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So, Mercury Goes Direct Today. But What Does It Mean?

articles Mar 10, 2020

Anytime a planet appears to be moving backward in orbit from our Earth perspective, we say it is in retrograde.  Mercury never literally moves in reverse; it merely slows down, creating an illusion. While all planets occasionally enter retrograde cycles, Mercury goes retrograde the most often. Mercury's retrograde periods also seem to affect our daily lives significantly. 

The internet abounds with warnings and premonitions about the woes of Mercury retrograde each time it happens, which is usually several times per year. We interpret this seemingly backward motion as an omen of delays, misunderstandings, technological glitches, and an inauspicious time for doing business or making significant decisions.  

Our fears and experiences surrounding the retrograde reflect the nature of the planet Mercury in the scope of astrology. Ruling the intellectual signs of Gemini and Virgo, Mercury rules communication, opportunism, and thought processes.

Many astrologers...

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3 Key Signs You Are Overthinking a Decision

articles lifestyle Mar 10, 2020

 Whether it is a significant decision to make about your career or just simply choosing what to wear on a date, it seems that you are unable to decide which is which. It is somehow considered as decision paralysis. You are left hanging and thinking over and over again on which one to choose. Most likely, you have a fear of making decisions. Overthinking inhibits you from moving forward and makes you unproductive, especially during the day. It can also cause serious health issues such as anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, and harmful coping mechanisms like excess eating. Women overthink more than men do but the same effects are found for both genders if they tend to overthink.

What is Overthinking?

Overthinking definition - as the word implies, "over" and "thinking," you are thinking of something too much for too long. You can't decide whether or not you will choose one over the other. For example, you want to buy new shoes, and you have read all the reviews from Amazon. And...

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Vedic Math: A Different Way of Thinking

articles Mar 09, 2020

Do math problems scare and intimidate you? Have you ever had math thoughts and just felt so frustrated because you found it so confusing? There’s a way to make math easier and much more fun. It is through Vedic Math. It is a system of math techniques for doing math problems. This system is based on Veda, which is an ancient Indian teaching. 

What is Vedic Math?

In Vedic Math classes, mathematics is not hard to learn and use. The technique can simplify arithmetic and even algebraic operations. Many people around the world find it useful. If you’re having trouble with math in your daily life, you may benefit from learning the rules of Vedic Math and Vedic math formulas.

Many experts state that Vedic Math is a handy tool for students or even individuals who need to solve math problems fast. If you want to be prepared for exams that require mathematical computations or just need to improve this skill, then Vedic Math can help. 

History of Vedic Math

Vedic Math is...

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10 Reasons Why Should See a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

articles nature Mar 09, 2020

Tree-huggers at heart will rejoice to meet the entrancing rainbow tree. A tree with paint brush-like strokes of neon green, red-orange, and deep maroon may sound like a science-fiction creation, yet the rainbow eucalyptus grows on our very own planet earth!

Here are 10 Reasons why you should add a visit to a rainbow eucalyptus tree to your bucket list:

1) Living Rainbow Bark:  Shedding bark reveals a striking bright green color, which eventually fades to orange-red, then maroon, and brown tones. Because the tree sheds in parts, all of these colors can be present at once, creating a rainbow effect.  

2) Never the Same Tree Twice: You might also call it 'the tree of transformation' because it is continuously shedding and growing fresh layers of bark. Its striking pattern of color continually shifts.

3) Quick Growing: In its native home of the Philippines, this eucalyptus plant is widely used for pulpwood because of its swift growth at around 3 feet per year. It's fast...

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How Do Subliminal Messages Affect Us?

articles energy updates Mar 08, 2020

There can't be very many creepier thoughts than to imagine our minds controlled by influences outside of our awareness. Is hidden information lurking around every sensory corner, vying for space and ascendance in our brain?

Subliminal messages are embedded signals below the absolute threshold level (ATL) of our conscious awareness. These messages represent "Being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual."

In layman's terms, we couldn't detect these silent subliminals, even if we were looking for them.

How does Subliminal Perception Work?

Our minds perform dual functions simultaneously. While our conscious minds control executive functions and represent a relatively smaller amount of information processing, our subconscious thoughts are a more profound and extensive terrain. Within the subconscious, many physiologically automatic...

