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Humanity's Greatest Unsolved Mystery: The Soul

Hey there!

It's been a while since we looked at the soul huh...

I mean... we've been on quite the world journey, all the way from Egypt and Greece, to the Polynesian Islands and the frozen tundra of Siberia and northern Canada while looking at how different people think about their souls.

But while it's great telling stories and myths... how practical really is it? How can we conceptualise our soul today? If science was ever to take a Great Leap Forward and actually prove the soul existed... how would actually go about doing that? And what would it even look like?

I guess what I'm getting at is... we've come a long way in the evolution of our species, but are we really any closer to understanding the most fundamental aspect of our consciousness? Really... what does the soul look like in today's world? And how can we tap into it?

Well... since the 60s, the New Age Movement has been growing and building off the ideas put forward by the Theosophists of the 19th and 20th centuries, and...

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From Student to Teacher & Back Again: Meet Your Magick Mentor!

articles spirit mysteries Nov 16, 2021

Meet the instructor of Spirit Mysteries' most popular new course, Chris Lyon.


Click here to amplify your magick practice with the 2022 Almanac of the New Age, which Chris co-wrote!

Young, Humble Beginnings

If you’re drawn to Chris as a mentor, it’s no coincidence!

He knows better than anyone that who your mentor is sets the stage for how your magick practice will evolve.

When Chris first met his mentor, he was a confused ten-year-old seeking clarity on his intuitive energetic abilities...

"Most people's imaginary friends disappear after like five or six. Mine didn’t. I have very distinct memories of being in a sandpit surrounded by like four or five people. To me, it was fully physical. My mom sat me down and asked, 'Hey, are you okay? What’s going on?'

I couldn't control it and my energy was very out of control. If I got emotional, lights would flicker...that kind of thing. It’s not as fun as it sounds."

This is why he and his...

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Demons Hate Magick Circles... Here's Why

Hey Hey!

You know... following timing and numerology, many magicians will turn to the space in which they work to perform magickal acts. Designating a sacred space is one of the oldest forms of magick and is almost a prerequisite at this point...

In the West Country of England, these spaces are called Whist and Hood, and they are the loci of spirits... a way between worlds. When you create a sacred space, especially by casting a magick circle, many spirits and forces can be made available in greater abundance when you call on them.

In the Greek and Egyptian Mystery Traditions though... stretching all the way back to the Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papyri, magick circles were used as a means of protection from spirits you would call on... kinda like a barrier.

But... where did magick circles come from? And more importantly... how would you go about creating one?

Well... as usual, we got you covered! In today's episode, we're gonna take you through the theory, history and practice of...

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If You're Afraid of the Dark, Check This Out...

Are you afraid of your own shadow? 

Believe it or not, most people are.

The shadow represents the unknown, that which we cannot see. It's in this space that we feel most out of control...and yet, it's in letting go that creates clarity and a new sense of freedom.

When you're afraid of something, it signifies a deeper learning (and healing) opportunity for your mind, body, and soul.

And oh Goddess, did we do just that this week with our fellow Initiates… We listened, we laughed, we cried...together, in harmony. This was the most powerful Manifestation Moon ceremony yet! Here's the astrology forecast:


In this dark space, it's safe for you to transform.

This oppositional dance between our New Moon in Scorpio and Uranus Retrograde in Taurus gives us the chance to face our fears and see them not as things to be avoided, but as tools for self-reflection and self-mastery.

For months, Uranus Retrograde has been reminding us...

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Magick, is it All in Your Head?

Hey There!

We've all heard it before right? 

"Oh magick isn't real... it's just wish fulfilment"

Well... yeah. Of course it's wish fulfilment... its what allows you to manifest your desires in the first place! But every time we see something witchy going on in Hollywood, it's people sitting in circles of candle, chanting or moving in weird ways making magick happen... but when we do that in person, we often realise something profound.

What's going on on the outside is just the surface level...

The REAL magick is happening to us internally... within the deepest recesses of our bodies, within our energetic field and within our mind. If we take the Hermetic Maxim As Above So Below, we are a microcosm of the cosmos... a reflection of the universe itself.

Countless Occultists throughout the years have delved into psychology as a means of explaining aspects of the craft. Even the infamous Aleister Crowley was renowned for integrated psychological practices into his work, with many...

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Unveiling the Mysteries of Occult Magick

Hey there!

