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How Every Person Deals With Changes Based On Zodiac Signs

articles astrology Sep 16, 2020

What is the secret to becoming successful in life? Perhaps this is the quest of everyone who wishes to establish a stable future for themselves. But then, the same question opens doors of opportunities for everyone to explore what life has to offer. 

The secret to having a good life, they say, is not about looking at changing what happened in the past. Rather, it is about looking forward to building a good future. While this is easier said than done, it sends out a powerful message to everyone. 

How Do People Deal With Change?

Every person has his way of dealing with the changes that happen in their life. Everyone looks forward to changing because it brings out new opportunities to be better than yesterday. 

People get so used to doing things that sometimes, dealing with change can take time. Changes that happen suddenly could be quite hard to adjust to. The brain can get frustrated. 

“You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.” 


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Choosing The Perfect Psychic According To Your Needs

articles lifestyle Sep 15, 2020


You’ve wanted to consult a psychic about your current situation. You need to make a decision soon, and you want to tap the expertise of psychic intuition. But who do you go to? How do you decide which psychic will be able to help?

How Do You Choose The Psychic That You Need?

First things first: You need to identify the strength of the psychic that you are looking for. Like any other relationship that you keep in your life, you should find a psychic that you feel comfortable with. 

He should help you feel empowered and confident, with your best interests always in their hearts. If you are new to psychic guidance, you must know which type of psychic would be best for your specific concerns. 

Every psychic has their specialty, and it is a must that you consult someone whose expertise is in line with what you need. It entails a tedious research process, but it will be worth it when you find the right one. 

You’ll always be better off with a...

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How Do Tarot Cards Work?

articles energy updates Sep 15, 2020

Whenever you hear of the terms "tarot cards" and "tarot card reading," what is the first thing that comes to mind? While many may doubt what these spiritual cards do or how they work, many others believe in their power. 

In truth, the effectiveness of tarot card and tarot card reading depends a lot on the personal connection that you build with the deck. After all, a set of tarot cards only remains a tool, so it is truly up to you how you use it to your advantage. 

Before you dismiss altogether how to interpret tarot cards, here are a few simple facts about them that will help you gain access to your intuition as well as your inner source of wisdom and power. 

What Are Tarot Cards And Where Did They Come From?

The tarot cards deck consists of 78 different cards, each with its own symbol, imagery, and story. The 22 Arcana cards are considered the significant cards in the deck. They represent spiritual and karmic lessons. The 56 Minor Arcana...

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Signs In Finding An Enlightened Person

Many people say that they have found enlightenment and that it has changed them for the better. While it may be easy to claim enlightenment, perhaps the only question left to ask is this: what do you know about enlightenment?

If you are wondering how to become enlightened, you are not alone in this quest. People often describe people who are enlightened to be kind, loving, and insightful. Although it is pretty easy to claim that these people are the enlightened ones, no one could say so unless they, too, are enlightened. 

Discovering The Role Of Spirituality In Finding Enlightenment

An enlightened soul is the one who has found the light in the spiritual path. It is not about the evident change in their ways and their personality, but it is about how spiritual practices changed the way they view the world. 

What then is spirituality? How does it change a person? Spirituality is the practice of mindfulness and awareness of everything valuable in...

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How And Why To Practice Unconditional Love

articles meditation Sep 14, 2020

All is Love. Love is all. UNCONDITIONAL love.

Take a moment. Let us each sit with this very basic concept. There NOTHING but love. Love is more fundamentally the choice than it is the results of the choice.

Love is not something that you can negotiate away from. It is an essential component of life, and of consciousness.

  • Love of self
  • Love of all
  • Love of all people
  • Love of all things
  • Love of all stories
  • Love of all experiences. UN-CONDITIONAL LOVE. No conditions.

Unconditional love is not just love with a capital L. It is not just another emotion to work on:

  • Yesterday I worked on empathy.
  • Today I am working on joy.
  • Tomorrow, I’ll start thinking about working on unconditional love.

Unconditional love is THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL aspect of your reality that you experience in every moment.

Or rather, the degree to which you place conditions upon your already-existing abundant unconditional love source IS the degree to which you distort your experience away from that which your...

