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How To Feel More Confident In Reading Tarot

articles energy updates Nov 06, 2020

How confident are you in doing tarot card reading? If you’re like me, you have obviously read books about these cards to learn more about what they mean. You have also done your research and tried to uncover more interesting facts about each card and tarot card reading tradition.

But does all this knowledge make you a tarot trusted card reader? You are not alone with this feeling of doubting yourself. Everyone who is just starting out their journey of tarot reading knows how you feel. 

Why Do You Lack Confidence?

One crucial aspect of tarot card reading is the confidence that you can get it right. However, if you lack confidence, in the beginning, that does not mean you will always be like that. Perhaps you haven’t been practicing every day, and that’s why you still feel like there’s a gap between you and your tarot cards. 

Maybe you don’t have years of experience with the card, yet that’s why you think that you don’t...

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The Parable of the Selfish Monk (Halloween Special!)

patch parables video Nov 06, 2020


Long ago in ancient Japan, lived a devout Shinto monk. He lived a simple life but was often distracted in his prayers by the hustle and bustle of the city...he felt as if his neighbors and friends were polluting his soul. One day he decided to undergo a Harai, a purification ritual that would cleanse his body and mind….He set off on a long and dangerous journey to a mountain shrine, which took many days..but he was glad for the peace and solitude it gave him. After returning home, the peace he found was so great that he wanted to hold onto it for as long as possible, and so he continued to do the pilgrimage another 99 times. He would walk alone on his journey to the mountains, ignoring every distraction in his quest for balance.

Rain, storm, or shine; he made the long journey. Eventually, his devotion and practice began to reveal the world of the Kami. The man was able to see and understand the spirits and spiritual essence of all things, like the wind and the rocks...

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3 Spiritual Growth Tips For A Healthier Life

How do you take care of your spiritual health? While everyone knows the importance of spiritual wellness, most only take it for granted, thinking that it will heal on its own. Brushing away spiritual concerns will only lead to problems in the long run. 

Before you know it, the many times you ignored wellness tips are causing havoc in your professional and personal lives. 

What Does It Mean To Feel Lost?

There comes a time in every person’s life when they feel lost. These are the times they feel like nothing that they do is right. They feel like they are purposeless and that their life has no meaning.

Have you ever felt this way? Or do you feel this way right now? If you do, there’s no need to worry. You are not alone, as everyone has gone through something similar. 

The sheer thought of your existence makes you wonder if the people you care about care for you at all. You are compelled to seek redemption, some kind of relief, comfort, or...

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The Healing Power Of Quartz


What do you know about quartz? While these beautiful stones are known for their clear quartz properties, they are more than just decorative pieces. You may choose to wear it as an accessory, but be prepared to bask in its healing power.

Many have done their research about various quartz properties. Each time, something new about these crystals has been discovered. Can quartz be used for healing?

Discovering The Beauty Of A Quartz Crystal

With all the different minerals found on earth, the quartz crystal is the second most abundant. Scientifically, this crystal is made up of oxygen atoms and silicon. Its chemical formula is SiO2, which can be present in many different forms. 

Quartz is common to clusters, rocks, double-terminating points, single points, singing crystals, and many other things. It is also a crystal commonly combined with other materials such as the lithium quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, etc.

It is like quartz is commonly used in so...

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Find Out How Tarot Can Strengthen Your Mental Health

articles energy updates Nov 04, 2020

How are you feeling at the moment? If you are feeling down and low and might be on the verge of falling into the pit of depression, perhaps you have thought of ways to help yourself get back up. Maybe you have turned to your tarot cards, wondering if they can help you. While others may not believe it, you can always explore how tarot cards and its reading could strengthen your mental health. Tarot health is not about fixing mental health disorders. Rather, it is equipping people with the right mindset to make the healing happen. 

Can tarot card reading help you fight depression? In a way, it does. A tarot reading can help shed some light on your feelings as well as your thoughts. It can reveal images that speak a lot about how you feel and what you think. 