Magick is in the air as we dredge closer to Samhain... Can you feel it?

At long last, we have created our very FIRST episode dedicated entirely to Magick! We're not talking about affirmations, mantras, the Law of Attraction or Crystals here... but pure, traditional Magick.

As we move deeper into Scorpio Season, she is guiding us more and more to confront our darkness... the things that present us with fear and trepidation, because the best way to transform is to move through our blocks. 

Magick can often seen overwhelming, especially if you're a beginner. Take one look at a real grimoire and you got manuscript pages written in backwards Latin, filled with alchemical symbols that almost no one knows the meaning of. On top of that... it's difficult to even know where to start thinking at all when you don't have any experience in Magickal Philosophy or Theory that you can relate your practices to.

Well... that changes today. Let me tell you something I think you...

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8 Self-Mastery Secrets Scorpio Wants You to Know...

Libra Season’s last hurrah was something miraculous to behold.

Now, it's time to pour our measured ingredients from the scale and into the witch's cauldron, diving deep into practical magick and transformation.

Lean in and let Scorpio whisper her secrets for self-mastery in your ear...

1. The Darkness is Your Friend

Scorpio isn't afraid of the dark, and neither are we. Here in Spirit Mysteries, we acknowledge that darkness is the Yin to our Yang, and keeps us balanced.

While most people fear their shadows, it is the shadow that teaches us how to grow and evolve from contrast. Before Light, there was vast, dark space...after Light, there are shadows being shed all over the place...not to freak us out, but to reveal shapes, patterns, and karmic cycles that we can learn and master as we co-create with our Divine will.

This doesn't mean it's always easy... in fact, Scorpio honours that it is F---ing difficult! She celebrates it. As the veil thins, nights grow and...

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Transcending Perfection with Wabi-Sabi

On this very special day, not only are we enjoying the light of the Full Moon, shifting from Libra Season to Scorpio, and still getting back into full-speed from several Retrogrades going direct...

But we are also celebrating the return of She-Patch! Hurray!

In this special Spirit Science episode, She-Patch is going to break down the inauthenticity in normative beauty standards, and how to overcome them with an ancient practice called Wabi-Sabi.

It's a message we all need to hear sometimes.



Technical University of Munich (TUM). 2015: The symmetry of the universe: CERN: Most precise measurement of mass and charge of light nuclei and anti-nuclei. ScienceDaily. [Online] Available at:,and%20antiparticles%20in%20our%20Universe.&text=When%20particles%20and%20antiparticles%20meet,therefore%20have%20been%20an%20imbalance [Accessed 05/21]

Parkes, G, Loughnane, A....

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Witness this Heroic Musician Beat the Devil and Overcome Procrastination

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2021

You’re the Hero of Your Life-story

Think about every hero’s journey, a brave soul adventures into a new world, struggles and triumphs, learns and evolves, and brings fresh wisdom back home.

This is what it’s like to initiate yourself into the Mysteries, and to practice self-mastery. It’s a personal choice that leads to deeper choices down the road, and often requires leaps and bounds of Faith. Faith is fuel for your perseverance and personal evolution, and it is the antidote to fear.

Our dear friend and Initiate, Adam Melville, knows this truth well, for he experiences the battle between Faith and fear every day. The best part? Faith is winning.

Adam’s conscious spiritual journey started when his friend showed him The Hidden Human History movie on Spirit Science while they were high on cannabis. Although this use of the plant medicine was recreational, it was also revolutionary because it opened the doors of Adam’s...

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The Vaccine Conversation Nobody is Having

spirit science video Oct 14, 2021

Connect with a Spiritual Community, attend weekly breathwork & meditation events, lunar ceremonies, and more, all on a custom app. Spirit Mysteries is here: 

Vaccines are all over the place these days, and inside most people... But the subject of Vaccines are also incredibly divisive.

Never before have people been SO divided on the subject - as conspiracies mount amidst the mainstream masses pushing people to get the jab.

But amidst the entirety of pandemic and vaccine debates, the one thing that stood out to us was... very simply... that it was very two-sided.

Yet there was a third side of the conversation that we found NOBODY was having.

So we're here to have that conversation, join us in the comments below and inside Spirit Mysteries!

~ ~ ~


Mother Ayahuasca - Rythmia:  

Department of Justice. 2009: Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its...

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