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3 Things You Should Know About The FULL Moon (March 9th, 2020)


The Full Moon happening on March 9th is an "adjustment period."

Albeit... a VERY powerful one :)

You are now adjusting to the NEW frequency... that you've cultivated in the recent months... (& that's why you're feeling this way)

A lot of people are feeling...potent emotions at this time.

Some of these emotions might not even make any sense... or seem to have a logical place in your life.

A lot of people are feeling a nudge to make a big shift in their life... but where... when... and how?

In spite of this... parallel to this powerful transformation is a growing awareness that you're doing it!

Sometimes life will stretch us out of our comfort zone to reveal to us a very special sensation... a tangible feeling and recognition that...

"I got this!"

I know you have emotions coming up... and perhaps stressful "life puzzles" you'd love to solve right now... and of course that unsettling feeling of complete uncertainty!

& yet...

Here you are my friend... perhaps enjoying a...

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Can Money Really Be Spiritual?

articles lifestyle money Mar 07, 2020

Few topics elicit such an extreme spectrum of reactions as money. Are you in the 'money is the root of all evil,' camp or the 'cash rules everything around me' camp- or somewhere in between these?

For those of us on the daily quest toward spiritual development and soulful self-expression, money has spent a long time on the no-no list in a lot of circles. Many famous religious and esoteric wisdom stories admonish about the pursuit of riches, prompting seekers to denounce material wealth in favor of morally loftier pursuits.

Despite all this variation of beliefs surrounding money, some of the most spiritually oriented people in fields like holistic medicine, philosophy, self-help, and spiritual businesses are flourishing financially and touting the virtues of money as a means for doing good in the world. So, can riches spread positive energy? And if so, what is the secret of money-makers who have an abundance of money while remaining spiritually oriented?

Here are ten perspectives to...

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Australia Fires Reveal Ancient Water System Older than the Pyramids

articles nature Mar 07, 2020

While vicious brush fires continue to tear across Australia, indigenous elders at the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape in Southeastern Australia celebrate an unexpected discovery caused by fire damage. The site is home to a sophisticated and extensive aqueduct system built over 6,600 years ago

A Hopeful Discovery

After a series of bushfires scorched 7,000 hectares of the national park before being subdued, indigenous elders and park rangers were pleasantly surprised to discover previously hidden sections of the waterway system. The burning of high grasses and other vegetation made it possible to investigate new portions of the land.

Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation project manager Denis Rose related that he and his team were less concerned about the fire damage to cultural structures, as most of them are stone products of the lava flow.  

The group expressed concerns that the raging fires could cause large trees to uproot and disrupt structures,...

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How to Activate Your Third Eye

articles Mar 06, 2020

Right in the near-center of your brain lies a small and seemingly inconspicuous organ; The pineal gland. This small gland, however, may be the very seat of the soul in your physical body. It is considered synonymous with your third eye chakra. Spanning many cultures throughout history and even surfacing in modern scientific research on consciousness, the pineal gland seems to play a profound role in how our spirits express through our bodies.  

Here we'll break down what we know about this gland from the perspectives of the ancients. We'll see that through third-eye activation, we can supercharge our psychic and metaphysical gifts. We will also explore what habits and foods can help bring this third-eye organ to life, leading to third eye opening symptoms. 

The Seat of the Soul

Many cultures have revered this gland, depicting it in sacred art and associating it with other esoteric symbols of power. There is a clear link between this gland and the third eye energy...

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How to Develop Your Intuition THIS WEEKEND

If there was any phrase uttered more often in 2019 than any other, it was 'trust your intuition!'  

Having just ushered in the year 2020, we have, in our grasp, a fresh opportunity to develop our 2020 vision, learning to see beyond the obvious, the surface, and the mundane into the deeper truths of our lives.

To benefit from your intuition, you need not hire or become a psychic medium or intuitive healer. We all possess the innate ability to exercise intuition. So, before we reveal how to develop your intuition right away, let's be clear on what intuition is and what it isn't:

How do I know if it's my Intuition Speaking?

To navigate gracefully through life equipped with the power of your intuition, you must first learn to recognize it. Before you know it, your clairvoyant abilities reveal themselves.

Francis P. Cholle, writing for, shares, "Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging...

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