The most important aspect of tarot card reading is this: it will allow you to reconnect with yourself when it seems that you are isolated and all on your own. 

What Depression And Anxiety Does To...

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4 Steps To Cleanse Your Spirit

How much energy do you think you have in your body? Do you believe that you and everything else around you is made up of energy? Whether it is a thing or a situation, you are surrounded by both negative and positive energies. 

Setbacks and disappointments are a natural part of human life. Everyone deals with their problems in their own way. However, if you keep denying the existence of negative energies and keep focusing on the positive, you can expect these negative energies to resurface in your life.

All the negativity that you encounter takes a significant toll on your emotional and mental health. This is why it is vital to consider aura cleansing or taking spiritual baths. This is to help you evaluate the inner energies that you have. 

Finding healing for yourself is a beautiful process and has been proven to help keep your spirit pure and full. 

Four Steps To Achieving Spiritual Healing

The process of soul-cleansing can be likened to the...

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 3 ~ Aliens

Very recently, several key spirit science episodes were demonetized for strange reasons. Along with the last Conspiracy Episode, Our Hollow Earth episode was flagged for hate speech, and Everything is Connected deemed unfit for most audiences and age-restricted. Please use the link below to join Spirit Conspiracies and access this conspiracy content free, just if it disappears from the public eye...

The subject of ExtraTerrestrials has mystified humanity for countless generations. The question of “are we alone in the universe” has inspired us to push forward and advance as a species in the search for life in the great beyond, but to this day - judging by the way people generally treat the subject, it would appear that we have yet to make any form of substantial contact… However, awareness of a more profound truth, that something is being hidden from us is regularly being leaked to this day. 

Let’s start with some basics, which would be UFO’s,...

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Spirit As An Explanation For Life

Written by Jamie Fall

Life seems very strange. While I'm not a scientist by any means, I do feel I can at least understand the idea behind most scientific explanations for things in the Universe, such as the way stars burn, how planets revolve around them, geological formations, the weather, etc. But life seems like such an anomaly to me that just doesn't make scientific sense. Part of the problem of describing it is that we are it. This fact seems to bias our view in explaining it. So as a thought experiment, if we viewed the Universe from the perspective of a sort of passive observer (not as life, too) trying to understand the Universe, how would we describe this phenomenon we call "life?" Perhaps as a continuous series of complex chain reactions. Billions of intricate patterns of molecules bouncing around in precisely the correct ways to let your cells and muscles and organs work so that you can think and move and interact in the world. 

If this chain reaction only...

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Can We Make Good Decisions When We Don't Know The Outcome?

What does it take to make a decision? Not only does it take a lot of confidence to make a decision, but it also takes a lot of courage to accept it once the decision has been made. Poor decision making can sometimes take its toll on us, making it seemingly impossible to get out of a negative situation. 

What does it mean to make a good decision? Most people equate it to the concept of something successful. When the outcome is a success, the decision made was good. But when the result is not expected, it means that the choice could have been better. 

What Does It Mean To Romanticize The Outcome?

Do you believe that all your outcomes should be perfect? Do you feel disappointed when your outcomes are less than perfect, even if things technically worked out? Only the positive, successful results are the ones that are genuinely celebrated. 

Take a good look at the more successful self-help books you can get at the bookstore. They only tell stories...

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Quantum Flapdoodle (Spirit Science 39 ~ Part 3)

“If you are not completely confused by quantum mechanics, you do not understand it” -John Wheeler.

Ah, Quantum Mechanics. A field that incites the curiosity of history’s greatest minds while also having the ability to turn people off at the mere mention of it. Funny how that works. The second someone says the word “Quantum,” You get a massive polarity of people who are either interested and sit glued to the screen, or who attach such significant level “woo” connotations to it that their eyes glaze over… and there seems to be NO in-between.  

Despite it being one of the most complex and math-heavy physics fields in history, it's quite funny. It’s also been appropriated by people in the New Age community like Deepak Chopra more than any other science branch. If you look into any New Age group, chances are they have some material in there that references the word “quantum,” whether it’s Chopra’s...

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