to come directly from the Bible's Revelations. Watching all of that happen can be heartbreaking, and with the gravity of all these occurrences, we can often feel small and powerless. Although these feelings are valid and help us empathize with our unconditionally loving Mother Earth, they are no more than helpful illusions. This heartache is simply a tool used to motivate us to make a change. In truth, we bear so much power that it is often hard for us to comprehend it. When we accept the...

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Powerful Crystals That Work Well Together

articles energy updates Nov 08, 2020

Do you love crystals too? If you’ve found yourself reading this article, then you can’t deny how much you love these beautiful gifts from nature. Or maybe you are still curious about them. 

Crystals are ordinary things with magical properties. While people seek out crystals for luck, crystals can help people in ways they cannot even imagine. When you need their help, like you need high vibration crystals to increase your happiness or find your focus, tap into their power, and bring in positive energy

Every crystal that you choose to use is aimed at helping you achieve what you want. Whether it is work, love, health, money, or relationships, the crystals can help you get what you wish. 

What Do You Get When You Double The Crystals?

You are in luck because two crystals combined only gives you more power. When it comes to putting together two crystals, you have to learn to be strategic. The most powerful crystals put together can...

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Learn To Control Your Emotions With These Meditations

Every life situation is different. The experience is not the same for everyone, either. Sometimes, people can deal with stressful situations calmly. But, there are times one feels lost and helpless. 

While everyone may have their way of coping, meditation lends itself useful to everyone. It's not just about achieving mental and emotional release. It is also about finding the right focus and balance to get things done. 

How Do You Deal With Difficult Situations?

Perhaps you started yoga a month back to help you with your weight loss journey. You started the practice not for its meditative aspect, but for its ability to help you achieve your desired weight. 

But in the process of continued practice, you felt a bit of mind shift. It was like all your stress lifted. You have become kinder to people for no particular reason. You felt all that change happen since you started doing yoga. 

The things that used to trigger your anger no longer do. It is like you...

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