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How Can I Raise My Vibration? Get Electric.

articles energy updates Sep 14, 2020

Our energetic vibration is essentially a measure of how close we are to embodying the characteristics of electricity. The more electric that we perceive ourselves to be, the higher our vibration, and the better we feel.

The ideas we think, the ways that we feel, and the things that we do are all causes AND manifestations of our vibration. The term vibration—whose frequency can be measured quantitatively—is an artificial construct to give some semblance of "wholeness" to our beingness in our language. This is not our most expanded identity, but it is the idea of the filter upon our experience. The reason that we feel any way that we do not desire to contact at any time—the basis of our interaction with our vibration—is that we do not recognize that we can choose. The most fundamental way to raise your vibration is to change your perspective to one of unity, one of unconditional acceptance/joy/compassion, and one of extreme love for the self. Perhaps the most...

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The Spiritual Money Movie ~ Spirit Science 37 (Complete Film)

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At long last, the Spiritual Money Series has reached it's epic conclusion, merging together all of the individual pieces together into a super-edition, with a little bit of extra discussion, including a fix on the "love of money" hiccup from Episode 2, and a brand new never-before-seen exploration of spirituality and Crypto-Currencies!



D, Lok. 2019: Unlock It: The Master Key to Wealth, Success, and Significance. Forbesbooks - Click Here to Get a Free Copy! 

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Lok, D. 2014: F.U. Money: Make as Much Money as You Damn Well Want and Live Your Life as You Damn Well Please! Advantage Media Group; Reprint Edition - Click Here to Get a Free Copy! 

Hill, N. 2004: Think and Grow Rich. Vermilion;...

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How To Eliminate Workplace Drama?

articles self-care Sep 13, 2020

Familiarity does not breed contempt. Becoming familiar with negative behavior does. When we are in a traditional workplace, we develop routines that are either helpful or harmful to our relationships. The idea that workplaces are filled with drama is the idea that we cannot control the emotions that we allow into our awareness. This is not the case.

Take A Closer Look At Habits And Routines

The problem with workplaces is routines not being consciously and intentionally chosen. Most of our habits in a traditional job involve in some way working with other people. Drama or tension, spoken or unspoken, occurs when unintentional routines/habits are formed between two or more people. The practices and routines that most support healthy relationships (and therefore an absence of drama) are those of the way that we communicate to each other and with ourselves. Thus, how we can eliminate workplace drama is by auditing and intentionally re-creating our communication habits. Here are four...

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Meditation: I AM Presence

articles meditation Sep 13, 2020

When I say those words ~ I AM Presence ~ I mean them, I feel them, they are true.  This is not just a concept.  You may access your I AM presence by expressing that intention, through words of the mouth or ideas of the mind, and then bringing along the feeling of its truth into your being.  You choose your reality.  This means you chose what you know, and what you feel.

If you want to feel a certain way, you may use tools in order to accomplish this.  You may project thoughts into your mind.  You have programmed yourself to …

Or, if you have an intimate knowledge and connection with your energy centers, you may simply activate them directly with your intention.

Feeling the chakras and their connection to your emotions.

  • Root Chakra
    • When you feel grounded, connected to your body and to the earth, you feel the energy in your legs, feet, hands, and in your body totality.  You FEEL GOOD putting your feet in sand, or in the earth, or in cool...
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Four Quick Tips For Improved Productivity

articles energy updates Sep 12, 2020

Work With The Rhythm Of Your Body

So much of modern productivity is about the efficiency of the machine. Machines don't have biomechanical rhythms in the way that we do. For those that are genuinely into the masculine perspective, this will be more difficult to comprehend. For those with masculine/feminine balance, this will be intuitive. There are times of the day when certain activities are easier for you, and when certain activities find more resistance. There are times of the month—for both men and women —where creativity is flowing and where rest is required. There are seasonal changes that affect mood and motivation, which need different attention.

Express Your Feelings

Maintain a journal and keep your own personal KPIs. Journaling your feelings each day helps you create a log of changes in your mood and behavior to be more objective about optimization. This is right-brain training. If it is not tracked, it does not get done. This is left-brain training. What are...

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