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Morning Rituals To Practice For Each Zodiac Sign

What's the first thing that you do in the morning? How you start your day can determine the kind of day it is going to be. If you start your day with a positive morning routine, you will likely spend the rest of the day with positive vibes. 

You must have a list of the things to do in the morning, and each time you try to make sure that everything is covered. However, morning ritual mastery is not just about getting things done. It is more of how these things can set the right tone for the day.

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Have To Do With Morning Rituals?

While it may seem as if you are in charge of what you want to do, your zodiac sign actually has a say on what is right for you. And the best way to maximize your potential is to create a routine for yourself that will help achieve the calmness of the mind, body, and spirit. 

There are positive ways you can bring out the best in your mornings in more ways than one. Here are some things you...

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Self-Care Routines According To Your Zodiac Sign

What’s the best self-care routine that you have? Everything that you do that pertains to your health is something that you give yourself. Whether it is as simple as taking a bath every day or as complicated as putting on the right night cream, all these help you become healthier inside and out. 

Having a good self-care routine in place helps you achieve a positive state of mind. It leads you to develop your overall well-being allowing you to focus on improving yourself. But remember, different zodiacs have different needs. 

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Self-Care Routine?

Self-care does not have to be complicated at all. But it does need to be more personally tailored than many may initially think. Every sign comes with its own set of rituals to follow. This involves various treatments, patterns, and processes. 

Here’s a list of the things you can do for the sake of beauty and astrology.


The passionate Aries...

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Spirit Science LIVE #5 ~ Brian Dixon

spirit science live video Dec 15, 2020

Brian has helped raise tens of millions of dollars for investment funds and assisted portfolio companies in raising over $375 MM; provided venture investment and management to more than 130 companies in technology, consumer products, and energy tech verticals, which have scaled to create over 2,000 jobs. Brian leverages his diverse background, global connections, experience, and unique point of view to help both businesses and individuals thrive.

In this episode, we explore connections with ancient Egypt, multiple realities, using your spiritual relationship to build your financial relationship, cryptocurrency, the global shift happening in our world today, healing and preventative medicine, AI, and what we as individuals can do to create a greater world.

Check out more of Brian's work:


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Powerful Ways To Honor Your Inner Goddess

articles energy updates Dec 15, 2020

Do you believe that you are special? No matter what shape, size, or color, every woman has that inner goddess in them. It holds the magic that makes them rise above every occasion and become a better person. 

Deep inside, every woman has the wisdom to understand what is happening around. They have the inner power to look into people and realize why they are doing what they can. Every woman is beautiful because her beauty comes from the spiritual goddess that is within her. 

Discovering The Importance Of A Woman’s Inner Power

Every woman goes through life’s challenges. Acknowledging the power they have from within helps nurture their ability to access their unique gifts. This helps them become better women for the people they care about and the world in general. 

The goddess energy that they have allows them to channel positivity to the world. However, their fears, challenges, and negative experiences have pushed them further away from...

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How To Activate Your Law of Attraction

Is your dream life manifesting itself in your reality? Or is your reality far from what you imagined it to be? Perhaps you have heard of the Law of Attraction, but you never really looked into it until today. 

Manifesting is the term used to talk about the ability to attract positive things in your life through thought and intention. The principles that guide the idea behind the Law of Attraction manifestation go back to years of rich culture and traditions

Over time, every culture that has adopted the practice as if it were their own has come up with fundamental truths. They have come to express the Law of Attraction in various ways. Indeed, it has developed from the ancient Hindu scriptures to modern-day theories on particles. 

What Does The Law Of Attraction Mean?

The language used to describe the Law of Attraction meditation may have changed over the years, but the underlying principle remains the same. People believe that everything in the...

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Can a Man Relate with the Feminine Fire? ~ Naia Leigh

Get your copy of the 2021 Almanac of the New Age, and start 2021 off with a super high vibration! Here's the link:

Join Jordan and Naia as we explore what it means to embody the feminine and how men can truly relate to this energy...

Check out the full podcast:

The world is changing. Can you feel it? The mission of Spirit Science is to support you in your personal and spiritual evolution by providing a safe and sacred space to explore and experience your own spiritual journey. In this podcast, we explore various topics - from the mystic arts to personal transformation, and from ascension to disclosure. Spirit Science LIVE hosts engaging and multi-faceted discussions, expanding our thinking about what is real, what is true, and what is possible. Join us for a curious exploration of life’s great mysteries.

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Spirit Science Pitch Meeting

Step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to the creation of Spirit Science!

Producer Patch: So you have a Youtube series for me?

Screen-writer Patch: Yessir I do, you know what the one thing is that’s missing from Youtube right now?

Producer Patch: I dunno what’s that?

Screen-writer Patch: Videos about Spirituality! 

Producer Patch: Oh ther..there’s none of that on Youtube? 

Screen-writer Patch: Not that I know of, but then again I didn’t look...

Producer Patch: Ooh maybe you should have done that! 

Screen-writer Patch: Yeah I guess so. Whoops!

 Producer Patch: Whoopsie! So what’s the show about?

Screen-writer Patch: Well the idea is this series called Spirit Science, and it features a little blue guy who’s naked and made of stuffing that stands at a podium and teaches about science and spirituality and how they go together.

Producer Patch: Oooo, seems a little risky having a naked guy on youtube, won’t we get...

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How To Get Back To Self-Compassion

What do you tell yourself whenever you realize that you failed on a project you are working on? Do you follow some self-compassion exercises to boost your confidence and tell yourself to focus on what you learned? Or do you harshly criticize yourself and tell yourself that you’re a loser?

When you tend to beat yourself up whenever things do not go your way, you are like how most people deal with failure. And like most people, you might need a kind of self-awakening to remind you of the real purpose of living, which is joy and learning. 

Why Is It Important To Practice Self-Compassion?

Learning to forgive yourself whenever things do not go as planned will help you gain a new perspective on how to take on life. Practicing mindfulness and compassion to others and especially to yourself come with their benefits, each one making your life more meaningful.

With a strong sense of self-compassion, you can set the stage for what life could be like. It will...

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Can A Psychic Help You Find True Love?

Are you searching for love? While true love is hard to find, it is even harder to find something you’re not even sure even exists. Understanding what you want in a relationship is always a starting point in your journey towards finding the love of your life. 

Everyone wants to love and be loved. No one wishes to grow old alone. Everyone is looking for true love, hoping they can find it in people they go on dates with, colleagues they work with every day, and even old friends with whom they practically grew up. 

If you feel like you are running out of time or feel like you’ve been very unlucky when it comes to love, do not be anxious. When you think you need outside help, a psychic is one of the few people you can run to for help. 

What can a psychic do for you? They can help you determine what the right partner is for you. Where do you begin? Searching for real love doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is to...

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Spirit Science LIVE #4 ~ Naia Leigh

spirit science live video Dec 13, 2020

Naia is an international transformational coach and is the founder of Boundless Method. Boundless is a method in the field of energy psychology, that clears the subconscious and soul-level root causes of blockages. She is a writer and artist, and guides both the individual and collective process of women’s empowerment. She facilitates personal ceremonies and Boundless Method trainings.

In this episode, we dive deep into the masculine and feminine, how we are disconnected from ourselves and how we can reconnect to ourselves, plant medicine as a healing modality, using our feminine energy to bridge gaps in our connections with each other, hidden agenda's in our society, how to understand and overcome shame, and how to accept and step into our true path.

Check out more of Naia's work:

The world is changing. Can you feel it? The mission of Spirit...

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