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3 Things You Should Know About The SUPER Full Moon (April 7th, 2020)

This SUPER Full Moon is giving us exactly what we need at this time.


Ever after that one sentence, I know many of you are feeling skeptical lol.


"Vic, are you living under a rock brother?


Have you been watching what's going on?"


There's a great book I just finished reading called "The Go-Giver."


One of the main characters, Pindar, would always say…


"Looks can be deceiving… and most of the time… they are."


A couple of years ago, I took my family to this nature preserve in Las Vegas.


There was a nice little stream, lush vegetation (rare for Las Vegas), and a beautiful assortment of colorful flowers.


 As my family and I were riding our bikes along the path, we noticed an area that didn't look so good.


 In fact, you could easily tell there had been a fire, and most of the trees and plants in this particular area were black and dead.


There was a sign, however, that stated…


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How to Manifest Through Meditation (and Action)

articles Apr 06, 2020

What if you find that special someone who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a job you love that also helps you achieve financial independence? Learning how to manifest what our heart truly desires is a gift, and if you could have this gift, wouldn’t you want to possess it?

What if you could finally realize your purpose, find your inner joy, and feel fulfilled from the inside? It is your heart’s innermost desires that help you become the person that you are today. Although positive affirmations from the people around you can help you find a sense of stability, it is through grounding through meditation that will truly make all the difference. 

All that is required to manifest everything that you desire is a quiet moment of meditation. Find some time every day where you can find some inner peace. This process goes beyond what your conscious mind is telling you. The Law of Attraction is activated...

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5 Indications of Spiritual Transformation (Share with a Friend)

articles Apr 06, 2020

What is spiritual awakening? A spiritual awakening is when a person's attitude towards the world and life in general, shifts and perhaps changes forever. 

But what does spiritual mean, and how does it relate to a spiritual awaking? Spiritual means something that speaks to your soul or psyche that isn't necessarily material or physical. So, simply put, a spiritual awakening is a process of change in your beliefs or within your spiritual life.

People usually live their lives however they want to, or however they were taught. They have their values and use them as their guide to living, and there isn't necessarily anything wrong with that. But, often there comes a time when something happens, and a person’s psychic awakening is triggered. While some people may be lucky to go through it without pain or sorrow, many have to suffer first before they can see the light. 

Spiritual transformation is sometimes associated with discomfort because it can put a person in...

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Reduce Frustration by Managing Expectations

articles lifestyle Apr 05, 2020

When was the last time you felt frustrated? Do you still remember how you felt at that time? Did you think about giving up altogether? More importantly, how long did the feeling last?

Perhaps you are currently struggling with the feelings of frustration with the situations, things, or people in your life. Has that feeling lingered for so long that you can no longer remember the last time you actually felt satisfied?

Frustrations seem to have become a natural part of us. It is the kind of negative emotion that keeps people from operating at their best. But why do people get so frustrated? What could be fueling such negativity?

Being in Control of Frustrations

One of the biggest ways to decrease your daily frustrations is through managing expectations, and managing expectations begins by understanding what makes us feel agitated in the first place.

According to Luis Von Ahn, “Frustration is a matter of Expectation.”

If you look back and think about the times when you felt...

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3 Keys to Bringing Depth to Your Mindfulness Practice

You are most likely a healthy adult who is responsible enough to take care of your relationships, finances and prepare for your future. You are surrounded by people in your life who provide you with the care and support that you need, and you enjoy doing different things both for work and for pleasure. 

But are you happy?

As it turns out, even with this incredibly beautiful life scenario, there is probably still a part of you that struggles with anxiety, frustration, stress, and anger. Life can sometimes be overwhelming and frustrating even though you take a breath and see that you have what you need. All of these feelings, combined together, can make you feel habitually uneasy. 

So how do you go about life to find that sense of peace from within?

Be mindful and meditate. 

Morning meditation is a great way to help you start your day with the right mindset. Although some people may choose to perform their mindfulness activities at night after a full day...

