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Let Go of Possession with Ease

articles self-care May 19, 2020

Are you having problems letting go of things? If you often find yourself unable to remove stuff in your home because you’ve put so much sentimental value into them, then you may also find that you’re accumulating a lot of clutter. But do you know that it’s quite liberating to have the power to let go of your possessions? 

Many people struggle with the task of letting go. There’s nothing that keeps them from doing it, only their attachment to the objects. If you can relate to this, then continue reading along. In this article, you can learn how to let go of your possessions with ease and declutter your life

What’s the Principle Behind Letting Go?

When you think about it, it’s possible to let go of everything you own. Of course, for practical reasons, you’re going to need your clothes, your home, and the essential things you use every day in the kitchen for cooking and eating. Apart from that, you can basically let go of most...

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Why You Need to Stop Optimizing Your Life

Do you often think, "How can I improve my daily routine?" If so, you may be one of the many people who are working to optimize their lives. While wanting to improve your experiences is a great idea, perhaps you're spending too much time optimizing your life as opposed to enjoying your life. Do you often search for the next best cleaning gadget or technological advance, so you don't have to spend so much time doing things in your daily life? When you optimize your life, it requires your time and energy to make your system perfect. Maybe it's time to stop optimizing your life. Take a step back and ask yourself why you need to revamp all aspects of your life. 

It's possible that you optimize things so that you can feel that you're in control, you're making things better, or that your life is so much more productive. However, you don't need to do all those things to know and affirm that you care about yourself. You don't need everything to be perfect to show that you are giving...

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How to Deal When Things Are Not Going as Planned

We try to outline our lives the best way we can, but things won't always go according to plan. It can be a frustrating experience, especially if you already have expectations of how things will turn out. It's essential to learn how to deal with our expectations and our feelings of frustration whenever our plans don't work out as we hope they would. 

In whatever way things may turn out for you, remember to keep your cool. Being calm is vital in having a clear mind so you can figure out why something happened or didn't happen as you hoped. You may then learn something about the experience and find a way to improve how you do things. This way, your expectations may be able to match the outcome. 

If you're dealing with a lot of frustrations right now because of plans not working out, here are a few steps that may help you. 

Learn to be Flexible

When things go wrong, don't lose your temper. Before you react, try to take some deep breaths and clear...

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How to Deal with Insecurities

articles self-care May 17, 2020

In today’s world, where social media has become a part of our everyday lives, comparing ourselves to others is almost unavoidable. And because of this, we often feel insecure with ourselves, including our status, beauty, education, career, financial standing, and more. 

All these things can make our lives even more challenging because we start to feel that we’re not enough, and we can’t cope with life’s demands. However, the truth is that we’re more competent than we think. Many people believe you are a fantastic person and that you’re great at what you do. 

The problem here is when you’re insecure, you feel like you’re not good enough. Uncertainties in our career, status, relationships, and insecurities in love can affect all aspects of our lives. It may even cause some individuals to suffer from depression. 

Right now, maybe you’re buried deep in insecurity, and you think there is no way to dig...

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How to Effectively Declutter Your Life


When you look around your space, does it feel like the walls are closing in around you? Do you have a hard time finding things you need or feel like there is just too much stuff? Unnecessary clutter in your life can cause needless stress. Having a cluttered life distracts you from what's essential, and it weighs you down, making your life all the more chaotic. 

Taking care of the clutter may seem like an impossible task at first. It's difficult to know how and where to start decluttering. However, if you can devote even just a bit of time, you will conquer the mess. Soon, you will feel less stressed, and you'll enjoy a productive and organized life

In order to declutter your life, your home, or your workplace, you're going to have to start small. Start with something doable and not overwhelming. When you focus all your efforts on decluttering, then you'll soon see improvements in your everyday life. It will then be easier for you to maintain...

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What to Do When You Feel Unworthy

Have you been feeling low? Have you found yourself thinking, "Why am I so useless?" Have you felt like you can't meet other's expectations of you no matter what you do? That feeling of unworthiness is something that people experience from time to time. 

First of all, you are not useless. 

Second of all, you are not alone.

Often this feeling of unworthiness happens when you are unable to reach the unrealistic expectations that others have of you. You may also feel this way if you're unable to meet your own expectations. 

For many of us, we feel the most unworthy when we become overwhelmed by the intense need to be accepted by another person, whether romantically or professionally. When we think they expect us to be one thing and we are not able to meet it, then we begin to feel unworthy. We start to feel like we don't deserve their love or affection. Moreso, we feel like we don't deserve their respect or admiration. 

What Makes...

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Practice Calmness Amidst Frustration

articles self-care May 16, 2020

How do you find calmness amid frustration? How do you teach yourself to overcome challenges when it seems there is no drive left in you? 

It can be frustrating when it seems nothing is going right. Sometimes you may shut down emotionally, and other times you may lash out at others. 

It is a struggle for everyone. Even the experts in calmness and mindfulness can find themselves in a situation where staying calm and rational is tough. It is easier to give in to frustration and anger. But is it possible to practice calmness amid frustration? 

Does this question sound familiar to you too? When people feel overloaded, it may feel more natural to take it out on someone else. But through practice, it will become easier to practice calmness as opposed to producing more chaos.

With the hope that things could get better and calmer, people can find themselves in more solid control. How do you deal with frustration makes all the difference in your...

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Stay Focused with These Easy-to-Follow Tips

articles self-care May 15, 2020

When you’re supposed to be working, do you find your mind wandering? Is it hard to stay focused on your tasks? You know that for you to accomplish things, you need to stay focused. But the more that your mind wanders around, the more likely are you to get stuck doing the same thing for a long time. 

Focus on work or school work can make you more productive. This means you can accomplish more tasks. However, the opposite is true, as well. The more distracted you are, the less likely it is for you to become productive. You may be used to multitasking, but it can be counterproductive in the long run.

In this modern world, where everything can be a form of distraction, it has become quite impossible to just focus on one thing. And then there is a constant demand to complete a number of tasks in a day, each one trying to pull your attention in several different directions. Is it still possible for you to be as productive as you want to be?


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Learn How to Let Go of Your Shame

Are you plagued with feeling like you’re not good enough? Do you have a hard time forgiving yourself for past wrongs? Healing shame is the key to moving forward with your life. Can you get over the degradation that you are feeling right now? When it seems you are not good enough or not worthy enough of love, stop and take a moment to reflect.

What Are You Ashamed Of?

How to get rid of guilt -- you ask yourself this question again and again. What are the negative parts of your being that make you feel bad about yourself? When you feel unworthy, it becomes harder to build successful relationships with others because you avoid connecting with them. 

Perhaps your shame comes from your finances. How often do you feel like you are financially insecure? When it often feels like you have less, you know that the feeling is born out of your comparison of other people’s lives to yours. You feel like you have less because you see that others have more. But do they really have...

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Stressed and Depressed: 4 Ways to Reduce Performance Anxiety

Are your daily worries starting to effect the bedroom? Are you worried about meeting your partner's expectations? The truth is that men, no matter what their age may be, can experience what is called performance anxiety. This type of stress can be linked to or even caused by erectile dysfunction

The good news is, you aren't alone. There are plenty of men who think to themselves, "sex gives me anxiety." The question is, why does this happen? You may experience performance anxiety with a new partner because you're worried about their expectations and previous experiences. There are also instances when there's just so much going on in your mind that you become too distracted and stressed. Don't worry; there are plenty of ways we can solve or at least prevent this issue.

Why Does Performance Anxiety Occur?

Typically, when negative thoughts plague you, performance anxiety happens. You may be thinking about your ability to please your partner in bed, and that thought worries you....

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