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The Wonders Of A Beginner's Mind (Zen)

A lot of joy can be found if only people lived with a zen state of mind. The philosophy behind this practice is pretty simple: you are looking at old problems with fresh eyes. It is like embracing the concept of a beginner's mind. You always look at things and situations as if it were the first time you encountered them.

What Does It Mean To Have A Beginner's Mind? 

To have a beginner's mind is defined as having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and the lack of preconceived notions about the subject matter at hand. When you already know practically everything about it, a beginner's mind can provide you with fresh eyes to see beyond what you've always been used to. 

Having an attitude of a beginner is healthy and beneficial most of the time. Oftentimes, when people become knowledgeable within a specific field or area, they often overlook things. Because they believe they are already experts, they are blinded, so it becomes challenging to look at...

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Here's How To Make Your Mind More Flexible 

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term "flexibility?" Many will immediately think of yoga poses or rubber bands. Others might consider pilates positions or taffy. But very few will actually think about flexibility in terms of thoughts. 

But what if flexible thinking is what you need to achieve good health? What if it's that flexibility in the mind that will help you achieve overall wellness in the body and well-being. With careful practice, you can develop that agile mind. You will be able to elevate your experience. 

Through mental flexibility, you will be able to teach yourself to become more resilient and creative. In the process, you will be able to achieve a happy heart and an even happier life. 

The cognitive flexibility theory talks about how you can bend your thinking to give way to new perspectives. It is grounded in the goal that you are aspiring for balance in your life. Between control and spontaneity, you...

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Practice The Power Of Believing In Yourself

How much confidence do you have in yourself and your abilities? If you often find that you’re unable to pursue your goals because of self-doubt, then you’re probably missing out on a lot of opportunities. 

Trying new things can be daunting, and they can intimidate you to the point that you’d rather not try at all. It’s most likely because you’re afraid to fail. Sometimes, we become convinced that if we don’t try, we’ll never fail. But all that this kind of thinking does is hinder our growth

For us to achieve success, we have to challenge ourselves to take some risks. The importance of believing in yourself is that you become aware of your capabilities and begin to have the courage to pursue whatever it is that you want to do. 

Trust yourself that you can take on new challenges and learn what you need to know so you can successfully accomplish any tasks you may have. You may think that sure, it’s...

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An Easy Way To Make More Friends

Do you still remember how you made friends at school when you were young? For some, it may have started by sharing a sandwich during lunch. Others became friends because they offered to help a classmate having a hard time in the assignment. Or perhaps they met and bonded on the basketball court.

Building new friendships are good, but keeping the old ones is just as important. A new friendship always brings about the promise of new hope. It opens doors for discoveries and strengthens faith in one's self. 

How Do You Make New Friends?

While making friends at school and making friends at work differ because of the different social circumstances you find yourself in, making new friends doesn't have to be too difficult. When you meet random people, you sometimes feel the urge to befriend some of them. They give you the kind of feeling that you share something special. 

But then, there are also those people that you meet that make you feel like you...

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The Value Of The Clean-As-You-Go Principle


If you often find yourself stressed about your home because it’s so messy, know that there’s something you can do about it. You’ve already probably heard or seen signs that say “clean as you go.” Maybe you can try applying this practice in your own life so that you can minimize the stress you experience whenever you’re confronted with so much clutter. 

The principles of cleaning are simple, and you can apply this system not just in organizing the clutter in your home, but also to have a clutter-free and clean mind. Once you understand the clean-as-you-go principle, you can use it at work, school, managing finances, and other vital areas that need decluttering and organization

What Is The Clean-As-You-Go Principle?

The clean-as-you-go principle is very easy to understand and practice. In your home, for example, you don’t wait for the whole house to be a mess before cleaning it. You may think that you...

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Setting Self-Imposed Deadlines: A Key To Getting What You Want


Deadlines. The word itself can sometimes fill you with dread and anxiety. Whether you love deadlines or not, there is one thing true about them—they provide you with a whole lot of motivation. 

There is nothing like a pending project that’s due tomorrow to keep you up and inspired all night. Deadlines help you stay focused on the task that needs to be done. They help you in managing the expectations of others and of yourself.

However, deadlines are not as daunting as people see it. Of course, there will be risks when you don’t meet them. Your boss might just fire you. A disappointed client might tell her friends not to hire you for future projects. Some coworkers may resent you. And so you push yourself to meet the deadline and fulfill everyone’s expectations. 

However, when you set deadlines for yourself, it seems you end up being too lenient. You up your deadline for this week, but you move it next week and then another...

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Shift Your Mood Out Of Negativity

Happiness, they say, should always come from within. So if you are looking for ways to turn negative into positive, you must seek the answers from within yourself. 

If you were asked what would make you happy, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps you have thought of your kids' milestones and how those moments make you happy. Or maybe it is the simple gesture of getting flowers for your birthday. 

But then again, all these actions and things may make you happy only for a moment. That's when you thought that happiness will always be ever fleeting. 

When you are all alone, and everything is quiet, ask yourself what truly makes you happy. Whether you admit to it or not, it is something that you cannot describe, but you can feel it. It is a sense of inner peace and quiet. 

So whenever it feels like you need to take the good with the bad, remind yourself that you need to live in the moment. Allow yourself to feel every moment in your...

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Appreciating Every Moment Of Your Life

When was the last time you stopped to admire the beauty of and smell of the flowers? When was the last time you allowed yourself to stop and appreciate life as it happened to you? 

People say that gratitude exercises help you see life from a different perspective. Although life can sometimes give you lemons, it also provides opportunities to turn them into lemonade. 

It takes a lot of courage to see beyond the challenges and worries that come your way. It is not like you can be positive all day every day. Sometimes, the problems can bring you down so low that you feel like you will never resurface. They can even shake your sense of self, making you wonder why these things happened to you. 

Gratitude and appreciation, however, are innate parts of human nature. It is the part of our being that makes us see the light. It allows us to turn not-so-good experiences into learning milestones. 

There may be times when life’s challenges become...

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The Causes Of Your Stress And How To Deal With Them


Are you under a lot of stress? Several different factors can cause pressure, or anxiety, in your day to day life. 

You can suffer from different types of stress. For example, it can be wearisome when you have to deal with an increased workload in the office. You can be under a lot of tension when you've just given birth and are transitioning to parenthood. 

Sometimes, you have to deal with multiple stressors that may seem quite impossible to survive. It is during these situations that you might feel the most upset and frustrated. However, your body will respond to it by making you feel various symptoms that include extreme emotions such as depression and anger. 

Stress affects you in several ways, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Sadly, these effects come in varying intensities as well. 

Symptoms Of Stress

No one is exempted from stress or life challenges. Everyone deals with it their own way. However, when it begins to alter your life...

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What To Do When You Feel You Are Nothing

How often do we allow ourselves to wallow in the thought that we’re worthless? If you’re feeling stressed and depressed about your current situation, then know that you have the power to change it. You may not be able to change your circumstances immediately, but you can change your attitude about your situation. Feeling low at the thought that you’re nothing is something that you can conquer. You can fight it. 

Ways To Overcome The Feeling Of Worthlessness

Whenever you’re feeling sad for no reason, you know deep inside that there was something that triggered it. Was it your friend’s social media post showing off their latest luxurious escapade? Did you hear the news about your colleague at work getting a promotion? Was it seeing your neighbor drive around with their new car? There’s always something that can cause that feeling of worthlessness, and mostly it’s because we can’t help but compare ourselves to other...

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