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Not-So-Advanced Meditation Techniques for Your Soul

articles Apr 04, 2020

The human mind can get easily distracted. One moment you are thinking about work, then another minute, your thoughts shift to thinking about the vacation plans you’ve always wanted to push for but just couldn’t. Indeed, the mind could think about a million other things in a matter of minutes with so much going on right now, making one’s thoughts more confusing than it has ever been. 

The thinking never stops. Even while at rest, the human mind thinks about a lot of things. For some people, their mind wonders about the possibilities that they find themselves in. Whether it is taking on the new job offer in another company or getting married and having kids, the mind hardly ever stops thinking. 

There are others whose minds wander in a daydream. They stop and take a break from the work that they do, thinking about what to cook for dinner or what it would be like just to leave the city and never look back. 

Whether you find yourself...

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Why Play Matters

articles lifestyle Apr 04, 2020

When was the last time you engaged in a play or something really fun? It’s easy to think that play is only for kids. Adults have "more important things" at hand that are more pressing, right? Chances are it's been a while since the last time you really did something strictly for play.

Most parents would say that they engage their children in play and learn activities because they know how vital it is for children to have fun. In fact, childhood games revolve a lot on something educational and fun at the same time. But can imaginative play be good for adults, too? Will it benefit older people to indulge themselves in games?

Just because you are above thirty or are already in your late fifties, you can still reap the benefits of engaging in activities that are not about work, or any responsibility for that matter. In fact, when you learn to give in to the idea of playing a game (not WINNING a game), the more that it will benefit your family life, your job, and your mood in...

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Who was Nostradamus?

articles spirit history Apr 03, 2020

Nostradamus is a famous figure known for his prediction of future events. Chances are you already know a bit about Nostradamus, but if you want to know more about this man and his works, read on.

Maybe you’re thinking, “what are my future predictions?” You may want to uncover something about your future by learning more about how he was able to make his predictions. 

The real name of Nostradamus was Michel de Nostredame. Nostradamus was the Latin version of his name, which he began using after he finished his studies in medicine and astrology at the University of Montpellier in France. That means he was a doctor as well as an astrologer, and as an astrologer, he believed the future could be predicted through the study of the planets and stars. 

A Healer During the Bubonic Plague

Nostradamus was a doctor in France during the time when there was an epidemic called the Bubonic Plague. This disease left black sores on the body of the infected people. There...

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Want to Change Your Life? Start with Lucid Dreaming

articles Apr 03, 2020

Do you want to experience things that you can’t normally do in your life? You may want to conquer your greatest fears or talk to that long time crush. You may even want to experience traveling to an alternate universe and meet who you are in that world. Do you know that it could be possible to do that? With lucid dreaming, you basically can do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be

Understanding Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming may seem like this fantasy that is only made up, but it is actually possible for anyone to practice it. The meaning of lucid dreaming is straightforward: you are aware that you are dreaming a dream within the dream. And that’s where the magic happens because then, you have the opportunity to control the dream world and what’s happening in it. 

During your lucid dream, you can be actively participating, or you can also dream passively. But wouldn’t it be more fun if you can participate in your own dream? That way,...

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How Can I Find More Happiness?

Happiness comes from within. It is not dependent upon your external reality. When you make it dependent upon your outer reality, the joy you experience is variable.

You know what activities are more enjoyable and which ones are less enjoyable. Once you can find happiness in whatever you are doing, you will more precisely be able to identify and select the things that you prefer to do.

A Spirit Science friend did a life regression several years ago that revealed a pattern of making decisions based upon the fear of a negative outcome. This is a pervasive idea. When we looked back at decisions that this person had made when they were not fearful of the results, there were ZERO regrets, and there were direct ties to the most positive parts of this person's life from their perspective at the time.

When we looked at the decisions that the person made with fear of the outcome, there was a considerable about of resistance that occurred - more obstacles that they needed to overcome...

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